Mila Swift on Chaturbate

Adorable little Mila Swift is squeezing pre-cum out of her massive hardon when I log in to Chaturbate. She’s been on for more than a half second so naturally she’s moving rapidly up to the top rank. The blue-eyed blonde with the extremely high-pitched voice sits down to stroke her big boner firmly, dedicating her masturbation to Kiki and then Angie. There are a lot of other chicks watching her like me tonight and she’s apparently as excited about that as having men watching her.

Mila’s red lipstick is in stark contrast with the minimal colors of her chat room and her skin. She wears a brassiere tonight as she most often does. I’ve checking out the fan comments again and no one yet seems to be concerned about her breasts and nipples. Mila is the consummate performer while can masturbate to hundreds of Chaturbate viewers because she makes it seem almost like it’s just one on one. Her huge cock doesn’t seem to make sense in proportion to her petite frame, but that’s one of the things that make Mila so fascinating to watch. Eventually a fan does ask Mila to show her breasts and she’s not shy about exposing them. There’s not much breast growth but she’s got the most succulent sets of small pink nipples. When her long thick phallus is fully erect, Mila goes from stroking it furiously to an edge and then allowing herself to calm back down before cumming.

If you had as many tippers helping you out as the page does on a regular basis, you’d want to hold off from shooting your load as long as possible too! One fan want to see Mila finger bang her tight little ass. Another wants her to bare her tiny feet and wiggle her painted toes. The tips are deafening if you’ve got the volume on your headphones turned too high.