Evil Angel – TS Nina & Bio Girl Alina’s Crazy Date

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Fit, radically tattooed TS Nina Lawless and biological female Alina Long wear matching leopard print lingerie. Almost matching – Nina has a big boner protruding from her panties! The blondes met via social media and they can’t wait to date! They kiss and make out; Alina sucks Nina’s big boobs and orally worships her she-dick. Nina eats pussy like a pro, her meaty cock leaking pre-cum. Alina takes a penis ride and sucks Nina pussy-to-mouth. Nina nails Alina doggie-style, thumbing her asshole. They play with buzzing metal toys and fuck some more, till Nina pulls out and pumps heavy cream.

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That’s the official synopsis of the Trans-Visions #09 scene “TS Nina & Bio Girl Alina’s Crazy Date” featuring Nina Lawless and Alina Long. The opening of this scene begins with Silvera excitedly focusing on Alina first, then Nina and the big hardon protruding from the waistband of her panties! Gorgeous Ukrainian Alina aka Anzhelika Yakimenko isn’t new to hot sex with beautiful trans girls, but it’s the first time with one she contacted via Twitter. Alina had a long flight for this shoot and definitely made the most of it!

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She pulls her panties to one side and displays her pretty pierced pussy that’s as wet as Nina’s schlong is hard. The girls expose each other’s lovely breasts and they kiss while Alina strokes Nina’s turgid erection. Nina removes her bra and Alina lowers her top and leans downward to take Nin’a large tool inside her mouth. Alina’s pert ass is showcased in the frame as she jerks and sucks Nina’s boner at the same time. After Silvera jokingly asks if she’s going to do this all day, Alina laughs and kisses Nina. Then she lays back on the bed. Nina removes Alina’s tall heels, baring her lean narrow feet as her big pecker stands at a 45 degree angle from her tanned thighs. She parts Alina’s long legs and moves in for a loving session of cunnilingus.

Trans-Visions #09

Her raging hardon is mashed between her thighs yet jutting outward as she drives Alina crazy with pleasure with her talented pussy eating. Alina then straddle’s Nina’s athletic form and sinks her bare quim upon Nina’s swollen member. She hold’s Nina’s breasts firmly in her grasp and her own boobs jiggle wildly as she hoists herself up and down on Nina’s huge cock. She gets a taste of herself with another sucking before Nina gives her a powerful doggie style railing. This leads to a reverse cowgirl pounding and a side saddle pounding. There’s also vibrating clitoral stimulation to enhance Nina’s rampant drilling.


Nina’s creamy white cumshot at the finale of this amazing fuck is huge! Don’t miss this evilangel.com scorcher. Also be sure check out Nina’s official website ninalawless.com!

TS Factor #06 – Nina Lawless & Rococo Royalle

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer

I have a few comments to add after the official synopsis of TS Factor #06 with TS Nina Lawless & Rococo Royalle on Evil Angel: Foxy redhead Rococo Royalle can’t wait to wrap her lips around the big she-cock of busty blonde TS temptress Nina Lawless. Rococo gives a loving blow job to the lingerie-clad bombshell, then spreads her pale thighs so the statuesque ladyboy can pump her hairy pussy. She rides Nina’s boner in every position and buzzes her sweet twat with a vibrator while getting fucked. Finally, pretty Rococo sucks and wanks Nina’s hard-on and laps up the creamy eruption.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Self-described Bushy Queer Feminist Slut Rococo Royalle and trans megastar owner of NinaLawless.com are on fire in this Joey Silvera production. We first see the gorgeous redhead playing with her exposed breasts while sitting at a glass table making seductive eye contact. A couple of moments later, we see Nina doing pretty much the same thing thing on the other side of the room while standing. Then she moves the lower part of her sexy lingerie outfit to allow her cock to spring out in the open. Nina is approached by Rococo who gazes lustfully down at the big dick standing attention at a 45 degree angle.


Flash Scene Trailer
Flash Scene Trailer

After they kiss, Rococo sinks down to jerk Nina’s turgid erection and gives her what looks like a mind-blowing blowjob. After stripping the hot ginger naked, the beautiful blonde gives Rococo a rim job from behind. When Rococo is on her back, Nina eats her pussy. I don’t necessarily have a hirsute fetish, but I love that there’s pale hair surrounding the redhead’s quim. It’s carefully trimmed and doesn’t look like a 70’s porn film pussy. The first position Nina fucks Rococo in is missionary and it’s bareback. She uses the assistance of a vibrator on her mate’s pretty poon tang while pumping in and out of her powerfully. Nina is also completely nude by this point. Both girls totally naked gets this scene bonus points from me for an A+ performance. I highly recommend that you watch all the trailers from TS Factor #06 on Evil Angel. Just wait until you see how Rococo devours Nina’s cum!

Kendra Sinclaire & Nina Lawless: Fuck Me Here, Fuck Me There





Nina Lawless and Kendra Sinclaire passionately kiss before a lovely passionate fucking with plenty of penetration action. Kendra gets rammed up the ass before being thrown to the floor and plowed some more. Lifted up by her hair and creampied. Kendra needed to be fucked hard up her ass! That’s the official synopsis of “Fuck Me Here, Fuck Me There” on kendrasinclaire.com. This could be my all-time favorite scene with Kendra and Nina of ninalawless.com. Within the first two minutes of making out, Both of their big dicks are rock hard and engaged in an erotic swordfight. There’s more intimate kissing after Kendra gives Nina head. Once they get Kendra totally nude, Nina rubs her amazing organ against Kendra’s world class derriere. After a few moments of frottage, Nina gets her footing as she bends Kendra over and eases inside her prick bareback. Kendra jerks off while getting railed and raises one of her legs in the air to provide us with a clear view of this tremendous railing. Next, Nina pushes Kendra to the floor for a piledriver pounding. She even moves sideways with her schlong deeply embedded with Kendra’s tight ass. A complete rear view that follows focuses on both firm butts and will put you in the mind of jumping into the action to form a daisy chain. Then they’re fucking while standing again and Nina delivers her creampie. This scene isn’t just good, it’s insanely good!

Nina Lawless – Cock Sheathe Domme

Nina Lawless wearing a cock sheath is sexy as anything, even considering that she’s so well endowed. If you haven’t been shopping at sex toy shops in real life or online, they’re sex toys to allow a smaller to average person to be huge, or huge person to be ridiculously hung. In her latest update, Nina says she decided to come back hard with her new photo and video set. The riding crop she’s holding confirms that she means business. She strokes her semi-erect cock that she says is in need of being serviced. “You need to make sure you get every inch of it,” she adds. Once fully erect, Nina fits her big dick into the cock sheath. It comes with a ring that she pulls her smooth, hairless ball sack through. That ring prevents the sheath from sliding off as she proceeds to fuck you. But if you’re the one who’d rather do the fucking, there’s awesome footage of Nina from behind, standing and also kneeling on the floor. Next, she crouches and jerks the sheath along the surface of her erection full frontal. Before I saw this video, I would have thought that a cock sheath might dull the senses. If I were interested in buying a cock sheath for someone, and he or she didn’t seem threatened by them, I’d ask how they’d feel about fucking with one on. If their ego is still intact at this point, I’d be willing to try it. One should never allow another to sex shame their perfectly safe kinks. But I digress. Alternatively jacking off with and without the cock sheath proved to be an explosive activity for Nina Lawless. Not only did she have pre-cum oozing all over the place. She also rubbed out a big, creamy white cumshot. The HD Cock Sheathe Domme video on ninalawless.com comes with 81 dazzling hi-res photos.

Nina Lawless & Mara Nova

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Beach bunnies Nina Lawless and Mara Nova turn up the heat to absolute boiling point in this bareback XXX transbian feature brought to us by Mr. Radius Dark for TGirls.Porn! Seasoned Grooby Girl Nina pounding the ass off of up and cumming TS starlet Mara is a sizzling production you do not want to miss! Mara said, “I liked shooting with Nina, she made me feel comfortable. This shoot will help me be more open since this was my first time with another t-girl. I really liked being in missionary position with her, because I feel like it’s more passionate. You make eye contact with your partner while being pounded. One of my favourite things is when a guys is able to pick me up, but I was very surprised that Nina was able to pick me up the first time while wearing heels. Overall, it was a great experience. I was surprised at how smooth everything went, even though I was really, really nervous the whole time!” Nina said, “I don’t like working with other t-girls… Just joking! I love working with other t-girls, because I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m versatile, sometimes I like to top, sometimes I don’t. The first time I shot with other t-girls, I didn’t get fucked enough. Either way, there are generally no surprises. Being TS and having shot with so many, I just know what the typical borders are, and I don’t push them. It’s really comfortable. I haven’t been having much sex lately, so I really got to pound her hard and she was good… great at taking it.” 00:32:55 minutes is the run time of this volcanic transbian hardcore scene. It comes with a whopping 241 photos! You can watch the trailer on TGirls.Porn now.


Robert Axel, Kendra Sinclaire & Nina Lawless





This scene is #04 on the Evil Angel DVD TS Playground #20. But it’s also on Jay Sin’s official TS Playground website. It begins with stunning Kendra Sinclaire running the chain holding her wrists together under her big erection. She turns around to give you an explicit rear view, then sits on the bed to pull off her nipple clamps, while talking seductively. She stands back up to make her huge dick bounce up and down. Then her Mistress, Nina Lawless enters the room with stiff her cock standing up. She flogs Kendra’s pretty ass and forces a her submissive to give her a gagging blowjob. Soon, Kendra’s butt looks like a road map of Chile and when Nina grabs a clear anal pump to prime it with, the scene goes ultra gonzo. The gorgeous, athletic domme uses the pump on Kendra’s stiff prick also, making her squeal. This is a 48 minute scene so I’m only going to go into a few more details. Nina fucks Kendra bareback and handsome Robert Axel joins in D/s fun next. Kendra gets spit-roasted and fucked by Robert while sucking Nina off. The double-penetration ought to win multiple awards in 2016 in my humble opinion. If I were running a competing BDSM website, Jay Sin’s filming of these beautiful and ultra-talented stars would make me nervous as I don’t now what. The glamour-style videography takes trans adult entertainment to an untapped, original sweet spot.

Michelle Firestone and Nina Lawless Foursome on Shemale.XXX

If you already subscribe to Shemale.XXX, which is one of the best TS adult websites on the Net, you’ve already seen the stunning solo and hardcore performances of Michelle Firestone and the hostess of ninalawless.com Now they’re together with Ruckus and Sebastian Keyes in a foursome that blew me away. 

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Here are few photos from some of Michelle and Nina’s former Shemale.XXX sets to whet your whistle.

Watch the torrid foursome on Shemale.XXX

Nina Lawless on Shemale Strokers

Nina Lawless fans say she ought to change her name to Nina Flawless and I’ve just seen another reason why she receives such high praise. Born in Mexico City, Mexico on June 8, 1989, she’s a fantastic adult performer who currently resides in San Francisco, California. Nina’s 33 minute performance on Shemale Strokers (where you can always count on a climactic ending) is fantastic. It begins with her getting fully dressed instead of undressed and she opens up about herself in an L.A. living room. 33 minutes might seem long for a solo session, but there’s never a dull moment.

Her debut video for this great site was made after she presented and danced at the 6th Annual Tranny Awards ceremony, which has been re-named the TEA – Transgender Erotica Awards, which essentially mocks the conservative political tea party by the way. Culinary Arts and ballet are two things Nina takes very seriously.

You’ll learn a lot more about Nina when you see Nina’s spectacular Shemale Strokers performance. You can find out even more about her on ninalawless.com.

Nina Lawless and Daisy Ducati on TS Pussy Hunters

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Nina Lawless makes her debut on TS Pussy Hunters and Daisy Ducati returns after a tremendous video for TSPH with Danni Daniels last summer. Tomcat opens this session with a brief interview with these two beauties and the action promptly begins with a timely Valentine’s Day backdrop. This 36 minute movie fires up fast with some glam posing and foreplay with lots of kissing. Soon Nina and Daisy are engaging in raw, primal bareback sex. I’m a long time fan of Daisy Ducati from her many dazzling Kink performances. The Nina Lawless solo and hardcore performances on Shemale.XXX are amazing. Watching these two together is mesmerizing from start to finish. 





Daisy takes a hard, fast pounding from behind and deep throats Nina’s cock all the way to her smooth balls over and over again. Nina blasts a huge load across Daisy’s ass and back for the grand finale. The closing interview is brief and really cute.