TS Pussy Hunters: Lorelei Lee, Kelli Lox, and Cherry Torn


You will be Under Lorelei Lee’s Spell. Cherry and Lorelei call out the other bounty babes to try to come help their friend….but is it another trap? Click here for Caramel’s Kink Unlimited 30% off Limited Time offer from Kink.com to find out.


Although they haven’t all worked together before, all three of these talented actresses have been on TS Pussy Hunters on Kink.com before. The action heats up quickly after the opening interview where the limits are established, which are minor, and the safe words are set in everyone’s minds. Bound, captive Kelli struggling against her ropes with a big hardon betraying her protests is exciting as seeing Lorelei licking it and then sucking it. Cherry captures this act and Lorelei stroking Kelli’s stiff cock with her sexy stocking and bare feet. Then Cherry, with her big tits exposed, joins in to help Lorelei with her tongue and talented mouth on Kelli’s turgid member.


When Lorelei takes over recording the action, Kelli orally worships her bare feet while Cherry gives her head. The hot, hung trans captive is then “forced” to devour Lorelei’s pretty pussy while getting her large cock sucked and sucked. After Lorelei has a tremendous orgasm, Cherry is first to ride Kelli’s sweet dick with her pussy.


The official TS Pussy Hunters synopsis on Kink.com reads: Cherry Torn and Lorelei Lee are entrepreneur billionaire moguls who have found a sustainable way to feed the world forever. They have contacted the tech expert for the Bounty Babes to help them get the good news out to the world. TS Kelli Lox develops an app that will stream a message to everyone’s electronic device to tell them about the news that the evil illuminati are trying to keep from us all….or so that’s what Kelli thinks. Soon after making the app, the tables are turned on Kelli.


The bounty babe has been hunted and trapped by the beautiful Blonde evil ladies. Cherry and Lorelei capture Kelli, tie her up, suck her cock foot job her cock, slap her around and fuck her with a strap on all the mean while streaming the entire thing to everyone using the app that Kelli Developed. Cherry and Lorelei call out the other bounty babes to try to come help their friend….but is it another trap?One thing is for sure, After you watch this video, you will be Under Lorelei Lee’s Spell…. stay tuned for upcoming Bounty Babe shows featuring, bondage, anal strap on, food jobs, blow jobs, and pussy fucking. I strongly urge you to take advantage of my Kink Unlimited 30% off Limited Time offer. Take the Kink.com tour.


Stefani Special Gang Banged

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“TS Stefani Special Caught in a Love Triangle and Gang Banged” cisgender female stars Lorelei Lee, Mistress Kara and Cheyenne Jewel give Stefani every opportunity to come clean about fucking other girls. Stefani denies any extracurricular activities. All the girls that Stefani has been fucking gang up to teach Stefani a lesson. They tie her up in bondage, spank her, crop her taint, ass smother her, crop her feet, flog her, tit smother her, strap-on fuck her ass, give her bondage blowjobs, fuck her while she’s tied down, and then make her cum into her own mouth! The four ladies look gorgeous in the informative 7 minute opening interview with Ariel X who is off-camera. As the story unfolds, we see Stefani telling lies about her rule of monogamy. Then Lorelei, Mistress Kara and Cheyenne plot their revenge together and carry it out. Lorelei Lee is the only one I hadn’t seen Stefani having sex with before and their chemistry is magic. I had a pretty good feeling that each tormenter would not only totally dominate Stefani, but that they’d also ride her long, lovely cock and they did. The creme de la creme for me was Stefani seeing Stefani getting her hardon jacked off until she came in her own mouth. As for closing interviews. watching the four naked ladies discuss their TS Pussy Hunters scene made me not want this to end. It’s also available for streaming and download on Kink on Demand.

Lorelei Lee And Owen Gray on Divine Bitches

“Just One Of the Girls: A Sissy Slut Is Born” on Divine Bitches is the type of movie that makes me lose lots of readers for promoting feminization and sissification. But I continue to present controversial subjects and scenes like this because they involve acts I actually like to play out in real time. In this Divine Bitches film, Mistress Lorelei Lee turns Owen Gray into her sissy slut in this film. I love TsSeduction.com, where all of the submissives are masculine males, but life for me would be so boring without cute, passive part-time girls like Owen and great Mistresses like Lorelei Lee.





This sort of content, done well, is not so easy to find.


Mia Isabella’s Desires: Boys, Girls, Bondage and Total Domination


Mia Isabella dominates and fucks Lorelei Lee and her real life boyfriend, Ty Roderick.  Plus, Mia gets tied up and sucked off for the first time on TS Seduction!


Mia Isabella is one of the hottest transsexuals on the planet with her beautiful face, stunning rack, sexy legs and huge cock. When you look like this, the world is at your feet. Today Mia’s world is very giving as she fucks Ty Roderick, Lorelei Lee and even gets tied up and sucked off. Mia’s real life lover, Ty Roderick gives his mouth and ass over to his woman. Their chemistry is obvious as they both kiss, suck and lick each other.


But Mia has much more planned for her night and leaves Ty waiting and wanting in her bedroom as she goes out on the prowl for a genetic girl. Lorelei Lee seduces Mia in a game of cat and mouse that drips with the obvious foreshadowing that the tied up Mia will soon be untied and unleashed on Lorelei.


If you thought Mia was hot before, watch how incredibly sexy she is tied up and rock hard with a smoking hot blonde girl sucking her big dick!


Lorelei Lee , Mia Isabella and Ty Roderick on TS Seduction – 170 Pictures, 7 Movie Clips, 53 Flash Streaming Minutes