Trans500: Pounding Ms. Lianna Lawson

Description: Today we have someone that simply just screams SEXUALITY. Lianna Lawson makes her debut today taking in some hardcore huge dick up her tight thirsty ass. Who wouldn’t want a night with this beauty? We know we definitely would. What a better way to start off the weekend. Lovely Lianna Lawson in “Pounding Ms. Lawson.”

Mike Panic is in the friend zone with Lianna Lawson which explains how he can keep his cool while she tries on a few outfits to go out in and asks for his opinions.

He pretends he’s not aroused, rather bored and frustrated by her bad choices in clothing. She’s dressing for a date with some guy and a daydreaming sequence reveals that Mike is secretly hot for Lianna.

Since this is a dream sequence, with Lianna dancing and crawling on her knees in a most sinuous outfit, we shouldn’t be surprised to find Mike getting his cock sucked by her in the next sequence with a look of surprise on his face.

The magically naked man tosses Lianna’s salad to return the favor of her blowjob. Then he sucks her dick to an erection before easing his cock inside her tight ass in the missionary position.

Mike gives Lianna a passionate pounding. Lianna even holds her butt cheeks open for his powerful thrusts! Next comes some hair pulling and a ferocious pile driver railing.

After an explosive ending, the logo appears to remind us what branch of the network is responsive for this bareback masterpiece.

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TGirls.Porn: Jenny Crystal & Lianna Lawson

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Description: Showtime on the home of all things TGirl and Porn and its hung hotties Jenny Crystal and Lianna Lawson making it all happen as we soak up yet another popping production from Radius Dark. Two rampant sweethearts, one killer 4K flick – kick back and watch the magic happen right here on the Net’s premiere TS on TS site.

Do you think polyamory has anything to do with porn if you’re a performer? I’m asking because the gorgeous slender brunette in this TGirls.Porn update is Jenny Crystal. She’s a model like stunning blonde Lianna Lawson. But another Grooby Girl in Jenny’s real life girlfriend Aubrie Scarlett.

I don’t think that because someone has sex with others as a porn actress that it makes them polyamorous. Jenny and Aubrey may or not be poly. My point is, if you’re in the industry and your job requires you to do hardcore scenes with others outside of your relationship, it comes with the territory no matter how you identify in terms of personal relationships.

That said, while I don’t think that Jenny’s girlfriend has anything to worry about, Jenny and Lianna are pretty darn convincing as real lovers in this scene. Some TGirls.Porn subscribers are looking for the authenticity of real trans lesbian relationships with each of these scenes. That goes for the threesomes and scenes including cisgender females also.

In these cases, the kissing is as important to these subscribers as the foreplay and fucking. The chemistry between these two actresses is explosive. Although it seems like it’s the first time they’re sleeping together, it comes across as fiercely passionate.

Lianna: “This is the first time I’ve ever topped without a condom on and Jenny’s ass felt amazing. I started fucking her hard right out of the gate and it certainly got hot in that room, in more ways than one. I loved her huge cumshot. It tasted so damn sweet!”

Jenny: “I couldn’t wait to get Lianna Lawson’s big cock in my ass and mouth. I was ready from the first time I saw it. When you see me laying on my back in anticipation of taking the whole thing, you’ll know I’m telling the truth. It felt amazing and damn that girl made me cum!”

Lianna Lawson – Cumming with Her Dildo

“Hi, my name is Lianna Lawson and you’re gonna watch me jerk off,” says the well-known and beautiful model on bobstgirlscom. She sits on the bed in lingerie and fishnet stockings and begins playing with her breasts and nipples. Actually she’s tweaking and squeezing very firmly. At first it looks like she’s wearing a party dress, but when she hoists herself up and flips around to present her sexy ass, it’s revealed as a leotard. Lianna squeezes and spanks her ass in a way that confirms you would not need to be extremely gentle with her if the opportunity arose.

A lacy blue panty is beneath her already skimpy outfit. Lianna pulls it aside to expose what it’s hiding. She proudly shows off her center knowing exactly what you want to do with it. She then lies down on the bed to make it your primary focus. That’s if you’re not already fixated on her long curvy legs or sexy narrow feet.

It may seem like an eternity but it’s only a couple of minutes before Lianna exposes her cock and begins stroking it. She’s on her back with her legs spread eagle. “I just love playing with my cock,” she announces with her high sweet voice. Then she flips over for another tantalizing butt show.

Her cock is getting so hard at this point and she jerks off with her bottom high in the air. The next sequence is a nice long full frontal one that evolves into simultaneous cock stroking and glass sex toy fucking. Lianna doesn’t try to hide the intensity of her pleasure from deep penetration. This is what makes her climax and squeeze the cum out of her erection after all.

Lianna is a prolific performer on Chaturbate. See if she’s online and be sure to follow her if not on

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TGirls.Porn: Chanel Noir & Lianna Lawson

Chanel: “Lianna’s got a great ass, you’ll see me stick my face right in there. She’s so sensual and great at sucking titties. Her cock is so long, she was hitting me in spots really deep in my ass.”

Lianna: “It was a hot time. Her flexibility was new and fun. It made it really easy to fuck her, which I did a lot of. She’s also got a great cock. She fucked me good with it. She stayed rock hard the whole time!”

Chanel Noir and Lianna Lawson are two very horny and in-demand models who need very little introduction, especially if you’ve been to TGirls.Porn,, or Foot Fetish TS. Today, they bring the heat in this glorious ‘all-girl’ XXX production brought to you by Radius Dark!

We jump right into the action with these two beauties lip-smacking in an intimate embrace on the bed. They’re both wearing bras and panties and blonde Lianna reaches out to touch the brunette’ bulge. It’s like a horny Jack-In-The-Box with Chanel’s cock springing out in less than two minutes of this torrid TGirls.Porn video. Chanel is first to get her big dick sucked on. When Chanel asks, “Am I gonna get to taste yours,” Lianna replies yes and withdraws a nice boner from her panties. Chanel returns the oral favor and her next blowjob received comes with tantalizing breast worship.

Once the brassieres are off, Lianna’s pretty tits get some oral attention too. Rimjob action follows and intense frottage. It’s such an erotic sight to witness both hardons mashed and stroked together! Then one of these gorgeous top models lowers her tight ass down her girlfriend’s erection slowly. This is not a competition so I wouldn’t begin to guess who fucked better or which girl can take a powerful fucking better. That would be as silly as trying to make a choice between which girl to have sex with if you had a Genie in a bottle. We’d be so lucky to flip a coin and end up with either one of them!

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TGirls.Porn: Janelle Fennec & Lianna Lawson

Let’s go back to what Radius Dark said about Lianna Lawson’s partner before this TGirls Porn shoot on her Shemale Yum profile: “Janelle Fennec is a 5’7″ petite Colorado girl who loves to shoot guns, go motorcycle riding, snowboarding, camping, and partying. She’s a total submissive with guys until she gets into her favorite sexual position, riding your cock cowgirl style. She takes control. She loves doggystyle just about as much. She’s got some kinks. She enjoys light bondage, candle wax play, toys, and electro-stimulation. She’s into taller, big strong guys that can take control of her, but is more of a switch with girls. She loves oral and specifically mentioned eating pussy as a favorite. I flat out would not have known she was trans unless she told me.”

Lianna who debuted on Femout.XXX said, “I am a tall/thin Trans-girl with an insatiable anal fetish. Must stuff things up my butt. When I’m not making porn for the internet, I like to play video games (yup I play games, I really enjoy LoZ: OoT & MM, Metal Gear Solid and Dark Souls) Watch movies (Favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) and some photography stuff. Okay, enough background information on these gorgeous models and their great past performances. I want to get to the kind of sex they have together!

Looking at the low res sample video on TGirls.Porn, do you think that Lianna could do as good a job of fucking Lianna if the tables were turned? Look at how hard Janelle’s cock is while she’s riding Lianna’s stiff prick!

If you may be so kind as to forget about the fucking for a moment, let’s get to what really spins my propeller – the intimacy passion shared between these beautiful trans women! I love the initial kissing that begins right away. It’s riveting to me! I find it just as arousing as I find the girls sucking each other’s hardons. This is the stuff I love most about TGirls.Porn.

Lianna fucks like she can go on forever and her deep and rapid penetration keeps Janelle pretty dick so hard until it eventually blows its load! Lianna’s toe-curling climax rips through her hot body before this killer TGirls.Porn update comes to a close.

Lianna: “Janelle had some beautiful big tits that I loved sucking on while she rode my big cock. I loved her cute dick, it tasted delicious on my tongue, especially right after she came and I sucked the rest of the cum off of the tip. I also loved eating her out before I fucked her.”

Janelle: “Lianna had a nice, big dick and really wore my ass out by the time we finished. I loved riding it while I stroked my cock until I came. She really filled me up and it made me rock hard. When you watch the scene, you’ll see me extremely hard while I’m getting fucked. That’s how you know she did a great job. I loved kissing those delicious lips and sucking her dick after she came and swapping cum kisses.”

TGirls.Porn: Lianna Lawson & Cassidy Quinn

MP4 Scene Trailer

Brunette fox Cassidy Quinn and gorgeous blonde Lianna Lawson rub noses like Eskimos before kissing when this scene begins. They hold hands also and it’s about as intimate as it could possibly get. I don’t need any sort of plot as a warm-up. This foreplay is the warm-up and it’s so hot! As Cassidy takes the lead and lays Lianna back on the bed, there’s a big bulge in the blonde’s lacy panties. Her cock is stiff already and Cassidy’s hand intends to keep it that way. When Cassidy sits up for a moment, Lianna unzips and pulls down her dress low enough to admire and caress her pretty breasts. Cassidy asks her partner to suck on her tits and adds that she need not be afraid to bite them. She’s not and she gives her partner a little tooth action while sucking. Next, Cassidy helps Lianna get out of her dress completely. She’s still got her panties on but her pretty boobs and now exposed also. She’s pretty gentle with them orally and loving, but decides to move things forward by standing up and removing her frock.

“You’ve got me so hard already,” she tells her partner and we can see that through her panties. Lianna kneads and spanks Lianna’s pert ass and inspects Cassidy’s private parts once the undies are lowered. She then dives in face first for a rim job coupled with some finger banging. I mentioned that Cassidy said she was hard a few moments ago, but after this treatment it’s really hard and straining against the fabric of her undies now. She pushes Lianna roughly yet playfully on her back and begins pushing her panties off, exposing Lianna’s hardon fully. Cassidy gazes at us directly while planting kisses along the shaft and takes the swollen head inside her mouth. Following some tea bagging and gagging deepthroating, it’s Cassidy’s turn to get her hatd cock sucked. Cassidy tells Lianna to stick both of her balls into her mouth and to then lick every inch of her swollen dick. Then she lays back so Lianna can grip her bare ass while giving her head. The blowjob Cassidy gives Lianna next is very aggressive. It seems like gagging on cock makes her incredibly horny and her rod is going to need some serious friction very soon. But Radius Dark continues filming this rough oral sex and it’s in POV footage. A bit later, Cassidy gives her partner a two finger ass drilling to prepare her for something much bigger. But Cassidy is to receive yet another blowjob first. Both girls are raging hard at this point and they rub and squeeze their rods together in an awesome frottage sequence with Cassidy on top. All this torrid foreplay signaled one of the most powerful fuck scenes I’ve ever seen and it’s bareback. No one can fuck better than Cassidy from what I’m seeing with this incredible TGirls.Porn update!

Lianna: “I fucking liked her… she was fucking the shit out of me. The doggy style deep fucking was my favorite. I fucking love working with other girls, especially if they can fuck like this!”

Cassidy: “I loved dominating Lianna’s sweet ass and I think she loved it too. My favorite part of the scene was me jack hammering her from on top and I loved that, it felt so deep! I’m definitely up for more of this!”

These big dick beauties are amazing! Radius Dark always delivers and trans porn doesn’t get any better than this. In addition to this TGirls.Porn instant classic, also check out Cassidy Quinn on ManyVids and for Lianna’s LIVE webcam shows, follow her on!

TGirls.Porn – Korra Del Rio & Lianna Lawson

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Radius Dark kills it again with a dazzling TGirls.Porn hardcore shoot. I think I was looking through Tumblr when I first saw Korra Del Rio. The next thing I knew, she became a top porn star working with major studios and launching her website. I first saw her TGirls.Porn co-star in an incredible live webcam performance on


This one doesn’t begin with a plot. Korra and Lianna are already making out while sitting on a sofa when it starts rolling. You can see what happens with the previews so it would be a waste of time to go into too much detail. I’ll just add a couple of thoughts I considered before I actually saw the photo set and video after hearing about it. It would be amazing if there’s full nudity and if Korra and Lianna fucked each other silly after some sizzling foreplay for buildup. That’s exactly what happens!


Korra: “When I was asked if I wanted to shoot with Lianna Lawson, it took a couple of seconds for me to accept. As soon as we got ready we started kissing and I moved down to her nipples. Kissing them through her pretty lingerie and then pulling it down to get them in my mouth. Once we moved to the bedroom, she was rock hard in no time as I stroked her big cock and tongued her nipples. I forcefully pulled her in close, put her on her back and started giving her head. She was so hard. I climbed on all fours and showed her my ass. For someone who hasn’t topped much, she did a great job pounding me. I wasn’t going to let her have all the fun. I turned her own her back and fucked her until we both were ready to cum. It was a great time.”


Lianna: “I was excited to get the chance to shoot with the beautiful Korra Del Rio. I don’t have a ton of experience with other t-girls, especially not topping. This was only my second time as a top. It was a sensual experience, receiving her delicious kisses. I was surprised when she grabbed me by my hips and and took my cock in her mouth. Then she gave me a wonderful rimjob. Since I was so turned on by her foreplay, and so hard, I decided to fuck her. I was surprised at how great topping is, since I’m normally always a bottom. I’m glad I had that experience, because she pounded me when I was done with her. I loved it when she turned and came on me.”


The other Grooby Productions shoots these gorgeous models have been featured in include Korra on,, Shemale.XXX, and Lianna,on Femout.XXX, and in another hardcore scene on TGirls.Porn!