Bob’s Tgirls: Who’s the Real Daddy – Part 1

Jenny Flowers learns some lessons in discipline Dominatrix Mistress Lucy Khan. This hardcore update begins with the beautiful Domme arriving at home and miffed that she’s not greeted by her maid. Mistress Lucy finds her maid passed out on the living room sofa with dirty trans magazines on the table beside her and a liquor bottle laying against her body.

When Mistress Lucy wakes her up and asks why the place is such a mess, Jenny replies with too much attitude that she’s just taking a break. Why did she think it was okay to help herself to a bottle of 25 year old scotch? There’s no dinner on she’s told and Jenny retorts with a put down about the Dominatrix just being a wife. That earns her a few hard slaps across the face. Apparently, Jenny was under the impression that the husband ran this household.

Mistress Lucy leaves the room promising to finish this conversation. In the vanity of her bedroom, the Dominatrix transforms herself from business woman to Mistress. In the next sequence, Mistress Lucy is guiding Jenny into the kitchen to meet Daddy. Only “Daddy” is Mistress Lucy tonight, not the man Jenny refers to by that title.

After tossing Jenny to the floor, the Dominatrix feels that Jenny is not quite drunk enough and almost empties a magnum of liquor across her face. Jenny is further humiliated by Mistress Lucy using her face and hair to mop up the alcohol! Jenny is also forced to lick the one of her boots clean after it gets splashed. Petulant Jenny is still resisting and refusing to address Mistress Lucy as her daddy.

She’s lifted to her feet by the hair and neck. She’s slapped and spit on and it’s pointed out that there’s no dinner being cooked on the stove. Jenny makes an excuse that suggests her will is being broken. The hem of her dress is raised and she’s spanked hard and flogged by a set of hard tongs Jenny’s poor ass is reddening so quickly! Her bottom is also swatted with a spatula.

This torment goes on for quite awhile and Jenny’s gradually reddening bottom looks so incredibly enticing. The punishment proceeds with harsher instruments of torture and chastity is introduced. This isn’t the first BDSM scene on Bob began dabbling in Domination/submission several years ago and his kink skills are legendary. For her frequent, explicit and outstanding webcam shows, see Jenny LIVE on webcam:!

TGirls.Porn – Coco Dahlia & Jenny Flowers

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Jenny: “So my usual dom is unhappy with how I go through life nonchalantly and carefree. Not sure why this bothers her but she quickly comes up with a solution to break up the monotony. Said she really gets turned on to publicly humiliate me so she command that I stand outside near busy freeway…TOPLESS. She knows how insecure of my small boobs I am and how easily get embarrassed when people even mention anything about them. Really didn’t want to stand outside but I certainly didn’t want to face repercussions for my disobedience. So I begrudgingly obeyed…ugh.”

Coco: “Every time, I mean EVERY time she comes around with her derby facial expressions I get this burning passion to humiliate her. Have to admit, embarrassing her does help get my rocks off. I’ve done some pretty cruel things like pushed her around at the grocery store, spanked her bottom so loud it sounds like thunder but nothing to the point of her biggest fears. “Now get up, go outside…TOPLESS.”

Here are some words about my favorite porn site’s update with two of the hottest stars out there filmed by one of the most awesome producers. The build-up filmed by Omar Wax is generated with Coco approaching Jenny with a tip from Jenny’s boyfriend about her not ever having played with another trans girl before. It’s the most dominant scene I’ve seen Coco in to date. Jenny confesses that she hasn’t been with another girl and she’s perhaps only thought about it a couple of times. Jenny is given a choice of giving her mouth up to another girl or posing on the balcony topless. But Coco gives Jenny little time to think about her choices and is made to stand up and has her pretty tits bared. Coco takes a few squeezes like a Mistress and leads Jenny outside. It must be humiliating to stand topless amongst whomever is watching her on the balcony in just her shorts and pumps!

Once Coco is satisfied that enough public humiliation has been employed, it’s time to move to Step #2. She guides the inexperienced and easily manipulated Jenny back inside and into the living room area. Standing across from Jenny, Coco pays her a compliment and gets a nervous one back in return. She then kisses the shy girl as it’s obvious that she’s getting turned on. When they sit on the sofa to continue making out, Coco says, “That’s a good little slut,” and Jenny doesn’t resist Coco’s touches across her private parts. Coco allows Jenny to caress her between her legs and feels the erection under her jump suit. Soon they’re kissing more passionately than before and both sets of breasts are bared. Jenny’s boyfriend told Coco more about her fantasies about sex trans lesbian sex than she was aware of. One of those fantasies was giving another girl a rimjob and she’s about to have her dream realized. Coco tells Jenny to take her shoes off and to get more comfortable and the more submissive one helps Coco get down to just her panties. Moments later Jenny has Coco completely nude and gushes at the size of the shorter girl’s cock. Coco gets her dick sucked until it’s raging hard and her salad tossed as well. Coco then strips Jenny nude and gives her finger banging and a blowjob. She then positions Jenny on her back and gives her a rimjob. Next, Coco eases her cock inside of Jenny’s tight ass.

Coco Dahlia who has been on TGirls.Porn twice before makes the term “fully functional” seem ridiculous. I had no idea however that she could fuck so powerfully! Jenny Flowers who has been here once before (in a threesome) is the passive beauty in this incredible TGirls.Porn update!