TGirls.Porn: Ally Sparkles & Jenny Crystal

Description: It’s Tuesday which can mean only one thing….it’s update time on the home of the hottest trans girls in nut-busting XXX action! This week it’s rampant Ally Sparkles and Jenny Crystal getting balls deep and personal and making this magic happen. Take it away ladies…..

This week on TGirls.Porn, producer Radius Dark opens with the action already in progress. Gorgeous Ally and Jenny and passionate kissing on the sofa in their undies. Ally is the one in long socks in case you’re new to this fabulous niche I think of as The Best.

It’s hard to tell who’s going to take the lead, but Jenny is first to do some nipple sucking while Ally hovers above her slightly. Once Ally is fully topless, Jenny playfully pushes her back on the sofa. Jenny is now the aggressor and she quickly removes Ally’s panties.

Ally helps Jenny get her brassiere off next and Jenny takes hold of Ally’s bare cock. She then leans down and takes it inside her mouth. Jenny has an effective method of making Ally develop an erection and the girls pause for a moment to shed more clothing.

Jenny resumes her cock sucking and then it’s Ally turn. This is meant to turn us on but I also study their techniques like I’m in Fellatio 101 class. These young ladies are very intense when they give head – not sloppy suckers going at it loosely. Well, you can see how hard they make each other.

Mr. Dark captures such amazing angles that I have to ask myself how he does it during some of the footage. And after long bouts of mutual cock sucking comes the passionate kissing this incredible trans lesbian site is famous for.

Then the fucking begins! It’s absolutely rapturous and a must see on TGirls.Porn!

TGirls.Porn: Jenny Crystal & Lianna Lawson

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Description: Showtime on the home of all things TGirl and Porn and its hung hotties Jenny Crystal and Lianna Lawson making it all happen as we soak up yet another popping production from Radius Dark. Two rampant sweethearts, one killer 4K flick – kick back and watch the magic happen right here on the Net’s premiere TS on TS site.

Do you think polyamory has anything to do with porn if you’re a performer? I’m asking because the gorgeous slender brunette in this TGirls.Porn update is Jenny Crystal. She’s a model like stunning blonde Lianna Lawson. But another Grooby Girl in Jenny’s real life girlfriend Aubrie Scarlett.

I don’t think that because someone has sex with others as a porn actress that it makes them polyamorous. Jenny and Aubrey may or not be poly. My point is, if you’re in the industry and your job requires you to do hardcore scenes with others outside of your relationship, it comes with the territory no matter how you identify in terms of personal relationships.

That said, while I don’t think that Jenny’s girlfriend has anything to worry about, Jenny and Lianna are pretty darn convincing as real lovers in this scene. Some TGirls.Porn subscribers are looking for the authenticity of real trans lesbian relationships with each of these scenes. That goes for the threesomes and scenes including cisgender females also.

In these cases, the kissing is as important to these subscribers as the foreplay and fucking. The chemistry between these two actresses is explosive. Although it seems like it’s the first time they’re sleeping together, it comes across as fiercely passionate.

Lianna: “This is the first time I’ve ever topped without a condom on and Jenny’s ass felt amazing. I started fucking her hard right out of the gate and it certainly got hot in that room, in more ways than one. I loved her huge cumshot. It tasted so damn sweet!”

Jenny: “I couldn’t wait to get Lianna Lawson’s big cock in my ass and mouth. I was ready from the first time I saw it. When you see me laying on my back in anticipation of taking the whole thing, you’ll know I’m telling the truth. It felt amazing and damn that girl made me cum!”

TGirls.Porn: Aubrie Scarlett & Jenny Crystal

Here’s a killer update from one of my all-time favorite sites starring and produced by three people I really like: Aubrie Scarlett, Jenny Crystal and Radius Dark.

Before this TGirls.Porn update the very fortunate ones amongst us have enjoyed both Aubrie Scarlet on Grooby Girls and Jenny on Grooby Girls. I remember because I’ve raved about each model individually. What I didn’t know about Aubrie and Jenny was who was going to fuck who.

I think of Aubrey as mostly submissive and the same goes for Jenny. Would this turn out to be an intensely passionate scene with lots of kissing and realistic intimacy? Well, there was only one way to find out what exactly what went down between these beauties. It’s fire from the first kissing moment as in “We’re actually dating,” kind of fire. I don’t know what goes on between them in their actually personal likes, but this is like watching a true couple going at it.

I don’t know why but I’m really keen about good chemistry particularly with trans lesbian sex. I’m bisexual but when it comes to porn with a trans woman and a male, I don’t care so much if they’re just making a suck and fuck scene.

This is certainly not a BDSM scene but there’s a hint of a power exchange. One minute, Aubrie seems to be the more aggressive partner. Then Jenny takes the lead. Once Jenny begins fucking Aubrie bareback, she’s the more dominant one until Aubrie is ready to fuck her back!

This top notch production TGirls.Porn took me everywhere I wanted to go with a whole lot of cum thrown in to top things off! As for the intimacy… it’s electrifying.