Grooby Girls: Triniti York Cums!

Omar Wax brings back the “Model of the Month” September 2017. 24 year old Oklahoma beauty Triniti York is a Pisces who loves all things artsy, riding horses, makeup and she has a chihuahua named Princeton.

We know all that good stuff and more, but don’t expect the petite 5’3″ fox to go into all that in her encore video. She’s clearly way too aroused once her scene begins rolling. It quickly becomes a waiting game to see Trinity slipping out of her cotton jersey, black panties and sparkly open toe heels.

The pumps come off first and then the top. “Do you wanna see more,” Triniti asks. But she’s wearing a brassiere beneath her top. This is one hot yet tortuously slow striptease!

Trinity rubs circles around one of her bare breasts one her bra is removed and she also rubs the bulge in her short shorts. Her patterned bra matches the primary color of her bra as one would suspect because Trinity obviously has great fashion sense. But let’s not pretend that’s what we’re here to learn about Miss York.

I’m pretty sure that most of us are waiting to see Triniti rolling her panties down her curvy legs rendering her completely nude. It’s Closeup City along her precious form and then a wide angle sequence captures Triniti stroking her stiff cock!

The rest of this smoldering update is devoted to gorgeous Triniti laying back on the best doing everything she needs to do to achieve orgasm. She jerks off furiously until creamy white puddles of cum land on her flat tummy and long slender fingers.