TSPlayground: Gabe and Mos, Scene #01

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Beautiful Mos aka Moshi is a Thai superstar with stats of 33C-24-32, 5’5″(165 cm), and she’s around 26 years old. I don’t think there’s an American trans adult star who’s surpassed her filmography. She looks stunning taking up the first part of her hardcore scene with veteran star Gabriel D’Alessandro on her own on tsplayground.com. Mos doesn’t really need to do a striptease to get explicit because she’s not wearing much in the first place. She makes her ass the focus first and her developing hardon the center of attention next. After two minutes, Gabe shows up with a boner in his briefs. This update obviously features the actors pre-heated from the start.

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Gabe quickly sinks down to suck his lovely partner’s thick erection, turns her around to toss her salad, then resumes giving her a blowjob. A few moments of this treatment has her big dick pointing up at a 45 degree angle. Moss then gives Gabriel head and makes an incredibly erotic display of it. She jerks off while sucking Gabe to maintain her raging erection. Moss give Gabe a rimjob after sucking his dick again to prepare him for a tremendous railing. Then she proceeds to fuck him with long, steady strokes.

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Her doggy style railing evolves into drilling Gabe on his back. Do we still call it missionary position when the passive partner is male? Sounds fine to me! But I digress. Mos continues her fucking with Gabe face down next. Then Gabe gives Mos a rimjob and fucks Moss in the doggy style position! He goes at her tight ass missionary next and she jerks off along with her bareback pounding. You’ll think she’s going to cum one way, but she switches positions on Gabe to release a big, creamy white cum shot. See where it lands and the way she takes Gabe’s spunk on tsplayground.com!

TsSeduction: Natalie Mars Cuckolds the World

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Natalie Mars Cuckolds the World: TS Star pounds slave, delivers JOI with Natalie Mars and Gabriel D’Alessandro. Directed by Madeline Marlowe. 

Before I begin going into detail about this remarkable scene, I must inform you of the Black Friday Sale for Kink.com. It’s $19.99/monthly 50% off. For 3 months it’s $14.95/monthly billed as $44.85 every three months. For 6 months – $11.50/monthly 50% off billed as $68.99 every 6 months. For 1 year it’s $9.99/monthly 50% off in one payment of $119.99. Memberships are recurring unless otherwise stated, depending on your chosen plan. Yearly and 6 months memberships do not rebill, unless otherwise stated.

TsSeduction synopsis: The wait is finally over. TS superstar, Natalie Mars, appears in her VERY FIRST TOPPING scene with a man EVER! And not only does she top him, she tops you right along with him. You remain right by her side during the entire journey. Good luck trying to hold out until the end. This woman is a natural beauty with a hard driving cock like you’ve never seen before. Gabriel D’Alessandro is helpless under her power. This lucky slave gets let out of his box to worship Natalie like the Goddess she is. He takes her cock deep in his throat working tirelessly to pleasure his Mistress. He enthusiastically worships Natalie’s delicious asshole. He takes all her spit, and eagerly submits to her every desire. And when she’s ready, she rams her cock into his greedy hole all the while she talks directly to you and what she would be doing with your cock. She knows your true secret desires and what a pathetic worm you are. Aren’t you lucky you get to watch? She tells you to touch your cock. She knows you want to cum, but she wants you to wait until she’s ready. Can you take instruction and please your Mistress? Gabriel takes a hard pounding first on his stomach and then on his back. He moans with every thrust, so grateful and fulfilled with Natalie’s gorgeous cock inside him. For being such a good slave, she gives him a reward you’ll never experience – she lets him cum in her mouth. Finally, Natalie blows her load all over her lucky slave’s face and makes him suck her beautiful cock clean. He’s been a good boy — are you one too? This is one film you DO NOT want to miss!

That’s the full write-up and when Natalie confronts you directly after she cums, it’s going to go straight to your poor little submissive heart. She’s become one incredible Domme which is out of character with her. It’s like watching your favorite athlete change sports in the middle of their career and do just as well in the original one. It’s amazing to see that she was nervous about making this scene a success before the cameras got going. Make sure to watch the closing interview, especially if you’re a longtime fan of Gabriel D’Alessandro. I’ve enjoyed his performances for many years and it’s a rare treat to see him give feedback on a scene. He comes off like a great guy. For more of this great girl, go to NatalieMars.xxx

Kylie Maria in The Trans X-Perience #5!

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The official synopsis of “Buxom TS Seduces Stud For Butt Fuck” from The Trans X-Perience #05 reads: Busty, fabulously femme TS Kylie Maria’s low-cut top shows cleavage and side boob. She caresses her fantastic tits and the bulge forming in studly Gabriel’s pants. Kylie spreads her asshole for a rim job; Gabriel grips her head for a spit-drenched face fuck. He sucks her hard dick and bouncy bosoms. The pretty brunette rides the muscular dude’s cock, skin slamming. He porks her asshole on her back as she jacks off, and Kylie sucks dick ass-to-mouth. She licks Gabriel’s balls as he unloads jism on her face.

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Gabriel D’Alessandra is the male actor in The Trans X-Perience #5 on evilangel.com. He’s been doing this for years and considered one of the luckiest of men in trans porn. kyliemaria.xxx is the official website of this mega-star posing in a sports jersey that barely stays on an incredible body and seems to be suspended by her pendulous breasts. Kylie wears black lace panties beneath the lime green and gray top and her shapely legs and dainty feet are bare. She takes a seat and fully exposes her big tits and large nipples. After fondling her boobs for a few moments, Kylie perches herself on the seat on her knees. When Joey Silvera zooms out, Gabriel appears in the frame shirtless with an erection in his pants that would get him arrested in public.

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Kylie rubs Gabriel’s lightly-oiled, tight abs and his big bulge and her caresses her lovely boobs. Her ass which is almost fully exposed around her thong is also lightly-oiled and her legs are too. Gabriel sinks to his knees to devour Kylie’s breasts and he helps her give and explicit view of her fun spot. You can hear how turned on they are and the and director’s arousal as well. After giving Kylie a rim job, she strokes her cock while giving her handsome partner head. When she releases her grip on her hardon, it jerks up and down on its own and Gabriel uses both hands to guide Kylie’s blowjob. The stunning pair kiss and then Gabriel kneels down to suck on Kylie’s turgid erection. Before the midway point of the scene, Kylie as above Gabriel in the cowgirl position riding Gabriel’s stiff rod bareback! With the exception of her sparkly bondage collar, Kylie is completely, gloriously nude throughout the following positions they fuck in.

Kylie Maria’s Evil Angel Filmography 

Kylie’s beautiful face is covered with cum at the end of the scene, but she tells Silvera she swallowed most of it. I can’t argue with that. She proceeds to suck Gabriel’s cock clean and tells Silvera that she’s just moved to Las Vegas. There’s so much more to learn about her on kyliemaria.xxx and you should also check out her Evil Angel Filmography to catch up on what you may have missed.

Chanel Santini in The Trans X-Perience #5!

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I promised some actual reviews of scenes from The Trans X-Perience #5 on evilangel.com back on December 12th and I’m here today to start delivering the goods.

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I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year than with trailblazing Chanel Santini who will look a lot different in her 2017 studio scenes, on chaturbate.com/chanelsantini and on chanelsantinixxx.com. She’s always going to be one of my top favorites I’m sure no matter what she does. Her bareback hardcore scene with veteran star Gabriel D’Alessandro only solidifies that faith.

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Her naughty schoolgirl pole dance routine includes a little butt slapping and nipple tweaking before her partner shows up. It also includes some finger banging and big dick stroking. Acclaimed director Joey Silvera has a horny little chat with the then 18 year old and then Latinx Mr. D’s raging hardon enters the frame waiting to be sucked on. Chanel gets her large organ sucked, her salad tossed and her sexy bare feet worshipped. Her top is drawn back while she’s otherwise naked with Gabriel giving her a masterful bareback fucking.

The Trans X-Perience #5 

Chanel’s vocal responses are wickedly torrid and when they’re about to switch from missionary to doggy style banging, Chanel’s big cock oozes a legendary stream of pre-cum. She stays hard and jacks off while riding Gabe in the cowgirl position and then she gives Gabe a rim job. He strokes his boner while she lubes her stiff dick in preparation to give him a powerful drilling. There’s still a lot more to come but I’ll close by stating that this The Trans X-Perience #5 is in competition with my other top favorites filmed in 2016. Happy New Year 2017! I can’t wait to see what the new year brings.