TsPlayground: Laura Sky, Scene #01

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I’m sure if I’d seen gorgeous Laura Sky before I’d have remembered. She’s pretty bold and confrontational with her striptease skills, suspending her boner in a v-string panty while twirling around sensually. All she says is “hi” in English but she makes up with body language with her lack of speaking. I think it’s pretty clear what the invitation is when she bends over on a stool with her curvy ass facing us. She pulls her bikini top back to lubricate and caress her boobs while her stiff uncut cock points straight out into the air. Then she lubes up her pretty dick and gives it a few strokes.

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Laura also adds some oil, just a bit, to her exemplary bottom. Laura’s cock grows longer and thicker yet when her fap session continues with her seated. When she releases her erection it points up toward the ceiling. Laura also poses on the bed and her ass shots become more and more explicit. Laura grinds and undulates her hips with her legs spread eagle as her orgasm approaches. A moment after Laura announces that she’s coming, powerful jets of creamy white jizz spurt out of her swollen cockhead to land across her tummy, pelvis and shaft!

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Laura kisses us goodbye and kneels up to give us one last look at her still hard prong. She rubs her cum into her skin and stands up to give us another twirl with her spent boner bouncing. The ending of this torrid TsPlayground.com solo comes with an instant replay of her cumshot plus a rather long post-orgasmic pee sequence. The Black Friday Weekend/Cyber Monday special subscription price is a 2 Month Membership billed in one payment of $14.95/$7.48 per month!

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