Femout.XXX: Nori Strips And Plays For You!

It’s Nori’s 5th Femout appearance and she says it’s good to be back. She’s being filmed poolside by the Buddy Wood in a pretty long dress and black mules with her legs crossed until they aren’t. Wow! All this big dick is in your face right away!

Even if you’re quite familiar with her first 4 shoots, the way she’s hung is astounding every time. I mean, her cock isn’t enormous, just a lot bigger than you expect because Nori is so petite.

She’s directed to stand up and it’s the same hot body and beautiful face so many have grown fond of. Nori is still wearing her shimmery disco dress when she begins beating her meat. Eventually she sits back down and continues jerking off in her 70’s diva dress and black crotchless panties. In a sudden sequence change her dress is off!

She toys with the tiny dots of her pale nipples then raises her legs invitingly. She then turns around to extend that invitation from the rear. Nori pumps her large erection while giving an unbridled back door view and then stands again to fap slowly and then with varying speeds. Then it’s Splitsville when the L.A. beauty waves goodbye and saunters off in this super seductive Femout.XXX update.

Tempting Nori Sprinkles Cum!

MP4 Scene Trailer

We’re past the introduction stage with SoCal stunner Nori, but perhaps not the infatuation stage. This is her second scene on this incredible site, so we’ve already got some background information about her from producer Buddy Wood. This time around, Nori enters a bedroom wearing a sexy brassiere and skirt – her legs and feet are bare. We see that she’s wearing crotchless matching panties when she unsnaps the front buttons of her skirt and her big hard cock springs out!

It’s hidden for a moment and replaced with the sight of her firm, round ass when she turns to face the wall. Nori curls her fingers around her gravity-defying schlong as she straddles the bed. She begins jerking off while perched on the mattress on her knees gazing at you intently. A few moments later, Nori swings around and raises her lovely bottom high in the air. Nothing is left to the imagination as the panel of her panty is so expansive.

When she rolls over on her back, her hard prong points up toward her pretty face. Wood zooms in closely on her erection and wrinkled rosebud during this torrid sequence. Wood assists her missionary position leg raising by holding one of her feet so you can imagine staring directly at her while thrusting your cock in and out of her tight bottom.

After jerking off in this position, she lays on her side and plays with her fun spot with her big dick mashed between her thighs, the swollen head pointing at you directly. She’s gloriously nude at this point, caressing her hormone boobs and at times teasing her tight nipples as she beats off frantically.

Her cock is rock solid and the rapidity of her soft moans increases. Nori moves through a variety of positions throughout the remainder of her fap session. When her climax draws closer, she lays on her back fully stretched out on the bed. While squeezing one breast, she uses her other hand to stroke her large tool faster and faster. Talk about young, hung and full of cum!

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