Transsensual: Shiri and Jonah Marx

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Jonah Marx helps his beautiful grad student girlfriend of a year Shiri move into her new place. As they sit on the bed after the work is done, Shiri can sense from a couple of odd statements that Jonah is being extra sensitive – a bit off. He confesses that when she was out at a concert he browsed her computer history. What?! As expected she’s pissed! But as he explains why he did it she begins to realize that she hasn’t been giving up much sex. What’s really bugging Jonah however is all the images of big dicks on her computer. He’s worried that she finds him to small.

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Shiri insists that his cock size is too big if anything! Shiri decides to forgive Jonah for violating her privacy. She’s also anxious to see if they can work on the discomfort she feels taking his big cock in he tight ass. Upon seeing Jonah’s stiff cock (again in another hot production), I’m reminded that he really is quite hung. During the sequence in which Shiri gives him a blowjob, I’m also reminded that he has a really nice body. And so does the trans lead of this film. Shiri looks incredible getting blown while standing and shedding her clothing as well as getting finger banged on the bed.

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Somewhere along the line I forget that this movie is about the hopes that the girlfriend will overcome her inability to handle her boyfriend’s big dick. Some Transsensual scenes and full movies are deep with dramatic performances – perfect for couples. This scene is a great couples clip also or one to savor on your own and it’s a bit more lighthearted, yet torrid and beautiful to watch. Be sure to check out “She Wants It Big” on

TransAngels: Aubrey Kate in Dominative Assistant

Jonah Marx is sent on special assignment to assist CEO Aubrey Kate. However, if he wants to be a team player, he’s going to have start with a team building exercise: eating his boss’s ass. Busty blond big-wig Aubrey doesn’t have time for second-best. She needs to make sure that Jonah can handle the position by bending him over the desk and fucking his ass. Jonah is determined to put the ‘ass’ in assistant, even if it includes putting his ass in the air and letting Aubrey pound it.

This is the official synopsis of Dominative Assistant on that might remind you of a situation you’ve been in. Have you ever had a sex partner who gazed at you with puppy dog eyes – the type of no-challenge play toy you had wrapped around your finger? This is the way Aubrey Kate treats Jonah in spite of how cute he is.

He just sits there and takes her verbal humiliation and doesn’t question her when she makes him put on a bondage eye cover and leash right there in her office. She’s obviously going to make this team building exercise extra special because she’s raised the hem of her skirt to beat off to the unknowing junior executive.

With a nice semi-erection sprouting from her panties, the CEO pulls the leash downward so Jonah has no choice but to take her cock inside his mouth. It turns out that he’s very useful at making Aubrey Kate develop a raging hardon!

It’s a forceful skullfucking in which the hot businesswoman forces Jonah’s face down her thick meat all the way down to the base. Aubrey Kate is no less of a domme when she decides she wants to suck some cock.

She first warns him that she’s yank hard on his leash if he doesn’t listen to her orders. A chill goes through me when he says, “Whatever it takes to prove myself.” After having her oral desire satisfied, Aubrey Kate stands behind Jonah and spanks his cute ass bright red! She’s going to fuck the hell out of him, but not just yet.

She demands a rimjob and another blowjob first. Aubrey Kate begins drilling Jonah’s ass bareback with her stiff cock at about the midway point of this authentic BDSM masterpiece.