Trans500: Double the Fun with Korra and Megan

The Trans500 network blows me away yet again with a Trans At Play area update with the original pairing of Korra Del Rio and Megan Sweet! It begins with solo modeling – Megan posing in bra, panties and heels to a typically sexy soundtrack of R&B wafting in the background.

She strips topless, gives a peek of the goodies overflowing her undies from the front and back. Then Korra takes it from there all be her lonesome. She strips topless as well and then the two beauties are together.

At first, they dance for you like two scorching hot strippers unfamiliar with each other. This is an awesome way to build up the anticipation of Korra and Megan fondling each other’s progressively exposed bodies and sharing white-hot kisses.

We’re instantly transported from the confrontational striptease to the voyeuristic bathtub sequence. It’s extremely intimate and deliciously flirtatious. They haven’t seen each other in awhile and take a moment to stand up from the bath water to inspect the dynamics of their superb bodies.

Sitting at the edge of the tub, they entwine fingers and begin to kiss again. They continue making out after moving to a seat near the tub. The arousal they’re feeling begins to display itself during this sequence. One of these foxes instigates oral sex and she sucks her partner’s cock to a raging erection!

The favor is returned and both Korra and Megan are at the same state of arousal when they move their lovemaking to the bed. See for yourself how this killer scene plays out on the network! One of these babes has her own official website. Check out! Watch the Free Scene Trailer on Megan Sweet Amateur CD Swallows Your Cock

My platonic male friends new to the tgirl scene often ask me how to deal with their attraction to crossdressers. They need to know if it makes them gay. Using super cute Megan Sweet as an example, I’d say if he wanted Megan to show up in male mode and not crossdress, chances are he might be gay, but if he wants Megan the way we see her on Christian’s website, I’d say most likely bisexual. I don’t know of any males who are into CDs that are 100% straight. Males comfortable with transsexuals can be totally straight, but I wouldn’t know the statistics on the subject or even if there’s any reliable data anywhere. I say let’s stop worrying about labels and just go with what we like!

You’ll like Megan Sweet even more when she’s in lingerie sucking cock. The whole point is that she cock she’s worshipping isn’t Christian’s but yours. So she finds you sitting back in your hotel room chair playing with yourself. Megan struts over to you in her tall heels and lingerie set saying that this is what she’s been waiting for all day. I like the attention Megan pays to detail with things like hair, makeup and her manicure. She’s fully aware that co-starring with the world’s most prolific tgirl fucker ensures major exposure. Megan Sweet makes the best of her first big moment here. This is clearly not Megan’s first time at the rodeo. She knows how to pose and show off her sexy almost bare ass. She also makes a great show of stroking her own cock before attending to yours. I absolutely love her handjob and cock sucking techniques! I also adore the way she takes a facial.

The first spurts of cum hit right above her upper lip, but Megan makes sure to savor all the rest in this torrid update! I’d love to see Megan Sweet getting fucked also. Someday I hope to see that either here or on