TGirls.Porn: Alisia Rae & Lily Demure

“Two stupidly cute and rampantly horny firecrackers,” is the TGirls.Porn description of Alisia Rae and petite sweetheart Lily Demure. I can’t argue with that. “They’ve both enjoyed their big leap into the Grooby Girls spotlight in 2017 and when Radius suggested we hook them up for some balls deep TS playtime we just knew we were onto a winner. Enjoy the show…” Well, that’s exactly what I did and I enjoyed it immensely! TGirls.Porn is still my favorite adult website of 2017. As much as I love guys I can’t seem to seem to snap myself out of these trans lesbian showcases. Here’s what the two gorgeous stars had to say about their torrid scene:

Alisia: “Lily is just my type. I love her hair. The best part about this scene is that she fucked me really good and I returned the favor. It was fun rubbing our cocks together before we fucked and our mutual blowjobs were out of this world!”

Lily: “The chemistry with Alisia was real. She has a nice cock that slides right down my throat and she’s really pretty. I felt really comfortable working with her. Her ass is amazing and she rode my cock so perfectly.”

Are these two curly-haired beauties my favorite TGirls.Porn couple? I can’t say yes or no but they’re unrivaled by any other since this site’s inception. I love that electrifying fast start with Alisia and Lili making out from the opening of this scene.

The way this entire bareback production plays out for me is with the utmost in intimate kissing, talented oral, at times acrobatic fucking and a fun, realistic ending.

Are you going to be left wondering if Alisia and Lily are going to run off and get married at the end. Absolutely not. But did they honestly have incredible sex together. Yes, that’s crystal clear.

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TGirls.Porn: Cassidy Quinn & Lily Demure

Cassidy Quinn and Lily Demure in sensational hardcore action – yet another unmissable production from sharp shooter Radius Dark.

I read the brief interview that comes with the photo and video set before watching the actual scene:

Cassidy: “I loved working with Lily Demure. She was really sweet and has a really hot ass. She has a really cute smile and great hair. My favorite part of the shoot was getting topped. She fucked me good. She’s really good at topping!”

Lily: “I had a lot of fun. Cassidy’s hella cute and knows what she’s doing. She has really pretty eyes and I kept getting lost in them. The last position where I was on my stomach was nice. It was some good fucking. She’s also pretty good in the kissing department.”

Then I was curious to see if this potentially remarkable TGirls.Porn update had a warm-up sequence. It wouldn’t matter to me if it did or didn’t and Cassidy and Lily just jumped into the sex. In this case, we see the girls kissing on the bed and Lily already has an erection. The pace is set and it’s going to be a fast but long ride! Casssidy’s pretty face is framed in somewhat POV fashion giving Lily a blowjob after the opening makeout session. If I haven’t raved about any of Cassidy’s previous performances, it’s an oversight. As for Lily, I’ve been a fan since her work with the legendary transformationist Tia Tizzianni I’ve had the honor of interviewing awhile back. It’s wonderful to see how her adult industry career has blossomed.

At any rate, I had a strong feeling that Cassidy would develop a pre-cum oozing erection while giving Lily head. She kneels up on the bed and Lily returns the oral favor. Moments later, when Lily confesses that she really likes having Cassidy’s cock in her mouth, Cassidy asks where else she’d like it.

“In my ass,” is the response she gets and her panties are lowered and removed followed by her brassiere. Soon Cassidy is as gloriously naked as her partner and there’s more foreplay to be had before they fuck the hell out of each other bareback and cum powerfully! This TGirls.Porn update is not just good. It’s a masterpiece.

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Lily Demure’s Sticky Load!

It’s so fun watching the adult industry career of this Phoenix, Arizona native blow up so fast. Lily Demure was a high ranking amateur porn princess and her star is soaring to new levels these days. In her second Grooby Girls set presented by Radius Dark, Lily lays back on the bed playing with herself intently. She finger bangs herself like she needs to be fucked so badly while she firmly strokes her cock. Lily develops and erection while telling us how much her outfit makes her feel like a woman. If that doesn’t get you going, I don’t know what will.

She proceeds to say how she loves feeling feminine – taking big cocks down her throat. What she really wants at the moment is to be bent over on her hands and knees with her hands tied behind her back. Lily wants to be fucked by a really big cock. Not just fucked but deeply fucked.

She then asks if you like her cock once it’s stiff. It’s pretty astounding how much she gets done in the first four minutes which is about the time she busts the sex toys out. She inserts the black cock replica deeply inside herself while pumping her lube-slickened hardon. Lily gets completely naked in less that ten minutes and what a cute frame she has. Her rosy nipples seem to be as stiff as her cock and that’s really, really stiff!

The remainder of this 16:22 minute update displays gorgeous Lily doing everything she needs to do to climax. Some brilliant editing tricks are employed to allow you to see her stick blast of jizzz at the end of this update. Also released with this incredible star this week is Cassidy Quinn & Lily Demure on TGirls.Porn!

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Pure-TS: Bareback Teacher’s Office Fuck

Professor Christian is busy getting yelled at by the Dean. But he is having trouble concentrating because one of his students is busy blowing him under his desk. Lily Demure knows she can skip his class as long as she sucks his cock and gives up her ass for him. She gets banged all over that desk before swallowing his load. That’s the official synopsis of the third scene with lovely Lily Demure on Christian’s killer website

If you take a look at the free thumbnails on the site, you’ll notice how much different Lily looks since her March 2017 “Obedient TS Maid Does What She Is Told” debut to her “Lily Demure & Bailey Love Getting Fucked Together” threesome in May to her fresh new scene. Does she look hotter? Not to me – just different due to her being further along in her transition. Some would argue that alone makes a trans girl hotter but it’s subjective. I do see tremendous growth in her performance skills from when she first began working in the adult industry. She seems completely comfortable about what she’s doing and more confident than her amateur days before major studio porn.

If you remember vintage Lily porn, you know what I’m talking about. At any rate, Lily looks amazing cupping her professor’s big balls and the base of his huge cock shaft while giving him an under the desk blowjob.

If you’ve ever tried to carry on a conversation while getting head, you know how vulnerable and powerful that makes you feel at the same time. If you’ve been in Lily’s position, you know how great of a feeling it is to be a dutiful submissive cock sucker. I must admit that I forgot how big Lily’s dick is until I got to the side saddle bareback fucking sequence toward the end.

Her bare nipples are hard as pebbles as her tight ass gets wrecked and she ends up rubbing out her cum moments before opening her mouth wide to catch her professor’s spunk. Witness the evolution of Lily Demure in three incredible scenes on

Pure-TS: Lily Demure & Bailey Love

The official synopsis of “Lily Demure & Bailey Love Get Fucked Together” reads: Lily Demure is brand new to the pro porn scene. Her friend and lover Bailey Love is there to help her get comfortable while Christian fucks them both silly. These 2 sexy girls from the Midwest love getting fucked and love getting fucked together even more! Actually Lily’s no brand new because of two reasons. She was recently railed by Christian in “Obedient TS Maid Does What She Is Told” and I raved about that scene.

I’ve known Lily since her amateur days not to long ago and I just knew she’d be awesome in professional porn. As if it wasn’t hot enough seeing Lily in a hardcore scene with Christian, pairing her with Bailey Love who can do no wrong in my eyes is adult industry brilliance. One could get a hardon just thinking about this threesome, let alone seeing it. *wink*

Okay, that one would be me so I took myself and tented panties over to to see how things played out. Lily is wearing a bra, panties and stay-up stockings sitting across from a similarly clad Bailey with her legs and feet bare. Talk about pre-cum city. I’m a mess! These girls share some really hot kissing and sweet intimacy and Lily devours Bailey’s large hormone boobs right away! I don’t really care about tits other than my own but they’re really spectacular. Lily on the other hand is rather small-breasted and I love that too! I call these “don’t go changing” tits for obvious reasons.

Within very little time, Bailey’s brassiere is off and her panties are around her creamy thighs. Her big boner is pointing upward at Lily who proceeds to take the bulbous head inside her little mouth. Bailey helps Lily get out of her bra and her suckable nipples are exposed as she bobs her head up and down on Bailey’s thick shaft.

The look of pleasure on Lily’s face when Bailey gives her a rimjob is so real and this is the point where Christian joins in with his massive cock. He gets that big tool of his sucked and he manages to lock lips with Bailey who eases her erection balls deep within Lily’s tight ass! Don’t miss this magnificent update.

I’ve only described about the first quarter of the full scene! Bailey name her one-on-one debut here last year, followed that up with a threesome including Paige London and was magnificent in “Massive Bareback Orgy” with Taryn Elizabeth, Joss Amor, Nikki Vicious, Bailey Love, Rob Yaeger and the website founder and owner Christian XXX.

Pure-TS: Lily Demure – Obedient TS Maid Does What She Is Told

Christian is a powerful man that runs a large corporation. Even when he is home, he has a million things to do. Thankfully, he has an obedient TS maid, Lily Demure, around to do whatever he asks. And if life gets too stressful she is there ready to suck his cock and give up her ass for him whenever he desires. That’s the official synopsis of “Obedient TS Maid Does What She Is Told” which is one of the most impressive recent scenes on Pure-TS.

I’ve been a fan of Lily Demure for quite some time. That’s a bit ironic considering how young she looks. It’s been a pretty long road to Lily’s status of a professional trans adult performer. She developed a large fan base as an amateur model and now she’s officially in the big leagues. I knew this could happen for her back in the day and it’s wonderful to see Lily’s career really taking off.

She can go from a doll-like cute as a button angelic character to a sex-starved vixen in a heartbeat. Mr. XXX casts Lily appropriately as a submissive maid – a role I’ve seen her master before on amateur sites. This scene is perfect for the porn resume of Lily Demure whose star is truly on the rise. One of the most dynamic things about Lily in this scene is her arousal all throughout this torrid production.

In other words, her cock is raging hard for so long! I don’t think that’s totally necessary to make a trans porn scene great, but her performance here reaches the above and beyond level. You can see how much fun Christian has with Lily in every single sequence and position change. If you’re a primarily dominant male, trans or cis, Lily is bound to be your dream subbie girl when watching her in action who couldn’t have a partner who can portray a Dom so well.

Lily seems like she has craves having a big man with a massive cock putting her through the paces so much that many viewers will swear this is the way she is in real life. If I were to interview her I’d definitely ask her about that. I’ve seen her playing very well in the sandbox with other girls also and I’d tap that aspect as well.

Sensing how badly Christian wants his big dick inside Lily’s adorable and tight ass, I’m gratified that he took the time with some sexy toy penetration before giving her the real tube injection. Not many of us could hold back like that.

This segment makes it play out like a true master and servant story. This is the type of scenes that will stay fresh in my mind until quite some time. That’s until I can resist playing it again right down to the cum-laden finale.