Black TGirls: Innocence Shoots A Load!

Last Thursday was the release of another exclusive cumshot special on Black TGirls and the “Cumshot Thursday” star was gorgeous Innocence! Innocence has been modeling since 2014 and after a two years long hiatus, she returned three months ago.

Now Omar Wax brings her back for the new cumshot special series and you know this girl is going to give us a nice sticky load of spunk! In her seventh set, Innocence is filmed from behind gazing out of the window wearing pink lingerie and strappy black sandals.

She addresses you saying that she’s very horny. It would be tempting to fast forward to her climax but she’s a talented stripper so you should sit back and take in the entire show. She’s quite vocal throughout the whole process and she develops an erection very early in the scene. While tweaking her nipples Innocence confesses that kissing them is the fastest way to get her aroused.

Innocence is totally naked on the bed stroking her hardon when obviously drawing closer to climax. She pulls slowly and firmly at her oiled shaft and squeezes pre-cum from its tip.

Then she suddenly lifts her cock upward and it releases a torrent of creamy white cum! This babe completely soaks her lower torso and hand with jizz in this torrid update! You can take a look at all of her other preview content and watch this teaser trailer.

Are you curious to see what tomorrow’s Cumshot Thursday has in store? Don’t wait. As of now there have been five new models stripping and stroking on this legendary website since we came with Innocence.