Sasha de Sade: Gaping For Goddess Tangent

MP4 Scene Trailer

“I hope this video is a super long one,” I said to myself upon seeing “Gaping for Goddess Tangent” was updated on as if most videos aren’t nice and long here. Then there it is right next to the title – a full 27 minutes! I’m such a huge fan of Sasha, I’ve presented my interview with her here on Caramel’s TGirls. If I ever get the chance to interview her stunning cisgender female partner in this video, I’d upload it to my mainstream and BDSM blog That would be an honor! I’m absolutely smitten with both of these beautiful young ladies and it’s so sexy to see them sitting across from one another scantily clad. Sasha has chosen her lingerie to wear especially for the owner of and she’s obviously feeling submissive in her presence. Mistress Tangent hasn’t seen Sasha gaping in a long time and she’s up for seeing it again tonight. Sasha says she’s getting tight and the Mistress can’t have that! But Sasha’s big dick training proceeds orally first. She’s forced to suck on a huge black dildo, then turn her perfect ass up on the sofa as Mistress Tangent straps it on around her hips. Once her ass is bared, Sasha gets her fun spot fingered. Sasha’s tender bottom really is tight we see as Mistress Tangent slowly begins to penetrate. Gradually the Domme increases the speed of her thrusts and pummels Sasha’s poor butt powerfully! First is a doggy style railing and then it’s missionary with Sasha stroking her big hard cock while getting fucked! Sasha even gets a piledriver pounding to die for (or should I say to cream for?). And finally, we see Sasha gaping on SashaDeSade.XXX!

Mistress Tangent: Maid To Serve

Scene Preview

Mistress Tangent is dressed in midriff-baring official dominatrix regalia checking on her caged slave.The stunning owner wears a huge dildo and her slave wears a maid’s uniform and tall platform mules. She’s humiliated and dressed down as a sissy bitch, but she’s actually transgender and favorite slave in Mistress Tangent’s stable. At some point I always know we’ll be treated to her exceptionally cute ass and above average big cock! The slave bends over the cushioned top of cage as ordered. Mistress Tangent raises the hem of the uniform and petticoats to expose the slave’s plump bottom that’s clad in white panties. She spanks the unmarked flesh and proceeds to tenderize it with a flogger. Once the slave’s rear end is beet red, she forced to kneel on the floor. After a long sequence of further humiliation, the slave is finally prepared to be fucked. A chastity cage holds her big dick this time around, but her ass is fully exposed for the taking. And take is exactly what Mistress Tangent does! The super cute slave gets thoroughly fucked in the doggystyle position for quite some time. Then she must take the huge dildo railing while laying on her back. As if this is not enough torment, Mistress Tangent buzzes the head of her slave’s caged cock and her balls with a wand vibrator. Now I suppose that Mistress Tangent could deny her slave from shooting a sticky white load of cum through her cage before this session comes to an end. But does the slave deserve to get off? It could be fun to humiliate and torture her further by not letting her cum. What do you think the phenomenal woman behind will do?