Patrice Hepburn & Kai Donec Fuck Hard!

19 year old Patrice Hepburn’s adult industry star has been rising rapidly and continues to soar so fast! The storyline for “Patrice Hepburn & Kai Donec Fuck Hard!” reads: Potential Nanny Patrice Hepburn is up for the job and has exceptional references. However, she’s got some more talents that she’d like to show Mr. Donec! Enjoy gorgeous Patrice Hepburn’s hardcore debut  (and her third scene) brought to you by Radius Dark! We know you were waiting for this! Actually, no I wasn’t waiting because I had no idea that this petite fox would be moving into hardcore scenes.

I’ve been raving about her since she made her Femout.XXX debut and through her graduation to and you can just click here for my reviews of her previous scenes. Seeing her with super handsome Kai Donec is extremely pleasurable and I’ll tell you why. I’m already used to seeing Kai acting as an employer and it’s convincing. I’d imagine he has girls lining up to “work” for him all over the place. Patrice makes it clear quickly that she’s up for more than just the job by rubbing his thigh and making it obvious that she’s ready to be kissed.

She’s soon kissing not only his lips but his big dick. In fact she’s deep throating voraciously! I have no words for how sexy Patrice looks kneeling in bra and panties giving a blowjob. Mr. Dark also provides POV footage when they move to the bed. I really appreciate the full nudity and full body sequences as well as Kai giving Patrice a cock sucking in return! Hung Patrice has a full and large erection by the time Kai plunges his bare pecker inside her in the missionary position.

Whether you’re already a Patrice Hepburn fan who’s fantasized fucking her or a brand new one, I think you’ll find seeing her getting railed electrifying. Don’t wait. Get to!

Grooby Girls: Patrice Hepburn’s Big Cumshot!

I’ve already raved about all of Patrice Hepburn’s previous performances. It all started for her on Femout.XXX and later on the renamed with another two sets with her original producer, Radius Dark.

You can flip back on those reviews with

She looks all kinds of cute in her orange top, long socks and grey panties. The cuteness ends quickly when Patrice withdraws her big dick from her panties. Some trans porn newbies will naturally be stunned by a fox like this possessing a set of cock and balls. If you’ve been to the rodeo a few times before, the only thing to stun you in this department is just how well endowed she is. Patrice is a grower with a non-threatening flaccid penis that enlarges to a huge boner once she’s aroused. She stands up from her seat and applies lube to her junk for a full frontal fap session.

When her delicious looking sex organ swells to greater proportions she moves to the red futon. Patrice uses both hands and switches hands, constantly adding more lube to her expanding hardon. “This really makes me want to have a hot boy playing with me right now,” she purrs. If you’re hoping to see more of her fuckable ass – they’ve got that covered.

Patrice is well-known for bare leg admirer and foot lovers posing and those fans of hers won’t be disappointed either. Eventually she stands up to remove and toss her top away to reveal her tight, suckable nipples. She engages with intense naughty talk all throughout this update.

There’s an instant replay of her big cumshot at the end! Her profile reads: We were excited to see all the amazing feedback Patrice Hepburn’s Grooby Girls debut scene got two weeks ago! Well deserved, Patrice is indeed GORGEOUS! This cute redhead Femout.XXX graduate returns today with a follow-up scene!

She gets rock hard quickly and she is to have fun! Watch her stroking her hard cock until she shoots a huge load of sticky cum! Keep an eye on this beautiful petite girl, more coming soon!

Teen Sensation Patrice Hepburn!

I’ve raved about 19 year old Patrice Hepburn twice here on Caramel’s TGirls before. Literally here. I can never fully understand the reasons why a girl ends up on on particular adult site instead of another adult site created by the same studio owners. Does one “graduate” from one site to the next once her tits are bigger than before? Sometimes that’s the case but thankfully not always.

Patrice is undoubtedly one of the least busty models ever on Shemale Yum, but she made her debut and cumtastic encore performance on Femout. If Yum is the studio’s gold standard for trans models and Femout.XXX is the proving ground or training school, I’d say that Patrice never really belonged at Femout.XXX in the first place.

I don’t want to anger the producers because I support their work on a daily basis so let me be more clear. If you go back and look at her performances on Femout.XXX and compare them to her debut on you’ll see that she had modeling down from the get-go. I’m not saying there’s no room for improvement, but that I think she was miscategorized by her figure.

So there, I said it and I’m sticking with it. Since Patrice is starting at a different website where trans fans might not be familiar with her, Radius Dark presents a pre-interview in which the elfin beauty tells us about her background in cosmetology and such. There’s a dazzling leg show/foot fetish routine followed by a sumptuous striptease.

Then comes her pert butt in panties and the way she makes it move is mesmerizing. Eventually, Patrice lets her hair down and exposes her cock. When she gets down to jerking off and making it fully erect, her cock looks enormous! I don’t know what it is about Patrice Hepburn on both Femout.XXX and now on but she’s one of the most exciting new models I’ve seen in years. Watch the free trailers of this hung beauty on both sites.

Femout.XXX: Cumming With Vegas Sweetheart Patrice!

When I raved about gorgeous Patrice Hepburn on July 15, 2017, I had a strong feeling I’d be following up with her encore performance by Radius Dark. The famed producer had already given us an extensive interview with plenty of background information about this stunning new 19 year old model.

There’s no way to really top a debut like that one, but Patrice goes to the next level sexually speaking in her scene two. That doesn’t mean there’s no build-up however. Patrice sits at the foot of the bed looking at her cell phone screen while rubbing the bulge in her panties.

She’s still wearing her black dress and pumps but her large balls are escaping her undies as she confesses that you’re not the only one who likes watching porn. A moment later her cock emerges from her undies also. Patrice only needs a few minutes of watching porn to continue getting turned on by the thoughts she’s developing.

She hikes up her dress and it’s crystal clear that she’s aroused by having people watching her masturbate. Considering she’s doing this for Femout.XXX again, that’s a whole lot of people!

When she stands up, I think of Patrice as a spinner and she’s definitely a grower. What seems to be a normal sized penis develops into a massive erection! But along with adding naughty dialogue to her stroking, Patrice does not neglect from providing views of her unbeatable ass. I don’t know if there’s a true correlation between bare leg admirers and bare foot lovers, but if you happen to love both, Patrice has got you covered.

Also, if you’re hoping to see this teenage fox completely nude before she rubs one out, all the boxes are checked. I consider her Fleshlight fucking to be sort of a bonus. This babe could do some serious fucking with that monster cock of hers! Don’t miss her debut and encore performance on Femout.XXX in which she makes her big dick spurt puddles of creamy white cum across her flat tummy.

Watch The Free Teaser Trailers on Femout.XXX

Femout.XXX: Young, Fresh And Naughty Patrice!

Radius Dark continues to present the hottest, sexiest new and returning models and here we go again with another fresh one named Patrice Hepburn. Femout is often described as a website to launch a model’s career and a sort of training school to graduate from. I might be part of the minority but I mainly think of Femout models as virtually perfect whether they move on to other sites or not.

Take 19 year old Patrice, a cosmetology student who has put school on the back burner temporarily to get her funds together. She likes to draw and write music and I love that Mr. Dark gives us an opening interview that’s very informative. I like the way Patrice speaks and I could watch her go on at length even if she’s not in a setting to eventually strip and masturbate. That’s the proverbial icing on the cake with this debut.

Naturally her hair and makeup are en pointe considering her career goals but she’s never made an adult video before. She’s originally from Arizona and moved to Las Vegas five years ago when she started High School. The warm climate is something she was already used to but she’d like to eventually move to California. She might be used to desert heat but she’s not in love with it.

But she does like the more diverse cultural scene of Sin City. The sexual content of this debut builds up nice and starts at the bottom. Mr. Dark focuses on her cute little feet in wedges as she talks about the ankle tattoo she got at 18 and her ex-boyfriend who had a foot fetish. Patrice says she does quite a bit of walking which would explain why her legs are so well-toned and virtually flawless.

Although we can’t hear the direction, it’s pretty obvious that Patrice has been asked to rise from the sofa and show off her petite frame. The next level of sexiness comes when Patrice takes a seat again and her miniskirt hem rises.

She’s wearing red panties and a set of rather large balls threaten to escape from her undies. You can watch her preview teaser trailer on Femout.XXX to visually skip forward a bit. Patrice begins rubbing her panty bulge and it’s plain to see that this gorgeous model is hung! I swear I don’t really care about dick size but Patrice is really packing.

I didn’t expect such a small girl to have such a big cock! That flawlessness I mentioned about her legs extends to the rest of her body once she’s stripped completely nude and beating off. This Femout.XXX debut set is brilliant and I think you’ll crave seeing Patrice Hepburn make a repeat performance.