Tranny Vice DVD / VOD

Tranny Vice Cast: Mona Wales, Morgan Bailey, Domino Presley, Aubrey Kate, Natalie Mars, Sue Lightning, Directed by Buddy Wood. Length: 1 hrs. 27 minutes, Rating: XXX, Released: Aug 15 2016, Production Year: 2016, Studio: Grooby, Number of Discs: 1.


“Detectives Bailey and Presley are two of the dirtiest cops on LA’s Tranny Vice. They’re hot on the trail of bad girl Aubrey Kate and they’re not about to let anything get in their way!! Hardcore action! Hardcore sex! Hardcore fun!” I had hardcore fun with this DVD that doesn’t take itself too seriously and keeps things lighthearted. The opening action begins with Robert Axel and Aubrey Kate. They’re always amazing to watch separately or together. Morgan Bailey and Domino Presley are hilarious as the vice squad partners and sexy as hell. Domino performs a solo striptease and masturbation sequence while Morgan hunts down the cisgender female actress Mona Wales. Mona has a long rap sheet and after some sizzling hot foreplay, detective Bailey keeps her in line by giving her some long cock. Domino busts bad guy Robert Axel, but he gives her a fucking that keeps him out of serious trouble. Natalie Mars and Sue Lightning are the CSI team on duty. While Sue jacks off in the bedroom of a victim’s house, Natalie gets it on in the living room with newcomer Dorian Drake. This bareback railing ends with a tremendous facial and it’s the second to last sex scene of Tranny Vice. The actual finale is a Sue Lightening cumshot before the film comes to a comical surprise ending.

Watch The Trailer on Adult DVD Empire
Watch The Trailer on Adult DVD Empire

Domino Presley on Chaturbate


I’ve been a huge fan of the official TS Domino Presley website since 2011 and I’ve never seen a more talented or more gorgeous performer in the adult industry since then. Lately, Domino has been even more prolific than ever with her Chaturbate webcam performances. In one of my most recent favorites of her shows, she was already in mid-performance when I logged into Currently a blonde, she was completely nude and lying spread eagle with a full frontal view of her magnificent form. I couldn’t help notice she had an sex toy placed in a strategic area that enhanced her arousal. The sight when Domino turned around to simulate being railed was almost devastating. I also noticed that Domino had reached #1 in viewers and that didn’t surprise me at all. Domino also twerked on her bed in profile, but I think she might believe that her best asset is her perfectly rounded butt. In spite of her full breasts, she made her posterior the center of attention until she sat back to stroke her cock to erection. I don’t think I need to tell you what happened shortly after. Since she’s one of the most downloaded trans stars in the last decade with her incredible website and other major studio performances. She’s been performing like it’s going out of style lately, so catch her when you can on Chaturbate.

Domino Presley All Alone


I’m pretty sure that “Bubble Bath Time” in March of 2011 the first set I saw on the official TS Domino Presley website. She was protesting the Westborough Baptist Church back in 2010, speaking at her High School and she won me over with her activism. Upon seeing more of her, I realized I’d never seen a girl prettier than Domino on the Net before. That still holds true today. In “All Alone” she poses in a black bra, panties and booties. The panty comes off first and Domino wastes no time playing with herself and greeting us in at least three different languages. This new video runs over 10 minutes and it’s simply one-on-one with Domino on a luxurious sofa. I can assure you that everything you want to see happens, happens by the time it’s over and she says, “Bye” in English.

The Return of Domino Presley

I don’t know why on God’s earth one of the prettiest performers on the planet hasn’t worked in the adult industry for so long. I actually looked for reasons while watching the new Domino Presley video on Shemale Yum. She reminds us that it’s been about a year since we’ve seen her this way. I looked for a wedding ring. No, that’s not it. She looks as flawless and ravishing from head to toe as ever. No problems there. The official TS-DominoPresley website is still open and ready for business. Her latest performance is as naughty as any other of her solos I’ve ever seen. In less than 6 minutes into “The Return of Domino Presley,” she’s masturbating her way to a throbbing erection. I don’t know why she’s been away for so long, but it’s great to see she’s back. Veteran photographer Buddy Wood gave us over 100 hi-res photos to go with Domino’s brand spanking new Shemale Yum video. You can also watch her LIVE on



TS Domino Presley Returns To Shemale.XXX

Someone who doesn’t know how hard life for a transsexual can be might think that God likes Domino Presley more than He or She likes most other humans.

Watch this amazing AVN, XBIZ, Shemale Yum and Tranny Awards winner on, and on Shemale.XXX.

Domino Presley

6th Annual Tranny Awards Photos Courtesy of
6th Annual Tranny Awards Photos Courtesy of

The 2012 false rumor about Domino Presley having undergone SRS and her high style at the 6th Annual Tranny Awards made me reflect on the tricky term “transition”. When does it really begin? Does it ever really end? 

What really makes a standout site to me, aside from the incredible solo and hardcore content, is Domino’s early stages as Jazmin Aviance Turner to the present. Domino’s website is a fantastic before and after compilation and she just keeps getting better and better. 


Domino Presley Addresses A Rumor


“Apparently there are rumors floating around that I’m post op now. I wish, but nope… Sorry. Wrong tranny.” Said TS Domino Presley.


“What man doesn’t love a good blow job? Christian XXX (of Pure-TS) and I haven’t seen each other in a while so the chemistry was a max and I think you can definitely see it in this scene. I love having a huge cock shoved down my throat so this scene was a piece of cake… And I guess I ate it too.”


“I found this sexy boy in my shower after a late night of partying with my friends. I can’t believe my wish finally came true! In my opinion, there’s nothing hotter than a sexy ass ginger! The excitement was too much for me and I found myself immediately on my knees servicing his throbbing cock. After soaking his meat stick with my saliva, He threw me into the wall and pounded my tight little Tgirl pussy. It had been so long since someone had been inside of me that his dick couldn’t handle the heat and blew all over my beautiful face…. Right in the eye…. MONEY SHOT!”


Christian and Domino meet up in a posh hotel room for some hardcore fucking. It’s been a while since Domino has taken Mr.XXX’s massive cock so her tight ts pussy is ready to be torn apart. Christian warms her up by spending some quality time soaking her tight hole up with his tongue. She releases some moans and grinds her ass against his face, forcing his tongue deep inside her. When she can’t handle anymore, Christian slides his throbbing raw cock inside her and pounds her senseless. Two words…. Cream Pie.


The rumor that TS Domino Presley, one of the most popular and sought-after transsexual adult performers of all time, has undergone SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery) has been circulating on the Net for quite some time and has snowballed into a viral topic.  What makes a woman to me has nothing to do with what’s between her legs, but what is between her ears anyway.

Domino Presley Rocks The Red Carpet

Shemale Yum Model of The Year 2011 Domino Presley was a stunner on the Red Carpet with her interviews at the 4th Annual Tranny Awards. If you haven’t seen her work, you’re missing out on one of the transgender adult entertainment trailblazers, so check out the latest updates at her amazing website.

TS Domino Presley