Pure-TS: Peyton Paige

Peyton Paige is responding to some complaints about a large amount of Internet usage coming from one room in particular. The guest in the room is Christian and when she confronts him she notices a large bottle of lube on him. Well, now she needs to not only teach him a lesson, but get him off so he stops using up all of their Internet.

“TS Hotel Manager Meets a Naughty Guest” is a scorching hot Pure-TS.com well-acted in the beginning with good humor. Things stop being funny when manager Peyton withdraws Christian’s erection from his robe and exposes the one under her dress. Peyton’s big beautiful dick literally rises before your eyes and Christian eagerly sinks to his knees to suck on it. Her ball sack is fully expanded and virtually wrinkle-free and the expanse of leg she’s showing off is gorgeous!

Peyton arranges her her dress so that she’s topless, then thrusts it down along her body to the floor. She’s only wearing heels and a hardon as she gets her salad tossed. Peyton strokes her erection when it’s her turn to give the big man a blowjob. If you’re a top or a switch, I don’t think you’ll be able to watch the sequence when she’s on her knees sucking without wanting to fuck her yourself!

But in this case, that’s Christian’s job and he penetrates Peyton with his huge bare cock as she braces herself against the wall. Not only are there multiple position changes – some are acrobatic! It’s all subjective what you’ll like best about this scene. My favorite sequence is seeing pretty Peyton stroking her big erection while she gets railed in the reverse cowgirl position. Best of all for me is when she ejaculates while getting fucked! This is certainly not a Pure-TS.com update to miss!