Foxxy and Jessica Share A Cock

Scene Trailer contract stars Foxxy and Jessica share the cock of handsome Gabriel D’Alessandro as well as each other’s in a massively satisfying hardcore production! The eye candy is glorious from the first moment with gorgeous Jessica followed by stunning Foxxy strutting across a luxury dream apartment in lingerie.

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It begins solely with about 4 minutes of torrid trans lesbian foreplay that might make you cum before you even see the male partner. But they decide they need the assistance of Gabriel who’s on his way to the bath. The girls join him with raging hardons and Jessica is first to get her’s sucked by the rich bastard stud.

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Foxxy helps turn this cock sucking session into a dominant skull fucking with her hands around Gabriel’s head and neck. Then she forces him to suck her erection too! While he’s giving Foxxy head, Jessica eases her boner inside him and delivers a forceful doggystyle drilling. This spitroast is followed by another with the girls trading places on him. Not only does Gabriel get butt fucked. He gets to fuck Foxxy and Jessica too! He also gets two mouthful of cum from each beauty.

I wish I could make your viewing options easier but you’re going to have to choose between, or If it helps any, I usually choose to have access to the full network of stars.

Transsensual: Jessica Fox & Chad Diamond

MP4 Scene Trailer is proud to present this collection of four passionate vignettes featuring beautiful TS girls with Cis men. Gorgeous, snobby Jessica Fox is impatient with assistant Chad Diamond, until he confesses his devotion to her…Aubrey Kate discovers that she and her blind date, Ruckus have nothing in common, until she lets her guard down…Stefani Special doesn’t understand where boyfriend Billie Ramos’ fighting ability came from, after he beats up a jerk who was hitting on her at a party. Billie reveals his secret, and the lovers share a tender moment…Finally, emo teen Kory Houston hits on his tutor Mara Nova and feels his darkness fall away. In “TS Domination”, exotic goddess Jessica Fox dominates mild mannered Chad Diamond. She forces him to suck her cock, and then returns the favor. Jessica slams Chad’s tight asshole from behind as he moans in delight. The sexy brunette stunner then submits Chad in a missionary position, and works her way into a satisfying climax. That’s the official synopsis of this scorching hot scene and it’s perfect. Allow me to add a few more details.

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After checking herself out before leaving home, Jessica checks in on Chad who’s doing a lousy job of handling his chores. She dresses him down harshly and the poor humiliated guy promises to have everything in order by the time she returns home. Chad is a secret crossdresser who uses his employer’s time away to dress in her clothing and to go all out with makeup as well. While imagining that he’s Jessica and moving about in one of her cocktails dresses, he gets busted! “Oh my God, Chad! What are you doing?!” Jessica shouts at Chad that if he’s trying to impersonate her, he’s doing a very bad job at it. The threat of getting fired from his job hangs in the balance and he’s mortified. Chad confesses that he idolizes his boss and just wants to be pretty like her. Being flattered distracts Jessica from her anger and she tells Chad to explain what makes her so attractive. He replies that he watches the way she renders men speechless and admirers the way she orders people around. Chad adds that it’s his desire to be pampered the way she is and Jessica has him sit on the bed beside her to elaborate. While reaching beneath the hem of her dress that Chad is wearing, Jessica tells him he looks kind of pretty. Chad is breathless from her touch. He gasps profusely as she strokes him. Suddenly she grasps his face and tells him to turn around so that she can unzip the dress. She lowers it down him slim torso and commands him to turn around. Chad is wearing nothing beneath the dress and his long cock has begun to harden from Jessica’s brief stroking and the situation he’s found himself in.

Once Chad is on the bed face down, Jessica slaps his pert ass hard. “You do have a pretty ass like a pretty girl,” she comments between her slaps. Soon after, she raises her skirt and forces Chad to suck on her stiffening cock. I love the way that the set up for the sex only takes less than six minutes to play out. This Domination/submission scene on TransSensual has instantly become one of my favorites on Nica Noelle’s brilliant website. It’s also available on Adult DVD Empire as one of the scenes from TS Love Stories.

The Trans X-Perience #05 – Jessica Foxx & Sophia Grace

MP4 Scene Trailer

‘Ex-Cheerleader Dates Femme TS’ suggests that there’s some sort of storyline to this scene in The Trans X-Perience #5 but if you’re not into plots in porn, don’t worry about it. This is the real life dynamic between TS Jessica Foxx aka Jessica Fox and Sophia Grace who has started cheering at 17 years old. That’s what acclaimed director and former porn star Joey Silvera draws out of her in the scantily clad opening interview with both girls.

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Sophia’s been all about rel life team spirit for 11 years. Sophia is described as All-American and since Jessica is Native American, they’re both All-American 100% and strikingly beautiful. After some hand holding and feeling each other up, the way Jessica spreads Sophia’s full butt cheeks hints that Jessica is going to tear that pretty thing up. Sophia’s stripping and admiration of Jessica’s breasts gets the primarily dominant trans girl’s cock raging hard before she even begins sucking it.

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If you’ve read some of my Jessica Fox scene reviews before, you already know how verse she is sexually and that she’s crazy about pussy and cock! So she devours Sophia’s prettily shaven quim like nobody’s business. Then Jessica begins pumping her erection in and out of Sophia’s pussy bareback in the side saddle position. A buzzing vibrator adds extra stimulation to Sophia’s clit and Jessica’s cock shaft while they fuck!

Sophia gets a tremendous drilling in a variety of positions before sucking Jessica’s turgid erection again and fucking her tight ass with a sex toy that looks like a pink popsicle. Jessica jacks a huge streak of jism onto Sophia’s face! Sophia licks up the last of her partner’s cum and the girls kiss and wave goodbye.

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TS Seduction: Jessica Fox, Zane Anders


“Crafty TS Fucking!” is what Jessica Fox has honed long ago and she has several scenes to back that up on TS Seduction with the network – Kink Unlimited. I’ve got a 30% offer for you to grab them all with plus the same discount on all 30 channels for life!


Jessica Fox employs the help of an expert craftsman to build her some beautiful handmade furniture. What sweet Southern boy, Zane Anders, doesn’t realize is she wants kinky dungeon furniture and she’s going to use him to try it out on before dishing out the big bucks. Jessica is actually more submissive in her personal life and Zane is more dominant in his the opening interview reveals. With this scene you’d never know they were anything but trans top versus male bottom. Zane’s suspicions that the piece of furniture he’s created is to be used for something kinky and Jessica confirms it when she takes a seat, removes her jacket and tells him it will go perfectly in her dungeon and with her other props. She’s obviously sized him up right as a submissive and has him sink to the floor to worship her high-heeled feet and continues after removing her shoes. After ordering Zane to undress, she compliments him on his impressive body and goodness gracious, it certainly is one. When he lowers his briefs, a rather large flaccid cock hangs over a full set of low-slung balls. She gives it a few strokes and orders him to remove her top. When he begins to touch himself without asking, she orders him to get on the floor and put his hands behind his back. He’s amazed when Jessica lowers her skirt and a raging hardon springs from her panties. He’s dutiful when she turns around to have him worship her gorgeous ass.


He gives her a blowjob and she drives her hard cock deep inside him in the doggy style position, taking his virginity. It sounds like the tremendously hard railing he receives is painful, but his cock is rock hard as it swings beneath his torso. Her powerful drilling continues on the floor with Zane on his back. He jerks off furiously while getting fucked hard until Jessica decides to give him a blowjob with her erection still inside his tight ass! The beautiful Domme decides to take full advantage of her new sub’s big erection and straddles Zane’s cock bareback! She slaps him and makes him thank her for allowing him to fuck her ass. She hovers above him with her boner pointing upward and slightly bouncing as he drives into her with strong thrusts. Then Zane gets to fuck his new Mistress in the missionary position, jerking at her hardon as he pounds his rod in and out of her with jackhammer thrusts!


The stunning Domme holds her legs up by the ankles with her full boobs jiggling and then by the thighs as she orders Zane to cum on her ass. As his creamy white cum coats her bottom, the Mistress jerks off furiously. With Zane fondling one of Jessica’s pliable tits, his spunk makes the perfect lubricant while she jacks off and shoots her white jizz all the way up to her face! I absolutely love the sweaty, bareback fuck and everything that lead up to it. The real Southern male star Zane Anders and Native American Jessica Fox are beautiful on their own and double trouble together. Join with my 30% off discount to the 30 channel Kink Unlimited!


Transsensual – Dominant TS Style

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

Exotic brunette Dana Vespoli is too much of a goody two shoes for TS dominatrix Jessica Fox. Jessica forces her cock down Dana’s throat, causing Dana to gag and slobber. Dana worships Jessica’s body, then takes Jessica into her hairy pussy, eventually cumming in euphoric waves.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

That’s the official synopsis of this killer Transsensual scene from the masterful writing and direction of multi-talented Dana Vespoli. “Dominate TS Style” begins with innocent bible-thumping Dana approaching stern Jessica the share the “good news” with her. Jessica decides she has a moment to spare to hear what she has to say. It’s a religious pitch and Jessica isn’t hearing it, but allows Dana to open up about her sinful past. Dana is ashamed of having worked as an exotic dancer. An epiphany occurred one night in the middle of one of her pole dancing routines and at that moment, Dana considered herself saved.

Flash Scene Trailer
Flash Scene Trailer 

Jessica reveals that she was also saved and had a master. Her’s however was in a dungeon. This master helped develop Jessica’s skills to become a dominatrix. Dana is shocked by this confession and even more so by the pair of hands encircling her neck. Jessica is furious about having just been lectured and Dana hides with her hands from the sight of Jessica baring her breasts.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

That’s not all Jessica bares to her new subject. She pushes Dana to her knees with her bare hardon pointing up above Dana’s face. A forced blowjob is followed by stripping the religious girl out of her dress. Jessica feasts on Dana’s tits while stroking her stiff cock furiously. After another skullfucking, Dana submissively kisses Jessica’s booted feet and orally pleases her boobs. Jessica takes Dana over her knee and gives her a hard spanking with her hard, uncut cock pressed against Dana’s tummy. With the gloved hands, the mistress smacks Dana’s plump bottom until it looks like a road map of Chile. I’ve only described the first half of gorgeous Jessica Fox and stunning Dana Vespoli in this deliciously kinky bareback Transsensual scene that ends with a big, creamy white cumshot. 

TS Pussy Hunters – Kelli Lox, Jessica Fox, Angel Allwood


My Special Join $34.99 Monthly For Life offer is still available! I requested this offer for my readers because I can’t live without so many of the sites that Kink Unlimited has in the network including TS Seduction. “Angel Allwood is the gift that keeps on giving and receiving head,” sums up the TS Pussy Hunters double penetration and reciprocal transbian penetration scene that just blew my mind! Jessica Fox and Kelli Lox are celebrating their anniversary. Jessica has a nice surprise for Kelli; Angel Allwood tied up in a dungeon and eager to have these two hot TS ladies do what ever they want with her. Jessica and Kelli fuck Angel’s mouth while she is bound and helpless. Then they take her to the bed where Jessica fucks her ass and Kelli joins in for hard core DP action. Every girl gets an anal fucking today. Angel sits on Kelli’s face while Jessica fucks Kelli’s Ass and Angel sucks Kelli’s cock then they swap places so Jessica can get her ass fucked. I can never seem to get enough transbian porn and when a cisgender female is in the mix, nothing is hotter to me. My biggest wish was that Kelli and Jessica would be convincing as lovers. From their first French kiss, I was convinced. Watching Jessica suck on bound Angel’s big nipples while Kelli eats her pretty pussy is just exquisite. The sight of Angel sucking both of her Domme’s big dicks is almost too much for me to take. I could have been fine with just seeing Kelli and Jessica double penetrating Angel. But seeing Angel helping Kelli and Jessica fuck each other makes this the best threesome scene with no men for me of 2016! Watch the trailer on

TS Seduction Jessica Fox & Artemis Faux


I love the new TS Seduction scene. If I could change just one minor thing, I’d like to have seen Artemis a little bit more feminine in appearance. That’s because of personal real life changes, but I digress. Perhaps we’ll see that later on In “Latex Clad Domme Torments Hard Cocked Slaveboy” top dominatrix Jessica Fox whips, crops and then fucks Artemis Faux in both his hungry eager holes. This lucky slave gets to worship her ass, raging hard cock and perfect round tits. He is then suspended from the ceiling where she shoves her red gloved fist up his ass before plowing her stiff cock deep inside him. Jessica rewards his devotion by leaving him spinning in the air. My Exclusive Special Join $34.99 For Life Offer with Kink Unlimited is still running! This including Full Access to TS Seduction, TS Pussy Hunters and more extraordinary adult sites from! This is a limited time offer.

Jessica Fox on TS Pussy Hunters











After watching and downloading the 30+ performances of Jessica Fox on TS Seduction and TS Pussy Hunters since 2012, it’s impossible for me to list which are my faves at this point. So I’m just going to give my take on her last two videos on the latter website. I’ve seen her stunning redhead co-star Charli Piper on Kink Live and it was an erotic thrill to watch her in a hardcore scene with Jessica. In this scene, Jessica is performing on webcam, teasing horny men with her full breasts bursting out of her black corset. She teases her nipples and lets viewers know they need to go private with her for a more erotic show. A submissive fan wants a one-on-one show and he gets it. Jessica is a pro when it comes to driving cuckolds nuts with orgasm denial. She makes her viewer wait until she hires Charli to help her give a performance beyond solo masturbation. We’ve become the webcam viewer user watching Charli enter Jessica’s bedroom after she’s tortured us with the sight of her big cock and orders of foot worship. Jessica’s new hire admirers her boobs as Charli also torments you by sucking Jessica’s stiff tool. Next, she bares Jessica’s feet for a fetishist’s dream viewing. One of my favorite parts of this scene came when Jessica and Charli were completely nude and kissing. It was right before Jessica sank her bare cock inside Charli’s beautiful, shaven pussy and started pumping away. In her new TS Pussy Hunters scene with gorgeous Mandy Muse, Jessica runs a shoe store and the prospective customer arrives in a really jacked up pair of kicks that don’t go with her party dress. While measuring Mandy’s feet, Jessica’s foot fetish gets the best of her. She can’t planting resist licking Mandy’s toes. The party girl is shocked, but she doesn’t resist. To pay for the expensive shoes, Mandy decides to let Jessica do what ever she wants. Once again, Jessica delivers a top notch dominatrix performance. Here’s the thing; it doesn’t feel like a “performance” because though Jessica and Mandy are such fine actors. Mandy took Jessica’s railing in every opening bareback and the most common thread between Jessica’s scenes with Charli and Mandy were the kissing and foot fetish content. Jessica Fox must be an absolute pleasure to work because her chemistry with the girls on TS Pussy Hunters and with the boys on TS Seduction is always so strong. Please pardon the pun.

AVN Awards Tonight – Transsexual Performer of the Year



The 30th Annual AVN Awards ceremony takes place on Saturday, January 19th at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. Fan voting ended Friday at midnight the nominees for “Transsexual Performer of the Year” in alphabetical order are: Aly Sinclair, Amy Daly, Brittany St. Jordan, Celeste Fuentes, Danni Daniels, Eva Lin, Jessica Fox, Joanna Jet, Sarina Valentina, Sunshyne Monroe, Tiffany Starr, Vaniity, Venus Lux, Wendy Summers and Wendy Williams. Congratulations to all the nominees tonight!