House Slave’s Revenge Part One

MP4 Teaser Trailer

The synopsis of “House Slaves’ Revenge Part 1” reads : – Today is Independence Day for house slaves Mona Wales and Cherry Torn!!!! They fight back against the tyranny of the evil house mistress, Kelly Klaymour. Kelly has been having her slaves do all the hard work while she reaps all the benefits. While Kelly is busy running an empire, Mona and Cherry have fallen in love with each other and they practice the submissiveness to each other. When Kelly walks in on the two lesbians playing around without her blessing, Kelly decides to teach these two whores a lesson. Kelly makes the girls abuse each other. They cry as they have to watch Kelly fuck the love of their lives right in front of each other. Kelly’s huge cock slays both of these blonde submissives. After a day of bondage, cuckolding, spanking, and abuse the girls desperately pray for help. Their Fairy Goth Mother hears their pleas and she gifts them a very special power. The Fairy Goth Mother turns their vaginas into power dick eating machines. Cherry and Mona sneak up on Kelly and fuck her dick off! Now without her big huge cock, Kelly can no longer abuse them and now they drag her on the Whipped ass to give HER the abuse!! Head on over to Whipped ASS to watch Mona and Cherry get their revenge. star Kelly Klaymour is joined by two of my all-time favorite actresses Mona Wales and Cherry Torn and neither of them are stranger to TS Pussy Hunters. Kelly requested these adult industry major stars to work with and I’m so glad it all worked out! The 1st installment of this killer two-part series rolls out with lush decor and BDSM props that have me thrilled with anticipation. The production values are sky high! Even though we have a pretty good idea of stages of torment the demanding Domme is going to put her subs through, seeing it all unravel is full of unexpected surprises. This bareback scene will be remembered as one of the best ever I’m sure and Part 2 hasn’t even been released yet! The full nudity and insanity of the moments that lead up to the dreaded “To be continued…” announcement has me on the edge of my proverbial seat!

Oh wait a minute. Take a look at the Whipped Ass site on Kink Unlimited for a special surprise!

Kelly Klaymour and Kajira Bound

First, congratulations to Kelly Klaymour on the official launch of her amazing website! She’s one of my favorite performers and I know her content very well. Her ModelCentro site is easy to navigate and the perfect showcase for this babe who made her adult entertainment industry debut in late November 2013. She won the 2015 Transgender Erotica Awards Best New Face trophy and the 2015 Model of the Year title. Kelly’s co-star is Kajira Bound, a 5’7″, 34B-26-34 fox with black and red hair, shaved on the side, with padawon braid. She’s from Denver, Colorado and has been modeling since 2006 doing everything from art nude to fetish, to bikini, some runway and glamour. In the video, Kelly has just finished college with a Liberal Arts major and has found that there is not a whole lot of career opportunities for her. She seeks out advice from a legitimate psychic who has unorthodox methods of draining negative energy from her clients. From the moment Kajira, the psychic, touches Kelly, she can see a lust filled future in store for the two of them. All negative energy must be sucked from Kelly; starting with draining it from her cock and having her release it all over the psychic’s gorgeous breasts. Kajira took her oral, vaginal and anal bareback railing like a champ. One of her favorite parts was sucking Kelly’s enormous cock in the initial blowjob. Kelly loves the way Kajira lit up when she smacked her ass and the double load of cum she blasted on her tits confirms how much Kajira turned her on. Click on each image for video and photo gallery previews:






Deadgirl Productions: Trans6uals

I’ve just watched Trans6uals produced and directed by TsJamieFrench, who also stars in the film. I had a feeling I’d give it all 10’s across the board before I even saw it. Jamie’s site is one that I talk about the most and it also won the Transgender Erotica Award for best solo site this year. The film features over an hour long orgy between six of the hottest performers working in the industry today: Eva Cassini, Kelly Klaymour, Stefani Special, birdmountain, Jade Downing and French. I love the way each performer the focus of each orgy scene. I also happen to have an oil fetish so when all 6 performers doused each other just over a half hour into the movie, I’ll remember it as a great moment in time. The hardcore human centipede footage sent Trans6uals to the top level of my all-time favorite transbian productions. If hot oily chicks don’t spin your propeller, don’t worry. It dries up and the sucking and fucking continues for quite some time until the beautifully shot ending. There’s also some great bonus content including solo scenes from each of the performers, photo shoots and links to other productions. “Deadgirl Productions prides itself on offering unique adult content, underscored by a DIY ethos and a true passion for the craft of film making,” said director and producer Jamie French. If you’re in Dallas, Texas tomorrow, Saturday May 16, 2015, you can meet Jamie, Eva Cassini and Stefani Special from 6 to 10pm and get your copy of Trans6uals signed! If you can’t make it, you can order this incredible film from Adult Empire.


Kelly Klaymour Launches

An whole new sort of wank bank has officially opened. If I hadn’t seen many of Kelly Klaymour’s non-conventional performances before launched, I wouldn’t have known she could use a title like “Attempted Creampie” for one of her solo videos. In other words, I’ve never seen a transsexual deposit a creampie in herself! I can’t tell you if she succeeds because it’s a secret, but I can give you a brief description. Kelly has her hand between the bed and her mattress and she doesn’t need to watch porn to get herself off. If you’re already a fan, you know that Kelly is multi-orgasmic. Kelly also fucks a Fleshlight toy in another video. If I had heard about this video before I saw it, I’d have wondered if the manufacturer even made a big enough sleeve for Kelly’s big cock. She calls it her “cock” by the way, not “shenis” or “clitty” because it would sound kind of silly by any other name. It’s to big for that, for one thing. The Fleshlight Fuck video ends with a tremendous creamy white cumshot. In Kelly’s Technique, she explains something I’m familiar with and more. Part of it involves needing a lot of friction to cum. Blowjobs and handjobs are fun for me too, but they can’t make me climax. In her own words, Kelly said, “How are you able to cum while flaccid, and give up 3-5 cumshots per show?!” Well…here’s your crash course on how to cum as much as, as hard as, and as fast as I do! First I show you the pinch technique with a sample cumshot, then I show you the non pinched-expelling ALL of my cum.” These are three of my favorite solo videos on so far. You should visit her new official site to see the hot friends she plays with. The following photo is courtesy of Click on it to see more of Kelly Klaymour (best viewed with Google Chrome).


Shemale.XXX Kelly Klaymour and Mona Wales

You can watch the scene trailer of “Kelly Klaymour Fucks The Pool Girl” on Shemale.XXX. If someone told me I was going to see video of Kelly Klaymour of and the hostess of Mona Wales XXX together, I’d have assumed it would be on TSSeduction or TsPussyHunters. They’ve both been featured magnificently on each site. This delicious bareback scene, filmed by Buddy Wood, has a distinctively L.A. vibe as opposed to Kink’s alternative San Francisco approach. It also comes with 200 hi-res images. The buildup is full of tension as Kelly gets turned on watching Mona working outside. Things get hot and heavy with Kelly hanging out of the window and literally pulling Mona up into the bedroom. Check out this update and all the others on the Shemale.XXX tour!

Two TEA 2015 Wins for Kelly Klaymour

Congratulations to Kansas City, Missouri native Kelly Klaymour of for her TEA 2015 for Best New Face ($1000 cash prize sponsored by and Shemale Strokers Model of the Year! Kelly entered the adult entertainment industry in November of 2013. She’s also a webcam hostess and a talented photographer. Kelly currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Click on the photos below for the VIDEO PREVIEWS.




Kelly Klaymour on Shemale Strokers

“I am going to slowly bring out my huge hard she cock for you, instead of just letting my yummy balls peek out of my teeny undies. It’s time to really start sharing. My she toy is ready to play and my gorgeous round tits have perky hard nipples. I am going to show off my amazing surprise at every angle for you. You will love every inch. My hot body is built for sex and I love it. Bet you will love my creamy she load. Ready for my cum shot?” asks hostess Kelly Klaymour on Shemale Strokers.

The porn performer, cam girl and producer of has pretty eyes, a winning smile, a tight body and an enormous cock. I get the feeling that Kelly would be gentle with her big member until one were ready for a fast and furious fucking. That said, her ass is incredible and for someone who is mainly a top, I’d imagine thrusting in and out of her impeccable rosebud Kelly would result in the fuck of a lifetime. But I digress. Watch Kelly Klaymour on Shemale Strokers!

Kelly Klaymour and Savannah Fox

TS Pussy Hunters is one of my favorite Kink sites, but click here for an updated menu of all of the entire network. That’s quite an empire, right? What blows my mind is the frequency and quality of their updates, which brings me to the latest performance by TS Kelly Klaymour and Savannah Fox. What I really like about this scene is that its a BDSM-themed production – more similar to the action we see with dominant transsexuals and submissive men on TS Seduction.





As the plot of this TS Pussy Hunters scene unfolds, Savannah Fox wants a present for her birthday that is all her own. There is no cake, no singing, no party – just her hiring a Mistress to fuck her silly! Enter Kelly Klaymour. Savannah acts shy and says it’s her first time, but Kelly doesn’t care. Kelly wants her plaything naked and handcuffed. The chemistry between them is intense and electric and Kelly plunges her thick cock into Savannah’s pussy and then her ass, going back and forth between her holes, making her squirt bursts of cum everywhere. Savannah squirts all over Kelly’s huge cock while she fucks her and explodes when Kelly pulls out and lets her cum. This classic Dom/sub scene is taken to the next level with the heat from these two hot girls.


Kelly Klaymour on Frank’s TGirl World

You might want to click on these exquisite samples from the stunning 200+ photo set that go with the new cumtastic 22 minute Kelly Klaymour video on Frank’s Tgirl World for full-size views.

Kelly Klaymour describes herself as an up and coming TS porn performer. I’d say she’s way beyond up and coming already.