Femout.XXX: Young, Fresh And Naughty Patrice!

Radius Dark continues to present the hottest, sexiest new and returning models and here we go again with another fresh one named Patrice Hepburn. Femout is often described as a website to launch a model’s career and a sort of training school to graduate from. I might be part of the minority but I mainly think of Femout models as virtually perfect whether they move on to other sites or not.

Take 19 year old Patrice, a cosmetology student who has put school on the back burner temporarily to get her funds together. She likes to draw and write music and I love that Mr. Dark gives us an opening interview that’s very informative. I like the way Patrice speaks and I could watch her go on at length even if she’s not in a setting to eventually strip and masturbate. That’s the proverbial icing on the cake with this debut.

Naturally her hair and makeup are en pointe considering her career goals but she’s never made an adult video before. She’s originally from Arizona and moved to Las Vegas five years ago when she started High School. The warm climate is something she was already used to but she’d like to eventually move to California. She might be used to desert heat but she’s not in love with it.

But she does like the more diverse cultural scene of Sin City. The sexual content of this debut builds up nice and starts at the bottom. Mr. Dark focuses on her cute little feet in wedges as she talks about the ankle tattoo she got at 18 and her ex-boyfriend who had a foot fetish. Patrice says she does quite a bit of walking which would explain why her legs are so well-toned and virtually flawless.

Although we can’t hear the direction, it’s pretty obvious that Patrice has been asked to rise from the sofa and show off her petite frame. The next level of sexiness comes when Patrice takes a seat again and her miniskirt hem rises.

She’s wearing red panties and a set of rather large balls threaten to escape from her undies. You can watch her preview teaser trailer on Femout.XXX to visually skip forward a bit. Patrice begins rubbing her panty bulge and it’s plain to see that this gorgeous model is hung! I swear I don’t really care about dick size but Patrice is really packing.

I didn’t expect such a small girl to have such a big cock! That flawlessness I mentioned about her legs extends to the rest of her body once she’s stripped completely nude and beating off. This Femout.XXX debut set is brilliant and I think you’ll crave seeing Patrice Hepburn make a repeat performance.