Kimber Lee Presents: Kimberlee and Hannah

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Graz, Österreich-based beauty originally from Regensburg, Bavaria model extraordinaire Kimberlee gets down with a stunning German model named Hannah. Why that name I do not know because I know of her as Bailey Paris. This is the most pleasant type of porn surprise I could ever be presented with, two beautiful trans girls in a lesbian scene. Not only that but its so well-produced! Bailey looks stunning as she puts the finishing touches of makeup on for later. That’s what she tells Kimberlee when she hops on the bed to help out. They’re both excited about meeting some hot guys tonight, just to remind us I think that they’re not always taking dips in the lady pond. They love men too. Kimberlee can’t help notice Bailey’s protruding bosom and she’s the one to make the first move. It’s absolutely electrifying when they kiss! Bailey goes down on Kimberlee once all of their clothes are shed. Then Kimberlee returns the favor while stroking her huge meat. The next exquisite moment for me is when Kimberlee arranges herself behind Bailey who is bent over in the doggystyle position. Kimberlee’s fucking is tremendously forceful almost from the very beginning. If you’re expecting slow, gentle lovemaking to get things going, we’ve been there and done that with the foreplay sequences. I was a little bit worried that this video wouldn’t be long enough. About 16 minutes later I saw that this was no concern and these two lovely ladies shared their lewd and intimate cummy kiss. Trans lesbian porn simply does not get any hotter than this! You can get it now on, or on

Kimber Lee: Kimberlee and Angelina

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If you asked me who I’d love to see starring together from T-Girl Network together, Kimberlee and Angelina Torres would be one of them. So this is a scene I’d have asked for if I knew it could possibly happen. I always think of these beautiful trans girls as for men only until something like this happens. If the chemistry isn’t right in a trans lesbian scene, I won’t even mention it and move on to review something else. This video begins with what looks like a sleepover with two beauties reviewing profiles on Kimberlee’s phone. He’s a stripper who fucked her all night long. Keep in mind that some of the models from update with continuing stories and this one of them. We don’t see the males they’re discussing and lusting over but that’s not what we’re here for today.

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The flirtation goes into a whole ‘nother level when Angelina shows pictures of a guy who’s not her type. She sits up in her bra and panties on the sofa facing Angelina and confesses, “But you are my type.” It takes some coaxing to go any further with this because as Angelina reminds Kimberlee, they’re friends. The question I have when the undressing begins is are these two stunning models who are primarily into men going to make their lovemaking convincing.

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I can’t tell if the traces of awkwardness I sense in the beginning is real or just part of the acting required. There’s no passionate kissing but the arousal is crystal clear. Angelina has no problem, especially after receiving a cock stiffening blowjob, getting aroused enough to fuck her friend. To my surprise the penetration begins in the reverse cowgirl as opposed to doggy style or missionary.

It’s incredibly erotic to see Kimberlee’s large breasts heaving and her big cock swinging and bouncing around all over the place as she rides Angelina’s erection. Doggy style comes next and if you’ve never seen Angelina top, she can fuck like nobody’s business! A powerful missionary railing happens also and there’s some seriously powerful cum shooting before it comes to an end.

Although I don’t expect to hear that Kimberlee and Angelina have given up on men and decided to get engaged, they’ve turn out one top shelf trans lesbian scene. Get instant access to, or

Kimber Lee: Personal Trainer

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Who hasn’t fantasized sex with a personal trainer? On one hand it might be intimidating if you’re not in peak condition. Bu then again, imagine you have a trainer who really cares about you and is committed to getting you into maximum shape and then you suddenly have a moment. Then it leads to something special. Even though Kimber Lee has the “after” rather than “before” type of physique a training client would have, I like the way this scene plays out. For some reason we’re in the bedroom when Kimber Lee is joined by her instructor. This handsome and jacked guy is obviously there with something on his mind other that talking about training after she’s had her workout. As he massages her neck and has her do body bends with his crotch pressed against her ass, it’s not exactly subtle. But her approving responses are pretty obvious also.

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“What’s that?” she asks while grasping his most sensitive muscle through his gym pants. She says he’s such a nasty personal trainer once he bares her big breasts, but of course she’s all up for some nastiness. When he takes off his shirt it seems like you could fit two Kimber Lee bodies within him. He devours her tits and the bulge in his trainers looks enormous. After sharing a kiss, Kimberly wants to see what he’s packing and she sinks to the floor to withdraw it. His big hard dick springs out like a horny Jack-in-the-box!

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Her blowjob skills look phenomenal and she looks exquisite while sucking the man’s erection and giving him a deep tittie-fucking next! Then come the moment when he tosses her upon the bed like she weighs nothing. She jokes about him possibly wanting to stretch something else. She’s referring to her tight ass and he’s up for it.

She’s just barely wearing her designer sports bra and her big cock lays across her tummy as the trainer prepares to penetrate her. Kimber Lee’s large uncut cock is oozing pre-cum from its swollen head as her personal trainer drives his cock inside her bareback! We’re just getting started with the fucking in the first half of this spectacular video update with a matching photo set. Well, technically only through it so head on over to to see how it all plays out! It’s also available on

TS Kimberlee Fucked By The Masked Man

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

I’d suggest you watch “Take a Peek in My Hotel Bedroom” on TS-Kimberlee if you’re the jealous type. “Kimberlee Fucked By The Masked Man” might make you cry.

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MP4 Gallery
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Sample Photo Gallery
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Flash Trailer

The masked male partner in the bareback hardcore scene with the exquisite German beauty almost has me drooling. Kimberlee’s most recent solo scene will hit you on many different levels, depending on what spins your propellor. She introduces herself in a matching bra and panties on the bed and nothing else. When she lays across her bed and thrusts her sexy ass in the air, if you’re a butt person, that will get you going. If you have a thing for long legs and/or dainty feet, they’re bare and super sexy. Then she gazes at you with those dark, mysterious eyes and does that maddening thing with her lips. If you can get through half of this the first time without cumming, you’ll see some finger banging and jerking off, of course. It also has a sexy surprise ending. As for the most recent hardcore scene, I really appreciate a hot male form, yet I don’t recognize the masked guy co-star with beautiful Kimberly. He treats her like a princess, polishing her tall pumps and massaging her luscious legs before she sinks to the floor to undo his belt and zipper. He has a lovely cock and he’s hung, but I think that Kimberlee’s organ is even bigger. She gives him an otherworldly blowjob shot in a variety of angles. When Kimberlee is ready to get fucked, the guy straddles the sofa with his stiff dick bobbing in front of him. He drives him cock home and gives Kimberlee a tremendous doggy style railing! The muscle man basically fucks Kimberlee out of her shoes and I think my favorite footage was during the reverse cowgirl position. But then the missionary screwing is amazing, too! Then they change positions again and it results in one of my favorite hardcore scenes on to date.

Kimber Lee on Shemale Club

I’ve lost track of how many photos there are of TS Kimber Lee on Shemale Club because as amazing as they are, I’m simply more of a video person. Bur the beauty of the photos and of the German model are not lost on me one iota. In her 19 minute hardcore video with Mark, she drew a bath in an old-fashioned tub, climbed in and masturbated for a few moments. Then she got out of the tub, dressed up in a black bra and panties. In the bedroom, she took a nap and woke up to give Mark a blowjob. Then he gave her a relentless fucking. Kimber also got fucked by the black British stud Darnel on the T-Girl Network. But this new Shemale Club scene is a solo act. She climbs on the purple sheets of her bed wearing a black sequined bra and panty set with tall, strappy sandals. Then she bared and caressed her big knockers and took off her panties. Kimber Lee sat facing and staring into the camera to stroke her stiff cock. It’s a big one over a heavy set of balls with a head that curves downward. It didn’t look to me like she needed porn playing in the background to stay horny until she blasted a load of cum across her tight tummy. Fade to black.





Kimber Lee and Mark on Shemale Club

Somewhere along the line, I decided to blog about only photo sets and videos I’ve actually seen. I think it would be irresponsible to post about something without seeing the content. I’d hate you to join a website or network I recommended, and be angry with me for having done so. At any rate, when I saw Kimber Lee, it drove me nuts trying to remember if this was the same performer from the 2013 TS Kimberly video on AEBN I’d seen. I need your help. Please take a look at the links behind these photos and let me know if it’s the same performer from Munich, Germany. Back to the Shemale Club photo set. It comes with a smoking hot HD video that runs 19 minutes and 36 seconds. Kimber Lee draws a bath in an old-fashioned tub, climbs in and pleasures herself a bit. Then she gets out and dresses in a black bra and panties. In the bedroom, she awakens Mark with a blowjob. He doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he’s soon fucking Kimber Lee bareback from behind. After multiple position changes later, good golly! Kimber Lee takes one of the hardest poundings I’ve ever seen on Shemale Club! Here’s a sample gallery from the fantastic video and photo set with over 200 hi-res images and the DVD I mentioned: