Femout.XXX: Kyra Kork Cums For You!

I know it’s subjective but Kyra Kork has one of the baddest bodies in the business. I’m notoriously attractive to waif-like girls and effeminate males but there’s an exception to every rule. Every time I see this chic I want to feel her muscles.

Kyra greets us in her encore Femout.XXX video standing in a doorway drawing our attention to her naughty schoolgirl outfit. The presentation quickly becomes a rear one with the white top hugging Kyra’s muscular torso and her tartan plaid skirt rising above her plump butt cheeks. A garter is wrapped around one of her thick thighs, but those gorgeous legs of hers are bare. Kyra flashes a hint of turquoise panties while sitting against the window ledge. We see more of them when she’s showing her tiny wrinkled rosebud while bent over on the bed.

Soon, Kyra is topless and Kyra is the type of girl who wears tall sandals in bed. There’s a tell-tale bulge in Kyra’s panties. She’s got a boner already before withdrawing her cock from her undies. And when she does let is loose, she begins stroking it firmly. Kyra looks so incredibly fuckable when she poses on the bed on her hands and knees.

This bad schoolgirl has been hiding something. She’s got a sex toy on the floor beside the bed. At first, Kyra simulates sucking the toy like it’s a live hardon. Then she rises to remove her panties. The dildo has a suction base and there’s a small table sitting conveniently nearby. Do you think she’s going to lube that big toy up and fuck herself with it?

Yes! Aside from her tall clunky sandals on, Kyra rides up and down on the phallus while jerking off. I don’t know which view is hotter – the front or the back! Eventually standing is too much of a chore. Kyra fins it more pleasurable to lay on her back while her ass is pounded. Don’t we all? I know a lot of us have been waiting patiently to see a big Kyra Kork cumshot on Femout.XXX. It’s finally here!

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Pure-TS: The End To A Romantic Date With A Beautiful CD

Pure-TS.com Synopsis: Christian XXX and Kyra Kork have just finished their third date and are relaxing back at his place with a drink and some heavy petting that turns into some passionate and intimate anal sex. She takes care of his big dick and takes him deep inside her tight hole.

This is Kira’s 3rd Pure-TS.com performance and this fit and pretty babe has also been on Christian’s sister site TSPOV.com in November of 2016! She’s obviously one of the prolific male porn star’s favorite sex kittens and she’s one of mine too. In this update, Christian and Kyra share a celebratory cocktail for their successful first date. It’s obvious to Kyra that her first date isn’t sure how to proceed so she makes it obvious that she’s up for a kiss. She slides into first base grabbing the big bulge in his jeans.

Kyra sinks to her knees on the floor and it’s clear that this first date is up for giving a blowjob. Christian stands up to undo his belt and jeans and whips out his massive cock. She makes an incredible job of sucking his dick rock hard and gets some help moving to the sofa on her hands and knees. Her ass is so perfectly rounded that it inspires a salad tossing before getting deep dicked bareback!

A doggy style railing leads to side saddle, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl fucking. Watching Kyra humping down on Christian’s huge cock is astounding but considering the way Kyra sculpts her tight body, her phenomenal ass often steals the show.

But her stiff cock is a scene stealer too – especially when she shoots her creamy white load of cum with all that dick embedded in her tight ass! Wait until you see how high her jizz sprays in this awesome Pure-TS.com update.

Pure-TS: Super Fit CD Kyra Kork Shows Off

With a body like that, who wouldn’t want to show it off? Back in January, I raved about an explosive bareback Pure-TS scene with founder and operator Christian XXX and CD Kyra Kork. I loved the contrast of such a beautifully built and strong model portraying such a dutiful submissive. I wondered what would happened when she returned to the site and was completely satisfied by the way things turned out! Unlike the first time where Kira was kneeling by the side of her master, she’s treated more like a girlfriend when her follow-up scene opens.

They’re at the start of an intense standing makeout session with another breathtaking view of Kira’s killer ass again. It’s clad in panties still but I promise you’ll see every single inch of it soon. You’ll see it getting pummeled mercilessly! But first, Kira gets her cock bared and stroked a bit before she sinks to her knees to give Christian a blowjob. He’s got a massive hardon before she even takes the bulbous head between her eager lips.

Her slutty cock sucking technique looks magnificent and soon she’s hoisted upon the white leather sofa on her hands and knees. The sight of her firm round ass getting penetrated by Christian’s huge member is everything! She’s gaping once she’s on her back holding her ankles in the air. She also strokes her cock firmly for the next dicking down.

Her incredible ass is the star of the cowgirl riding sequence and her pretty member takes center stage and bounces up and down in the reverse cowgirl footage! Once again pretty Kira opens her mouth wide when Christian is ready to release yet another big Pure-TS.com cum shot! By the way, she’s equally hot as a blonde as she is a brunette! Keep your eye on Kyra Kork. 

Pure-TS: Super Fit CD Kyra Kork Enjoys Getting Her Ass Fucked

Kyra Kork is a super fit and very attractive CD that is dressed in red and ready to rock. She knows her place and wants to be dominated by a big man with a big dick. Christian has just what she needs and he gives it to her hard and fast. Her bubble butt looks fantastic with a big dick in it and she gets a mouthful of cum to swallow. Good girl. You will definitely be seeing her again on the site.

That’s the promise of Christian XXX of Pure-TS and I can hardly wait to see what happens next time! When the video opens, Kira looks submissively gorgeous in her red dress patiently waiting for her master to finish his phone call. I’m in love with her fabulously fit frame. “Yes, Sir,” she replies with a hand around her neck and a threat that she’d better do what he tells her to do.

She gets a kiss on the lips and upon her pretty head followed by a compliment and an ass smack while she’s kneeling. I love the look in Kyra’s eyes when Christian releases his mammoth erection. Can you imagine those beautiful bright blue eyes staring up at you for approval while she’s sucking your stiff cock?!

Kyra works so hard at swallowing as much as that big dick as she can. After her perfect ass is exposed and finger banged, Kira administers verbal humiliation upon herself while her master lubricates his huge hardon. Keep your eyes on her expression as she takes his cock in the doggy style position. I can practically feel the firm globes of Kira’s ass cheeks squeezing around my own hard length!

I love the way she jacks off and begs for more of this bareback railing while getting pounded in the missionary position. The standing face to face fucking is incredible and it evolves into a rapid cowgirl ride with the focus on big ass and big cock. Kira’s dick swings around in circles and bounces all over the place during the reverse cowgirl footage.

Upon seeing the way Kira takes a blast of cum on her tongue, I’ve decided that she’s one of the prettiest and finest CD subs on the Net. I’ll be right there at Pure-TS.com to see this babe getting plowed again!