TSPlayground: Gabe and Mos, Scene #01

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Beautiful Mos aka Moshi is a Thai superstar with stats of 33C-24-32, 5’5″(165 cm), and she’s around 26 years old. I don’t think there’s an American trans adult star who’s surpassed her filmography. She looks stunning taking up the first part of her hardcore scene with veteran star Gabriel D’Alessandro on her own on tsplayground.com. Mos doesn’t really need to do a striptease to get explicit because she’s not wearing much in the first place. She makes her ass the focus first and her developing hardon the center of attention next. After two minutes, Gabe shows up with a boner in his briefs. This update obviously features the actors pre-heated from the start.

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Gabe quickly sinks down to suck his lovely partner’s thick erection, turns her around to toss her salad, then resumes giving her a blowjob. A few moments of this treatment has her big dick pointing up at a 45 degree angle. Moss then gives Gabriel head and makes an incredibly erotic display of it. She jerks off while sucking Gabe to maintain her raging erection. Moss give Gabe a rimjob after sucking his dick again to prepare him for a tremendous railing. Then she proceeds to fuck him with long, steady strokes.

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Her doggy style railing evolves into drilling Gabe on his back. Do we still call it missionary position when the passive partner is male? Sounds fine to me! But I digress. Mos continues her fucking with Gabe face down next. Then Gabe gives Mos a rimjob and fucks Moss in the doggy style position! He goes at her tight ass missionary next and she jerks off along with her bareback pounding. You’ll think she’s going to cum one way, but she switches positions on Gabe to release a big, creamy white cum shot. See where it lands and the way she takes Gabe’s spunk on tsplayground.com!

Jonelle Brooks and Mos

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Stunning Hungarian and Native American Jonelle Brooks and Thai trans girl Mos smile in a way that could make a guy who couldn’t get pussy in a monkey whorehouse with a sack of bananas on his shoulder feel like he could get lucky. Former Florida fox Jonelle Brooks makes the best of her time in Thailand teaching and camming live. But she still makes time to deliver the best of the best porn for us on her official website that won the TEA 2017 award for Best Solo Website! Her partner in this sizzling hardcore trans lesbian scene is Mos who’s best known for her prolific work on one of the best Asian adult websites. More details about all that later because I’ve got to talk about the sex first! When the scene begins, the camera pans up both stunning model’s fishnet stocking legs to their pretty faces. Jonelle and Mos are wearing closely matching lingerie as the American girl introduces the two of them. Jonelle modestly directs us to admire her partner’s body while running a hand across it, but we’re gazing at both luscious frames of course. Mos touches Jonelle too and her sexy friend asks her to stand up so she can more easily rub the bulge in the front of her outfit. The Thai babe’s balls are already threatening to fall out but Jonelle gets us to focus on that pert ass next. The girls both move up on the bed next to present both of their tantalizing butts. “Let’s see what she can do with that mouth,” Jonelle purrs, but we’re actually treated with the sight of them stroking each other’s raging hardons in front of us sitting side by side. Each boner is beautiful in its own right just like the rest of their owners. Jonelle’s is longer with the head exposed and Mos has a darker, thicker prong. As a blowjob specialist, I take note of the way Mos tentatively licks Jonelle’s swollen head and turgid shaft before going down on her deeply.


Jonelle manages to reach around and fap the Thai girl’s erection while enjoying getting hers sucked on. Both sets of big tits are exposed by the time they get into a frottage sequence, rubbing their hard cocks together. If you’re like me you’ll be wondering how much of both of them you could suck at the same time! It’s Mos who’s on top for this rod rubbing and she sides down to display more of her talented cock sucking technique again. A few moments later, Jonelle’s erection stands at a 45 degree angle just inches before her partner’s hot bottom as she lowers the Thai girl’s panties. Jonelle’s powerful cock is heavily oiled as its bare length plunges in and out of her partner’s tight ass doggy style and in the missionary position. After Jonelle gives Mos a tremendous creampie, she starts fucking her again an then Mos releases her cumshot! Allow me to direct you to jonellebrooks.com, the tgirl network and the Filmography of Mos on Ladyboy Gold.


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Busty little 5’5″ (165 cm), 33C-24-32, 99 lbs (45 kg) Mos from Bangkok, Thailand is absolutely incredible in the torrid “Oral Fixation Big Rod Bareback” scene on Ladyboy Gold. The excitemtent begins with the camera moving up her fishnet stocking clad legs to the stiff cock between them. She looks devilishly horny as she tweaks one of her nipples and strokes her erection. Next thing you know, a bigger boner enters the scene and her mouth as well. There’s no way she can suck that monster cock balls deep, but she looks sexy as fuck trying to. The man strokes her gravity-defying prick and within 6 minutes of this scene, he’s fucking her bareback. Mos has her own legs pinned behind her arms in the missionary position while he pumps slowly in and out. She strokes her swollen meat while getting banged for quite some time in this position. Then she takes a doggystyle railing and she’s not quiet about it either. One of my favorite parts is the reverse cowgirl ride with her big boobs heaving and thick hardon swinging around all over the place. I could tell that Mos was getting impaled by the Pure-TS porn king, even though you never see his face. Mos takes whatever he dishes out. He slaps her ass hard, then she slaps it harder. Mos faces the camera while bouncing up and down on the huge cock next. Then she tells him she wants him to cum first. He does so and unloads inside her wide open mouth. This is the third hardcore scene with this little 21 year old beauty with braces on Ladyboy Gold. For more previews, visit Ladyboy Tube which has updates from just about every transgender niche in existence.