GroobyGirls: Stunning Gia Staxxx!

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What’s the difference between the Gia Staxxx from October 2018 in “Stunning Gia Staxxx!” on and “Meet Stunning Gia Staxxx” debut that I raved about in July from Buddy Wood’s TS-Casting Couch? More voluminous breasts but same beautiful face. And there’s one more thing and that would be experience.

If there were any first time modeling jitters before, they seem to be all gone now. This Denver beauty had fun spot rubbed and her stiff cock pumped by her producer on the casting couch. Those were moments I wouldn’t soon forget.

In this update, Mr. Wood opens with a brief interview reminding us where we say Gia first. She’s out by the pool in a bikini looking ravishing as ever. Gia loves sucking cock, getting hers sucked and getting fucked. She has her cock out in the open a moment after this confession.

Gia exposes her breasts with tan lines and begins jerking off not long after that! If you were watching this update with me now I’d ask you, “Don’t you just love the fleshy hood of Gia’s foreskin. Wouldn’t you love to run your tongue beneath it and flick it across the head?”

Gia first masturbates while seated and continues stroking her boner completely naked while standing. She shows off the lovely curves of her bottom and the way her slightly curved erection stands at attention is incredibly enticing!

Mr. Wood grabs Gia’s wood again like he did the first time he shot her. Talk about a dream job! Later, Gia lays across a beach towel with her ass and cock the focus from the back. Then she changes positions so many times in this update that I lose count. Don’t forget that you can also watch Gia on!

TS-CastingCouch: Meet Stunning Gia Staxxx!

Wowsers! Gia Staxxx was well worth the wait! This beautiful Grooby newbie will turn a few heads I’m sure. What a face, what a body and what a cock! Enjoy this beautiful tgirl jacking off on The Couch! Producer Buddy Wood added, “I had talked to Gia several months back but she was only in L.A. for a few days and we were unable to schedule a day to shoot. I saw she was in town again and I jumped quick. She’s sexy!! Pretty face, long legs, smooth bronzed skin and an ass that you just wanna bury your face in. She was turned on and rock hard the entire shoot and was fantastic and showing off her pretty pussy hole and cock for the camera. Fun girl. Should be seeing more of her.”

Beautiful Gia takes a seat on the centerpiece and tells us she’s from Denver, Colorado and her plans are to move to L.A. permanently. When asked what turns her on, it’s either Gia pounding someone out or getting pounded herself! She’s fantasized being gang banged at a music festival. “She goes right to work,” Mr. Wood exclaims when she jumps up when prompted and starts shedding her clothes. Her striptease seems to turn her on as so many of her fans will be. Gia’s lovely cock is almost as hard as it can get the first time she exposes it! Gia strokes her uncut member firmly for a few moments before getting further undressed. She’s not shy about laying back on the couch beating off with her ass raised to show you everything she’s got.

Gia’s rear exposure comes with something extra I’ve grown accustomed to hoping for. Mr. Wood doesn’t fondle every model on set, but he does so with Gia. He rubs and compliments her fun spot before curling his fingers around her stiff cock shaft and he gives it a few firm pumps. She continues masturbating herself and then he takes over again later. The closeups on Gia’s face are mesmerizing and her naked body is equally exquisite. I think you’re gonna love her facial expressions and you might be making the same kind yourself if you’re timing your pending orgasm to meet hers. I cannot believe how much cum this babe shoots. Now it’s your turn!

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