TS Playground: Kim, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

Beautiful Kim’s intention on tsplayground.com is crystal clear. She’s here to make you cum. You can see it in her eyes the moment her new video begins rolling. She moves her colorful dress downward and exposes and massages one full breast at a time. Then she lifts the hem of her dress to expose the surprise of a raging hardon with the head of it half-exposed from its foreskin.

Flash Scene Trailer

With one hand and stroke Kim skins back the foreskin from the glossy head. Then she makes her strong cock bounce up and down a few times. She turns around to reveal her heart-shaped bottom and remember that she’s not wearing panties today. The view is exceptional!

She really shows you everything from behind – making her tiny wrinkled rosebud wink. Her balls are fully visible and so is the hard dick that’s pressing against her thigh. As she continues removing her dress she presents a flawless form and a wonderfully curved erection. Just when you think her cock is as hard as it can get it gets even harder, especially during the double image mirror sequence!

When Kim moves to lay face down on the bed, she does a bit of prone masturbation against her pillow. I can’t tell if she’s simulating fuckiing, getting fucked or just enjoying the pleasurable sensation of pressure against her boner. I can tell you that I’m pretty sure that’s not Kim’s prefered method of getting off. She resumes masturbating with her hands until she shoots a big creamy white load of cum. She’s also a loud cummer and the instant replay of her eruption from another angle is magnificent!