Happy New Year 2016!


I exhausted myself with more information than I’ve ever shared last night. Check out my alias Katherine Perkins on Facebook if you’d like to read what I was blabbing about. What I’d like to do here as we progress into an increasingly more dangerous era is to suggest safer online dating tips:

Find out who your date really is as. Ask for your date’s first and last name, where they work and live, and what they like and don’t like.

Schedule a Skype session with them so you won’t be fooled when you actually meet.

Ask around to see if anyone knows the person.

Introduce your date to others (e.g., your friends, the bartender.)

Tell a friend where you’re going, or call your own answering machine as if you were calling a friend.

Make sure your date knows you spread the word about them.

Choose public places, such as malls or restaurants, for first meetings.

Get / mix your own drinks: There may be a reason a person insists on getting or mixing you a drink. Getting you drunk or giving you “knockout drops” is an easy way to cloud your judgement.

Protect your valuables. Don’t carry extra cash.

If you bring someone home, don’t leave your wallet, cash, or valuables in sight. Your possessions – and the person you brought home – could all be gone while you’re in the shower or asleep.

Have a safe and wonderful 2016!