TGirls.Porn Review: Nala & Paris Brawner

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This TGirls.Porn video produced by Omar Wax is beautifully shot. But if I could change just one little bitty thing, I’d love to see it as a full-on BDSM production. It’s highly polished and glamorous, but the dialogue is straight out of the proverbial BDSM handbook. No whips, chains or other kinky gear would be necessary, but perhaps the clothing and setting because the chemistry between Nala and Paris is so unapologetically D/s (Domination/submission.

For example, after the initial dialogue about Paris not getting fucked right by her otherwise hung boyfriend fades, Nala suggests fucking Paris like a dog and she doesn’t seem to only be implying doggy style. Then it becomes clear that she seriously wants roleplay involved. Nala is amazing at coaxing Paris into making dog noises even before they get involved in foreplay. This opens the door wide open for furry play and wardrobe options.

Nala is as humiliating as a professional dominatrix, never letting up on treating Paris like a submissive pet she’s putting through the paces. But there actually is a bit of cosplay after all. Paris is wearing elephant panties that inspire Nala to call her a “little Dumbo.” The trunk of the panties is the cock sheath and Nala removes the sheath to eventually suck her pet’s real cock!

Paris returns the favor by giving Nala a rimjob that seems to drive the dominant partner half out of her mind. In the next sequence, Nala is ramming and spanking her pet’s tight ass hard in the doggy style position! Perhaps I should take back wishing for more kinky props and clothing because both girls look amazing completely naked as they fuck. I love the way Nala orders, “Ride it whore,” while Paris joists upon her big cock in the reverse cowgirl position!

As Nala fucks Paris hard near the end of the scene, she pinches her nipples hard while thrusting relentlessly in the missionary position. Paris strokes her own cock firmly while begging for it even harder! Paris then finger bangs her ass while waiting for Nala to shoot her cum inside her mouth. She gets her pierced tongue and pretty face splattered with Nala’s creamy white spunk. Paris comments that she needs a collar and a leash as Nala’s puppy. I’m thinking she’d make the perfect collared submissive pet.

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Black-TGirls: Nala Tops B Flex!

Gorgeous Nala returns and as usual she’s ready for action! More amazing hardcore from this amazing girl! This time, Omar teams her up with B. Flex and Nala is about to pound his ass deep and hard! Watch these two enjoying some amazing anal pounding until Nala pops a sticky load all over Flex’ face!

If you’ve never seen Nala before on, you may have seen her in TS/Male action on, trans lesbian glory on TGirls.Porn, solo on, or on, or on TGirls.XXX!

B. is telling Nala on a balcony overlooking a cityscape that he’s in a kinky mood. She asks him if it’s kinky enough to get fucked by a transsexual. We can pretty much imagine where things go from here, but allow me to lay out a few lurid details for you.

The interaction on the balcony is brief and the couple heads for the bathroom after what’s about to go down is established. Nala looks exquisite in lingerie and fence net stockings on the bed during the foreplay sequence. B. sucks Nala’s cock stiff and she later kneels on the bed wagging her erection as it stands straight out from her thighs.

After getting her big dick sucked, Nala decides she wan’t some of her date’s prong in her mouth. Nala gets a handjob while sucking B’s large cock and the next thing we know, she’s fucking him doggy style!

Her fucking speed is like lightening and she only slows down while drilling B. in the side saddle position. Nala resumes her fast pace while pounding B. when he’s on his back. When Nala is ready to cum, she lays on her back jerking off while B. sucks and licks one of her pretty nipples.

B. knows just when to lower his face so Nala’s creamy white cum can splash across it! I don’t know how long it’s been since Nala came but B.’s face gets completely covered with cream in this torrid update!

Black-TGirls: Nala’s Sticky Load!

The official description of this photo and video set reads: Your favorite Nala returns with another hot solo scene! We are always excited to have Nala back, she’s super cute, horny and always ready for some fun! Watch her stripping, showing off her perfect body and stroking her cock until she cums in a new solo scene brought to you by Omar Wax!

I’d piss off a lot of Black-TGirls performers if I singled Nala out as my favorite model. But I think it’s safe to say she’s amongst my top favorite models of any niche or website. She’s also a favorite amongst and TGirls.Porn fans.

But we’re one-on-one again with Nala which is extra special for those who prefer not to see Nala with a man or with another trans beauty. She welcomes you on the bed with a greeting in a sinuous white dress with strategically placed cutouts. After stretching out with the grace of a cat, Nala settles back on her haunches with her legs parted. It’s a special moment. Nala isn’t wearing panties and her big cock and smooth-shaven ball sack splay out across the bed sheets.

Nala caresses her bosom through her dress for a few moments and then touches her pretty dick briefly. She gets up on her knees next, bares her lovely breasts and makes her heavy sex organ swing back and forth before taking hold of it. Then she gives it a few firm strokes. Her cock is expanding when she hops off the bed to deliver an explicit butt show.

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It’s like watching one of the world’s most talented strippers when you see the way Nala gyrates her perfectly-shaped bottom. It’s also kind of hard not to notice that Mr. Wax has chosen surroundings that set off her beauty exquisitely. Ten minutes of this incredible model posing and masturbating, her tiny dress is suspended around her trim waist. She’s stroking her big cock furiously and you’re going to know when she’s about to nut. The cum shot capture in this scene is absolutely fantastic.

TGirls.Porn: Candy Licious & Nala

MP4 Scene Trailer 

I’ve wondered for quite awhile if we’d ever see two hot sisters going at it. History has been made with two of my favorite stars; Candy Licious and Nala! I think of these girls as primarily straight but if I knew nothing about them, I’d be convinced they were 100% trans lesbian. It’s all about chemistry and their connection is electrifying!

Omar Wax presents a scrumptious sequence of these two returning home after a night on the town. Candy’s state of attire is super sexy but not out of control. Nala is wearing a denim jacket with her high heels but the only other articles of clothing are a lingerie halter and matching panties. When Candy asks what inspired the skimpy outfit, Nala confesses that she likes girls and her intention is to turn her on. Candy admits that she’s had a couple of experiences. You might remember her explosive hardcore exploits with Coco Dahlia and Chanel Santini on TGirls.Porn. To list every detail about this scene I like would take forever. But the things I wanted to happen most happened; passionate kissing, intense breast play and cock stiffening blowjobs and out of this world fucking.

While reading the brief interviews with each model, I’m a bit surprised by the turnout because it’s intense and revealing. This TGirls.Porn confessional goes perhaps deeper than ever and I appreciate the candid nature of it. I haven’t had the privilege of talking with stunningly gorgeous Nala but my Interview with Candy Licious was a great honor and so much fun! She’s so honest and candid and as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Candy: “I knew the day would come when I finally get it on with a girl who I’ve been feeling for quite some time! I mean we were friends first but I feel like that’s how most relationships begin anyway so it felt more organic than just a wham bam sort of deal. I’ve played around with girls before so I know my way around. Truly didn’t expect this scene to play out the way it did. Let’s just say a certain someone was feeling me just as much.”

Nala: “When I built up enough courage to give performing with another girl a chance, have to admit I was skeptical. Wasn’t until it was revealed that whom I’d actually be performing with before I was all on board. If I’m being honest not until we locked eyes didn’t think the chemistry would be there. I felt this uncontrollable attraction to her mind, body existence. She is quite the woman!”

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Nala speaks! I’ve heard her sexy voice in solo and hardcore scenes on other websites before, but in her Shemale Strokers debut, this svelte beauty really goes into depth about herself. Nala tells us where she was from and goes into detail about her transition and the first time she had ever had sex. Well that last part was brief, but the main event comes quickly. Nala’s striptease begins with a devastating rear view with no undies on. Moments later, she’s stroking her cock while standing completely nude. Once Nala is seated on the sofa, her long, uncut dick is raging hard. There are too many position changes to list here. That would take all day to describe. Speaking of days, I’m thinking she must have had a few with no orgasm because of the way she climaxed. That’s when I noticed that her belly button is an innie. 81 hi-res photos compliment Nala’s sizzling Shemale Strokers video. Check out the trailer!