Eevee Bee n’ Ginger on Chaturbate

Eevee Bee n’ Ginger are a Chaturbate duo consisting of a TS/GG couple in their low 20s living in Florida. Eevee Bee is the 20 year old trans brunette fox whose ink reads, “Live for today because you aren’t promised tomorrow. I fear nothing but the Lord, I am God’s child. I will not fall. Adversity causes some to break and others to break records. I am me.” The gorgeous blonde is her genetically born female girlfriend Ginger. I really love the vagina,” was the first thing I heard in their room when I logged into Chaturbate Trans and I decided to stay for awhile. Eevee Bee was jerking off furiously while Ginger humped her pussy against her thigh. Ginger says Eevee’s cock is the only one she’s ever sucked. Well, she picked a damn good one. It’s nice and long and thick and darker than the rest of her. Ginger is a fair skinned blonde and Eevee’s coloring is not that far off. I’m not sure what her ethnic background is, but she resembles many of my mixed-race friends. Eevee looks ecstatic when Ginger sucks on her big cock. It’s rare that I see a simple blowjob that’s such a turn on. It’s a combination of the chemistry between this couple and of course their good looks. They also French kiss like the true lovers they are and they 69 which I seldom see in a Chaturbate Trans room – meaning cock and pussy specifically. This act seems to make Eevee’s cock look even bigger and it was already pretty big! A nice surprise is seeing how well-shaped Ginger’s ass is before she settles her pussy down along Eevee’s long hard shaft. Her legs are really nice too we see when she rides Eevee’s big boner in the reverse cowgirl position. Catch this super hot couple when you can on and you will not be disappointed.