Canada-TGirl-Nikki Kittens And Chad Evans!

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If you take a look at the Nikki Kittens tag, you’ll see that I’ve been raving about this Canadian vixen since the Summer of 2016. Producer Vee Soho presents Nikki in a blazing hot hardcore scene on that begins with a lead-in to a dream sequence.

Nikki is chatting on her cell photo as she enters a hotel room. She tells her friend that she was turned on by a Chad Evans porn video before she lays back on the bed and drifts off.

Chad is approaching Nikki by the bed in her dream, calling her sexy and waiting for her to give him a show. Nikki gracefully poses for him and they start French kissing. Chad is as aggressive as you’d expect a porn stud to be and he’s all over Nikki on the bed.

He’s also hung like a horse. This is in stark contrast to the small cock pecker pitching a tent out of Nikki’s panties. She seems to be so anxious to get the head and shaft of Chad’s big dick inside her mouth and she does so. Chad sucks Nikki’s lovely cock in return and once it’s fully hard, it’s not so small after all.

straining hardons touch as Nikki and Chad kiss passionately and jerk off together. Nikki asks in her sexy French-Canadian accent if Chad likes her cute little ass. He responds with an eager “yes” before giving her a rim job and another intense blowjob, this time with Nikki standing on the bed.

By the time they’re both completely naked and rubbing their boners together, we’re past the midway point and soon they’re about to begin fucking! If you’re a die hard Nikki Kittens fan, please try not to be jealous while watching Chad fuck her silly on

Grooby Girls Xmas Special: Nikki Kittens!

I’m breaking a promise to myself with this post but I guess I’ll eventually get over it. I previously stated I wasn’t going to go nuts with Christmas posts simply because I don’t replay holiday porn. I cherish the holiday as much as anyone but can you imagine watching Christmas porn in Florida in July or August in the Sunshine State? It’s not gonna happen with me.

But seeing gorgeous, ultra feminine Nikki Kittens might cause one to consider doing just that or to circle back to her previous photo and sets presented by Vito. As a matter of fact, I just dug up two of her scenes I somehow neglected to rave about. I’ll do that and just backdate those posts and hopefully no one will notice how late I am with that. *wink*

But wait a second. Nikki’s Christmas shoot isn’t on the Canadian site. Vito shot this for her debut on! Is it as good as her four shoots on Let’s explore. First you have to imagine coming home and spotting a big beautifully wrapped gift box. Just while you’re wondering what’s inside, Nikki bursts out of the box, dressed like a horny Mrs. Claus.

This is Nikki in her finest and most polished form yet. She’s stunning in more casual modes, but this is her most formal scene. If I’m mistaken, it’s also her most vocal performance and it gets pretty naughty. I love her sexy French Canadian accent and it’s quite evident here.

Her lithe form in various stages of undressing is as enticing as ever. Nikki’s masturbation sequences evolve from playful and charming to nothing but deeply sexual. You might not even sense the change coming. All the sudden you might find yourself intensely aroused by what she’s doing and saying in English and in French.

The crazy part is that Nikki is cumtastically sexy while still wearing her black undies at the midway point of this update. The second half is spent stroking her rock hard cock and contorting her flexible form in several compromising positions while gloriously nude.

Nikki’s jerking off at the end results in her most outrageous filmed cum-splattering climaxes to date! Watch sweet Nikki’s trailer to get a better idea of what the full-length video is like.

Beautiful Blonde Nikki KIttens!

The synopsis of this update reads: The beautiful blonde tgirl Nikki Kittens understands what it means to give you peeps an instant hardon.

She knows that you´re going to get aroused just by looking at her flaunting those tight fit see through black dress paired with gorgeous high heels.

This hot blonde tgirl is ready to play with her cock and so you better prepare to get a heart attack. I supposed that’s producer Vito raving about his gorgeous model and he’s definitely right on the mark.

In this sun-lit easy breezy update, Nikki is flirting wordlessly in a form-fitting black dress and strappy tan heels. She moves from the window to the black leather sofa which is the main prop for this masturbation sequence.

Deep finger banging precedes intense cock stroking which is an indication that t his gorgeous model likes to bottom. But I’m not sure what Nikki’s sexual preferences are and she’s also looking amazingly tempting to fuck when on her knees on the floor.

Soon she’s pumping a turgid erection and this continues with Nikki jerking off on the couch again. She opens her legs wide and offers an invitation of her lovely bottom that practically screams, “Fuck me!”

Once her dress is off and her bra is lowered, Nikki jerks off furiously. Her super tight torso is bare as she moves the fleshy foreskin of her cock back and forth like lightening.

Nikki pauses to make her dick dance up and down with a few light slaps. Then her fap session resumes and Nikki’s stiff cock blasts it’s creamy white cum across the black leather sofa in this torrid update!

Billiard Erotica With Nikki Kittens

The synopsis of this update reads: Looking quite seductive in her sexy outfit while playing one of her favorite sport Nikki Kittens aims to please in her latest scene.

She starts things off hitting some balls on the pool table and striking some very tempting poses before she pulls down her jeans to show off her round ass-pussy and erect cock. Things get quite hot as she starts spreading her legs and jacks herself off.

Petite Nikki Kittens is cute as a button and a sexual powerhouse. I don’t often see both qualities battling with each other so much in one model. She racks up the pool table in a cut-off top and ripped jeans with tall sandals looking as much like a Vegas girl as one from Canada. She doesn’t carry an extra ounce of fat on her lean form but she’s not too thin either.

Eventually, Nikki begins to work her jeans down and she begins reaching inside her panties. She then begins jerking off and posing from the front and back.

Pretty Nikki develops a raging boner fast and she pauses to remove her heels and resumes stroking her cock again.

Nikki has an ass that won’t quit and she’s not shy about showing off all of it. She kicks her jeans off her dainty little bare feet and jerks off full frontal while standing and then sitting on the pool table.

She then loses her panties and continues masturbating with her skimpy little sport shirt still on. It’s simply mind blowing when Nikki moves her fap session to a red leather mat.

She eventually moves her top and black bra down to expose her nibble-ready nipples as she continues stroking her raging hard uncut erection in this stunningly sexy update!

Canada TGirl Relaunches with Nikki Kittens


I really missed Canada-TGirl, but now it’s back! A great photographer named Vito shot the first official video and photo set of the resurrected Canada TGirl. His model is gorgeous Nikki Kittens from Montréal, Québec who he introduced recently in two sets on Femout.XXX.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Since then, Nikki has changed her look dramatically, and although it’s more edgy now, I still see her as the hot “little minx” the first site originally described her as. They describe Femout.XXX as an “academy” because it’s sort of of training for models before they move on to the bigger websites. This distinction is lost on me however because although a model’s progress in transition is sometimes as subtle as a bull in a china shop, I’m more likely not to admire their beauty more than I did when they started out.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

But there’s obvious development of growth experience that Nikki brings to her Canada-TGirl performance. After introducing herself outdoors in a lawn chair, when Nikki begins stripping, the same ridiculously hot hotness I saw in her first her debut and follow-up set is still there. But this time around, she seems more comfortable talking and confronting the camera. Watching Nikki bring her lovely uncut cock to erection with an electric butt plug embedded is a major thrill. She also knows how to arrange herself in a variety of tantalizing positions while masturbating. It would take me all day to describe them all. The model/photographer chemistry is so great that I think you’ll crave seeing Vito’s next scene with Nikki and it’s so good to see that Canada-TGirl has picked up where it left off. It’s still original and still exquisite. The addition of the bonus sites makes it totally irresistible in my humble opinion. Find out what the bonus sites are on the Canada-TGirl landing page.