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I’ve grown so accustomed to hearing Miran speaking English better than most Americans I know including myself over the last few years. So it’s actually kind of odd hearing her speak in her native Japanese language in her Sumata Masturbation video. The second title implies that she’s going to be alone in this update. But “Sumata” as I understand it means it’s a form of frottage. This is exactly what Miran and her man are engaged in with Miran straddling him. She’s completely and gloriously nude while slowly grinding her cock against his. His is already hard and hers stiffens quickly in an erotic game of catch-up. At one point, Miran teases the erect points of her nipples while the guy beneath her squeezes pre-cum out of her erection to spill across his swollen cock head.

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He does a lot of the work stroking their hardons together but she lends a hand as well. As a matter of fact, it’s Miran’s hands that encourage the man to climax and shoot his load of creamy white cum across her stiff rod. Miran makes an erotic show of rubbing his cum into the tan skin of her perfect breasts. On the landing page, click on the “Sample” page for more photos and video previews.

Pure TS – Japanese Superstar Miran Gets Barebacked and Creampied

Miran is an international superstar new-half from Japan and the Transgender Erotica Awards 2017 “Best Internet Personality” winner. The official synopsis on Christian’s frequently updated (an understatement) reads: …she and Christian get together for a volcanic sex session! He fucks her petite ass bareback in every position, including some acrobatic ones. And after she cums all over herself, she begs him to fill up her ass with his cum.

This is Miran’s fourth scene on since the Spring of 2015. As they’re about to kiss as their latest scene opens, Christian comments, “You’re back… all mine,” in reference to her return to the United States. He’s fully dressed and she’s just wearing a bikini and chic, pricey designer pumps. As they kiss passionately, one of his hands is in plain view and it’s not making any bold grasps. But when you see his other hand, Miran’s beautiful cock is in its grasp protruding from the side of her swimsuit.

When he turns her to his side to kiss her neck, Miran’s dick is hard enough to crack walnuts with, suspended by her bikini pouch. Christian begins to pull down Miran’s bikini top, exposing her large firm breasts that show no tan lines. He also begins stroking her shaft below her shiny exposed cockhead and cups one of her boobs. He tells her how much he loves her cock and they kiss deeply again as she stands in front of him with her ass pressed against his crotch. I’d bet my life savings that Christian’s got a boner beneath his jeans by this point. The passion turns a bit rough with Christian clasping his hand around Miran’s neck. This is going to be a rough one.

He’s got a pressure hold on both of her arms too! How is she going to handle it? Once out of this standing wrestling move, she reacts by facing him and pressing her body against his tightly. He then pulls her panties down to reveal that her incredible ass is fully tanned also. Christian kneads her firm bottom and also spreads her cheeks wide. He then sinks down a bit to help Miran remove her panties completely and her hard cock seems a bit out of proportion to her petite 5’5″ frame. It arcs upward in the air and Christian takes the head and first few inches of her erection inside his mouth.

Christian gives the amazing cock that’s actually fucked him powerfully in a previous scene a talented blowjob. When he rises, Christian and his mammoth cock make him appear like a giant as he stands beside Miran. She sinks down to her knees to return the oral favor, jerking her stiff dick while she sucks away at his. Christian forces an intense skull fuck, then lifts her up as if she weighs nothing. He extends his arms at full length so that her back is pressed against the wall behind her. Miran’s swollen organ is right in front of Christian’s face and he gives her head again and tea bags her drawn.up ball sack. Then he spins around and carefully places Miran on the sofa to give her a rimjob while she faps her hardon.

After another brief blowjob, Christian eases his huge bare cock inside the Japanese beauty in the missionary position in this incredible update. Back to my question about how Miran takes rough sex? She does so like a champ in a variety of position changes and your favorite sequence might be when she’s riding her man’s enormous prick in the reverse cowgirl position with her thick hardon swinging and bouncing all over the place! Or maybe it will be the simultaneous cumshots!

Miran – Pool Fun on Bob’s Tgirls

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

The pool shoot on Bob’s Tgirls begins with beautiful Miran boarding a floating chair completely nude. This video hits the ground running. When Miran mentions that this is her first ever pool shoot, I realize that although she’s from Japan, her accent sounds better than my bastardization of the English language with it’s mixed New Jerseyan, Bostonian and Floridian accent. Perhaps I should move to Japan to work on my American accent. More about the way this scene opens, Miran’s cock is raging hard and pointing skyward as she lays sits in the floating device moving around the pool. She has the most pleasant smile and her pearly white teeth set off her full body tan to perfection. There’s a wickedly sexy sequence with the underwater cam showing Miran masturbating furiously while standing on the pool floor in the shallow end. The rear view is phenomenal, too. Bob’s camera also focuses on Miran’s lovely breasts above water and then she’s back in the floating chair beating off. The second half of this scene is sort of revolving aerial footage of Miran getting close to reaching orgasm. You can tell by her soft breathing and the way her svelte form tenses up that she’s about to cum. Then a blast of creamy white cum pours from the bulbous head of her cock. This incredible Bob’s Tgirls scene ends with the lustful expression on Miran’s pretty face evolving into that winning smile again.

You can Stream or Download ALL of Miran's sets on
You can Stream or Download ALL of Miran’s sets on

Tiffany Starr and Miran

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery
Tiffany Starr XXX
Tiffany Starr XXX

A pleasant-sounding male host presents Tiffany Starr and Miran at the start of the hardcore video on Tiffany Starr XXX. Tiffany lays out explicit details about what’s going to happen first. Then Miran, who speaks English fluently gives us a little background information. She’s originally from Hiroshima, but currently resides in Tokyo and she lived in Nagoya for two years. She adds that she won Best Non-US Performer (once again at the TEA ceremony) and that’s how this video came to fruition in the first place. Tiffany wasn’t about to let Miran return home without giving her a special award herself. That award is exposed from Tiffany’s luscious thighs when the opening interview is conducted. Miran, speaking at times with no discernible accent, says she likes L.A. except for the traffic. I’ve seen Miran with another trans girl in a BDSM threesome with a guy involved, but never in a one-on-one transbian scene like this before. That’s because this is her first one ever! As soon as Tiffany and Miran starts caressing each other’s full breasts while seated, Tiffany’s cock begins to swell and rise. If you happen to have one also, you might experience the same effect, especially when they make out and kiss each other’s boobs. The kissing gets Miran’s cock as hard as Tiffany’s. Miran touches and strokes Tiffany’s erection first, but Miran is the first of the girls to get a blowjob. Whenever Tiffany releases Miran’s boner, it stands up pointing toward the ceiling. Tiffany’s dick defies gravity also when Miran lets it slip out of her mouth. After French kissing again, you’ll see Tiffany poised on her knees behind Miran whose pert ass is about to become penetrated by Tiffany’s raging hard cock. Tiffany fucks Miran in more than one position and makes Miran release a big creamy white cum shot. Tiffany is a notorious heavy cummer and her blast is even bigger. In the closing interview, Miran says her first railing by another trans girl was even better than she’d expected. The hostess of Tiffany Starr XXX knew she’d say that and so did I. She’s not conceited. It’s just that Tiffany’s extensive experience with topping speaks for itself.

Miran’s 18th Shemale Japan Performance


Miran is been named the newly crowned Queen of Shemale Japan and I agree that she’s not only one of the finest and most beautiful models on the site, but pretty much in adult entertainment worldwide. Photographer Hiro has produced many other of my all-time favorites as well including Hime Tsukino, Himena Takahashi, Chihiro Mitusuka, Kaede, Mako Aiuchi, Miharu Tatebayashi, Karina Shiratori, Marin, Rui Matsushita, Yume Masuda, and my list goes on and on. At the risk of being unoriginal, I can’t disagree that Miran is the #1 “It Girl” on Shemale Japan. Her 18th exclusive photo set and video makes it impossible for me to argue with this common member’s choice. You’ll read, “I could seriously stare at this little masterpiece all fucking day!” on her new photo gallery and I feel the same way. I’d almost forgotten that Hiro speaks English so well and that Miran has mastered the language so well, I can barely detect an accent at this point. I really don’t care if a Japanese performer doesn’t speak English well or if not at all, but Miran is as striking to listen to as she is to watch in her new Shemale Japan video. A friend of mine described Miran as having won the proverbial genetic lottery. I can’t argue with that either, but what I like about Miran  most is her style and personality. I’ve never met her in person, but after seeing her in 18 videos here to date, I almost feel as if I sort of know her. Miran’s mesmerizing collection alone is kind of like like an individual free-standing website in itself.

Miran on Bob’s Tgirls

Miran jumps on the bed and shows off her incredible figure before going straight into masturbating for about three minutes. But her cock is hard as a rock by the time she exposes it, and away we go. She lays back on the bed completely nude and begins jacking off in a wide angle full frontal view. I think this is her most provocative and naughty scene on Bob’s Tgirls yet. Miran looks as flawless as humanly possible with her all over tan. I can almost picture Bob Maverick telling Miran behind the scenes, “Okay now this is going to be the one for your fans who are dying to see a full body striptease and what it looks like when you cum.” I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed. At the end of the video, I asked myself, “When was the last time she came? In Japan before she got on the plane?” She wows me every single time. 180+ hi-res images in the full photo set. On top of the dazzling video, it’s one of the finest Bob’s Tgirls photo sets I’ve ever seen anywhere.


Shemale.XXX Nikki, Miran and Wolf

Nicole Montero tells Miran she’s tired of men when she gets the Shemale Japan mega star all to herself in a cozy little bondage room. I was kinda thinking that after seeing her torrid video series with 29 year old Adriana Rodrigues of São Paulo, Brazil on Latina Tranny as seen here. This scene is especially significant to me since I’ve been a fan of both Nicole and her 5’8″ (173 cm), 34C-20-36 new sex partner for years. I find it an incredible turn on seeing how Nikki took Adriana’s huge cock which I estimate to be about 9 inches (22.86 cm) long and quite thick at that! The second part on their video series opens with Adrianna railing Nikki side-saddle, then fucking her in the missionary position. A doggie-style pounding comes next with Nikki stroking her own big cock and telling us how good Adriana’s railing is. If you’re a top, you might find yourself craving to fuck Adriana while she’s thrusting in and out of Nicole. I found the cumshots as exciting as the actual fucking and both stars are heavy cummers. The chemistry is so great between these two, all they had to concentrate on was each other to cum explosively. But back to Nikki, Miran and Wolf, after some mutual breast admiration, Miran starts sucking Nikki’s big cock and then takes off her clothes, except for her heels. Nikki lays down to give Miran’s gravity-defying erection a blowjob. About six minutes or so into the scene, Wolf Hudson enters and threatens to report them. He promises to keep his mouth shut if they both team up to suck his cock. Nikki said she was tired of men. Obviously, she lied. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. You should see the three big cumshots at the end of this instant classic. Guess who gets fucked in this torrid 25 minute video. Better yet, see for yourself on Shemale.XXX!