Kodama Grey : A Star Is Born

“Hi, I’m gonna go fuck myself with a dildo,” is about as direct of a statement that a model can make on GroobyGirls.com. These naughty words are pouring from the supremely kissable lips of Kodama Grey in her encore performance presented by Radius Dark.

The December 2017 “Model of the Month is fully dressed but she begins stripping immediately. Her boots come off first and then her dress is discarded. Next goes her brassiere with careful attention focused on her sensitive breasts and nipples.

Kodama is left wearing textured stockings over her panties. She begins rubbing herself and there’s a big difference between this encore shoot and Kodama’s debut. The first set was charming and this one is simply more sensual and downright horny. She’s whimpering with need and you can see it in her eyes. Kodama wants to cum! Her cock stiffens from all that rubbing before she even gets her hosiery and panties off.

Right at the midway point of this scene, Kodama is naked while jerking off and finger banging her fun spot. It’s a glorious sight. Not only that but there’s something special about the way she does it – with her exquisite legs spread widely and up in the air. She then closes her legs, smashing her erection within them and continuing to beat off.

An explicit butt show follows in which it’s impossible not ot imaging doggystyle sex with Kodama. Then comes a torrid round of dildo fucking! Her solo sex reminds of us how important masturbation is and how beautiful it can be to look at.