Try Out Tuesday: Olivia Heart!

“Hey all! The name’s Olivia Heart. I’m so excited to to have the opportunity to debut my first ever porn shoot for you to see! A little about me; I am a 21 year old college student, biology major, who has been socially transitioning for about three years now. I have only been on the hormones for about a year, but i’m thoroughly in love with the progress I’ve had so far! 95% of my time is spent doing school work, but I have been trying to fit in some hobbies during my spare time.”

Scene Description: It’s Tuesday and as usual, another sexy Grooby Newbie will get her chance to introduce herself to the members! Actually, she’s not really a newbie… Beautiful Olivia Heart is an already known face – she was introduced to the world on Femout.XXX a few months ago by Omar Wax (Olivia Heart on Femout.XXX). So at the same time this scene serves as her graduation scene! Enjoy watching beautiful Olivia posing, stripping and stroking her instantly rock-hard cock!

It’s such a pleasure to watch a trans girl progress in her transition. Olivia’s performances from Femout to Grooby Girls illustrates that joy in the most erotic way possible! Some of us have seen Olivia’s debut in March and have seen her cumming in her encore scene the following month. I think all those fans will agree that Olivia is developing into an adult entertainer who’ll definitely be able to finance her education. Let me educate you more about Olivia’s debut.

Don’t be surprised if you’re close to cumming just watching Olivia posing in a t-shirt, jean shorts and sandals. She looks incredibly sexy long before she displays any nudity. Then she bares her back, slowly turns around, and releases her bare boobs. You should go back to her Femout.XXX shoots to see how they’ve grown. She begins discussing that about 3 minutes into this update. Olivia’s cock is already swelling to its greatest proportions when she withdraws it from her shorts. There are moments when I almost think that gravity has no effect on her full erection. Look at the way her sex organ stands up without help from her hands. When she’s not jerking off, of course.