TGirls.Porn: Aubrie Scarlett & Lena Kelly

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Horny bunnies Aubrie Scarlett & Lena Kelly take center stage and make it all happen in this week’s delicious display – yep, it’s update time on TGirls.Porn! Let’s cocks and cum collide as we gather around and toast another booming production from Mr. Radius Dark.

Aubrie: “Lena was super sexy playing her role. She looked pretty sucking my cock and fucked me really good. She was rock hard and she wasn’t shy about messing up my hair make up with her wet lips and forceful way.”

Lena: “I was telling Radius that I wanted to show off my topping skills, so I took the opportunity to do so with Aubrie Scarlett. She had a nice big cock that I enjoyed sucking and her cumshot was great. It shot out after she sucked all the cum from me.”

Perhaps it’s because of and the fact that Lena has more adult experience overall that she has a slight edge when it comes to being relaxed at the beginning of this shoot. But once Aubrie gets going, she’s a pure natural.

The title Mr. Dark actually edited this video with is “Lena Kelly Fucks Aubrie Scarlett” and this happens after a tremendous build-up of foreplay. The theme is a deliciously naughty step-sister scenario that begins with Lena intercepting a call from the school about Aubrie’s unruly behavior.

Aubrie feigns innocence but Lena knows she can use blackmail on her step-sister in order to get laid. So we move into French kissing and Lena baring Aubrie’s breasts and pushing her back on the bed. Aubrie’s cock is already stiff when Lena whips it out!

There’s an awesome blowjob performance by Lena, followed by intense frottage and Aubrie sucking Lena’s erection in return. In just under 20 minutes, Lena is easing her bare cock inside Aubrie’s tight ass! Join TGirls.Porn for the best trans lesbian hardcore adventures on the Net!

Lena & Honey: Orgasmic TS-On-TS Sodomy

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The official synopsis of “Lena & Honey: Orgasmic TS-On-TS Sodomy” reads: Gorgeous blonde T-girl Lena Kelly strokes her stiff lady-cock through sheer pink lingerie. She tugs on her pulsing boner, thinking of her date with exotic American TS temptress Honey Foxxx. The horny trans-girls sit on the bed stroking each other, and Honey sucks on Lena’s sweet dick. Lena eases the thick shaft up her own tight ass! She jacks her dick to orgasm while Honey sodomizes her. Lena sucks dick ass-to-mouth until Honey fills her mouth with she-cum. Okay, I can’t top that succinct description so I’ll just add a few words about the scene and extraordinary actresses. If I may describe the adult industry in terms of levels, Honey has been on Level A for years and in recent years, Lena has joined her there. It’s a brilliant move for a top shelf studio like to feature them together. Fans have especially high expectations and the names of these two trans women ensure excellence in porn for those of us who haven’t even seen this production yet.

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“She fucked the words out of me,” is the first reply to the famed director’s first question. The entire synopsis of the TS Factor #09 movie with the exception of Lena and Honey omitted for redundancy reads: Legendary trans porn pioneer Joey Silvera has packed ‘TS Factor 9’ with the sexiest, best-hung T-talent he’s scouted in recent global travels. His tasty temptresses bring mysterious erotic power to seven varied segments, from solo masturbation to perversity with crazy men or wild women to trysts with other trans beauties. Tall, bubbly Latina Moka Mora excitedly rides tattooed Chelsea Marie’s stiff lady dick.

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Blonde Latina trans goddess Jazling Perez uses toys and her long-nailed fingers to get off, and she licks her splooge from the carpet! Brazilian TS Isabelly Ferreira butt-fucks muscular stud Alex Victor; she rides his fleshy pole anally in a rim job-flavored romp. Dark, dominant Keylla Marques reams pale, young Brazilian T-girl Lara Machado’s butthole. Exotic Thai ladyboy Jakki squeezes her sensitive, puffy nipples as she strokes her she-meat to climax. Busty Brazilian wanker Geovanna Oliveira edges her huge cock to a creamy eruption with manicured fingers. My #1 go to spot for Honey’s incredible performances is

TS Factor #09: All Trailers

TGirls.Porn – Lena Kelly & Addi

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Addi: “Knock knock.. Look at what I’ve picked up! All these toys and limited holes to be used. Wait a sec, let’s share! I’ll put the part of the tip of this double-sided dildo in me and feed you the rest. How does that sound? Sooo much fun fucking on film with Lena, she’s a very bad girl who just loves it up her – I guess that’s why we clicked instantly!”

Lena: “So much for fun with this itty-bitty plug. I needed something much larger to dominate all my holes, so when Omar suggested I hook up with gorgeous Addi, I was like “hell yeah!” I literally couldn’t keep my hands and tongue off her tight and sexy lil’ body. I’d definitely like to work with her again!”

Omar Wax presents what could possibly be the number one top trans lesbian of all time in your eyes with Lena Kelly and Addi. I love sex with men but trans girls always come first with me. That’s why I’ve been reviewing trans porn for so long.

This update is another example of why TGirls.Porn is my favorite adult website. I can imagine someone asking me ten years from now what the hottest trans lesbian porn videos you’ve ever seen ever is. This is easily a top contender for that spot. One of my girlfriends get jealous and envious when they see trans girls this pretty. I guess I understand that but I’m too busy being turned on!

What would you do if your babe Lena was playing with herself while waiting for you to come home? See if it lines up with what gorgeous Addi does. Sex toys would be a good way to go! You know she’s going to want your cock deep inside her and a make believe phallus or two isn’t going to hurt either. Chicks love it when you go out of your way to keep them satisfied whether they’re straight, bisexual, lesbian, pansexual or whatever.

There’s so much sucking and toy play in this scene, I’m surprised I wasn’t thinking, “Would you two just hurry up and get down to the fucking?!” What I mean is fucking by real cock. When it finally comes, it’s so hard and so good, so worth the long wait! How is it that TGirls.Porn keeps coming up with new ways to surprise someone who usually thinks they’ve seen everything? I don’t know but they’ve done it again and Lena and Addi are absolutely superb.