Femout.XXX: Jessy Star: Naked And Beautiful!

By the time I was ready to post a review about “Simply Jessy!”, this gorgeous new model has another update out. About Jessy Star, her South Floridian producer Jack Flash said,”It took a long time to get Jessy in for the shoot but she eventually made it. Jessy was great with her pretty looks and tight petite body.

She wore a sexy black lingerie outfit which looked great against her light skin. It was a good shoot Jessy was very shy about her breasts and didn’t want to remove her top.

We think she is gorgeous either way, if there’s a new shoot you’ll see all.” “Simply Jessy” is is the third update with Jessy Star of Miami, Florida on Femout.XXX.

Jessy reintroduces herself and begins undressing right away. She’s seated wearing a denim top and short-shorts and she’s got a black bra under her top. “This is what you wanna see?” she asks while unbuttoning her shorts and standing up to reveal the bulge in her pink panties.

Then she pushes the garment down and off her curvy legs and strappy sandals. She then rises to her feet, turns around and begins to lower her panties. She gives us a brief viewing of her sexy ass and turns around again to expose her cock and balls.

After kicking off her panties, Jessy is left wearing her bra and heels. The raven-haired fox then goes about stroking her cock to erection. As it enlarges, Jessy lowers her bra for some nipple play. She then removes her brassiere and continues jerking off.

“Naked And Beautiful!”, Jessy’s fourth video begins with Jessy reintroducing herself and announcing that she’s back to finally give us what we want. That’s code for Jessy Star’s cum. Leg admirers and barefoot lovers will adore this update and Jessy talks her way erotically throughout this shoot. Jessy does not possess a large bosom, but it’s a sensitive one and she loves caressing her boobs.

The contrast of the black leather seat she masturbates on frames her complexion wonderfully. I like that she’s not all over the room. That chair is her spot to jack off on and her spot to make herself cum. Cum with Jessy Star on Femout.XXX!