Bob’s Tgirls – Loveliie Wood

Interview Trailer

Loveliie Wood is a vision in “Selfie Cum” on The title is perfect because it spells out the way things are going to end when this gorgeous veteran model closes her scene. It actually starts out with Loveliie laying naked on the bed checking herself out on the cell phone.

She’s got the device in one hand capturing her pretty face. Her other hand is stroking her cock. Her legs look incredible and I noticed a tattoo on her foot that looked very familiar. I then realized where I’d seen her before and looked up her Model’s Profile on Shemale Yum. It was spelled “Lovelie” then but it’s the same Latinx fox.

Back to her solo scene, Loveliie is filmed in profile and there’s a full-length view of her in the floor-to-ceiling mirror to double the fun. We can’t really make out exactly what she see’s in her phone display, but trust me, it doesn’t matter. The next thing you know, she’s not even looking at it while finger banging her sexy ass with her legs raised in the missionary position.

She doesn’t say much but she lets out several soft sighs while jacking her stiff cock. Most of the talking is saved for her in-depth interview with Bob. Her speaking voice actually sounds like a singer’s but here while masturbating, Loveliie’s sighs evolve into loud gasps and moans. When she reaches climax, her erection sending streams of cum to land across her smoothly shaven pubic area. Then it’s a wrap! Make your wood feel good with Loveliie Wood on