TGirls.Porn: Alina Grace & Oxcetalene Lane

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Alina: “I haven’t been with many cisgender women, so I was a bit nervous about how it would go. However, once I met Oxcetalene I was quickly comfortable with her. We touched hands, kissed, and then she went down on me. She kept me rock hard from the time she spoke to me, until she was tasting my sweet cum. Her curves are amazing. I loved pounding her soft, round ass in doggy style position, but nothing beats looking in her beautiful eyes as she rode me. It was only my second time being with cis girl and I can’t wait to do it again!”

Oxcetalene: “I was really looking forward to getting fucked by Alina Grace. She’s petite and sweet with a cock that stayed rock hard for the entire time we were making love. I was so erotic looking her in her deep brown eyes as I swallowed her tasty, uncut cock. It was only natural when I climbed on top of her lap and sat down on her erection and rode her. I really liked it when she stopped being so nervous and started to take control at the end. She pounded me. The best part was stealing her cum right off the end of her cock as she released. She tasted so good!”

Alina’s initial nervousness before it dissipated with Oxcetalene Lane is one of the things I liked most about this TGirls.Porn video. I’m always a bit nervous with new cisgender partners, especially those who’ve had experience with other trans women. Oxcetalene has plenty of that including her TGirls.Porn scenes trans Evie Eliot and Lilith Lovett. That’s not to mention her GG/TS work on other great sites.

This is not an adult industry debut for either model and Alina Grace is also incredible on the mega-site and on It’s always a pleasure to rave about her, especially in this instance with the amazing Oxcetalene Lane. I had no idea Alina could fuck like that! Wait until you see Oxetalene catching and savoring her cum.

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