Transsexual Girlfriend Experience 2

Transsexual Girlfriend Experience 2 is coming soon to Devil’s Film. But you can order the actual DVD on Adult Empire Video On Demand. Leave it to veteran director Jim Powers to develop with an enjoyable storyline that plays out with blazing hot sex with an incredible cast. Since I own it, there’s not much I want to share about the plot for fear of spoiling it for you. But I can tell you a few things about why I recommend it. Stunning ingenue Aspen Brooks is the lead actress with the most complex story, yet hauntingly beautiful Chelsea Poe and extremely gorgeous Isabella Sorrenti are not outshined as supporting actresses. The same goes for male lead Robert Axel supported by hilariously evil Chad Diamond and veteran Gabriel D’Alessandro who still looks like he could be a fresh new porn actor. To tell you a bit more about Aspen, Chelsea and Isabella’s performances without giving too much away, Aspen has two amazing sex scenes. Isabella and Chelsea each have one scene, but they’re magnificent in their one-on-ones. There’s a positive vibe about this film with its underlying theme of successful transition and the hope that dreams can come true. But it’s not all la la land with the inclusion of a “chaser” element that’s prevalent in real life social situations. You can order the DVD for now and I’ll let you know when it’s released on the Devil’s Film website where you can stream or download the original Transsexual Girlfriend Experience movie and other excellent trans movies, individual scenes and photo sets.

Aubrey Kate and Kristy Snow on Devil’s Film







Kristy Snow is on the phone with her friend while in the local porn shop complaining about a fight she had with her boyfriend. The dude is going to jail and Kristy promises herself that the next time she sees a dick and it’s attached to a halfway decent guy, she’s sticking with it. She looks down at the glory hole and sees a really nice looking dick is hanging there. It’s flaccid yet thick, with a plump set of smoothly shaven balls. Naturally, Kristy gets off the phone and kneels down to give it a few strokes. She can’t resist sucking it and soon, it’s raging hard. This is what the surprise is all about in Tranny Glory Hole Surprise Scene #02. Aubrey Kate was sucking Jessy Dubai’s cock briefly in Scene #01, but now it’s her turn to surprise someone in full length scene of her own. Kristy tries to imagine what the guy she’s sucking looks like and she wants to get fucked badly. Is he a hot surfer dude or maybe a trucker? Nope, the owner of that cock is super hot, but it’s Aubrey Kate, waiting in a private room near the glory hole booth. Kristy doesn’t get what’s going on until Aubrey Kate asks if she recognizes her dick. I’ve been following Kristy Snow’s adult entertainment career for about three years now, but I’ve never seen her with a transsexual before. It looks like she was totally into it to me, especially during the fingering footage and doggystyle ramming she got from Aubrey Kate. She’s incredible. I had the honor of interviewing the sensational Aubrey Kate in the recent issue #94 of Transformation Magazine. Sex with cisgender females isn’t her first love, but you’d never know it watching her going at it with Kristy. I absolutely loved watching this jackhammer railing and the refreshing break Goodfellas / Devil’s Film has taken from their wildly successful cheerleaders, prostitutes and babysitters series. The HD quality is superb and the sex is torrid. I’m ready for Scene #03 of Tranny Glory Hole Surprise now! Are you?