Trans500: Cocking Ms. Castro

Scene Trailer

It’s about that time ladies and gentlemen. Bruna Castro is back once again to do what else but ride huge ,thick cock! This gorgeous lady is known around town for her dick riding skills.Here at you know we don’t disappoint when it comes to these big cock hungry asses. Our boy is enjoying every second of it. Can you blame him? Now let’s get right to the action.

Scene Trailer

Sao Paulo, Brazil native Bruna Castro is a trans adult entertainment veteran actress. Her resume lists studios that have long come and gone but none of them have exceeded in capturing her greatness. I’m not sure about Bruna’s co-star’s name but he’s a veteran actor as well. I could swear he was starring in Brazilian trans films when I started doing reviews over a decade ago. He doesn’t join Bruna until after she’s stripped down to her tall pumps naked and stroking her big boner. She immediately begins grabbing the bulge in his shorts in the outdoor section of a spa. He responds by pinning her against the wall and diving into her curvy ass face first. Now they’ve both got raging hardons and Bruna lowers the man’s shorts to give him a kneeling blowjob.

Bruna handles her partner’s big dick so well. But eventually they have to move things indoors. It’s just easier for the guy to fuck the hell out of Bruna on a comfortable bed. She’s 100% nude getting railed doggy style, in the reverse cowgirl position and then with her heaving tits and jiggling cock and balls facing him. They’re fucking in the missionary position as Bruna jerks her hardon furiously, sending streams of cum blasting across her tummy. Bruna gets her beautiful torso and cock sprayed with jizz before this amazing update comes to an end. This video and photo set is from the IKillItTS .com branch of the network. You’ll also have access to Bruna’s two blazing hot solo performances from the branch of the Trans500 network!

CrashPadSeries Volume 7

Shine Louise Houston is back at it, compiling her favorite episodes from San Francisco queer porn hotbed, In CrashPad Series Volume 7: From Top to Bottom, the director has highlighted CrashPad’s power heavy scenes. Zelda du Jour gives Siren Wolf her first onscreen orgasm… and zipper! Tina Horn uses Maggie Mayhem as a sex toy, Audrey Doll and Savannah Sly recreate their own Secretary scene, Nina Hartley punishes Jiz Lee with legendary fucking, Nikki Darling enjoys a full scoop of Chocolate Chip, and Cyd finally fucks some punctuality into Muscle Beach. With so much hotness packed into one movie, you’ll be watching this from top to bottom!


Justify My Jiz

The nominees for the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards have been announced and e Justify My Jiz is on the list! Justify My Jiz is a collaboration between Feminist Porn Award’s Boundary Breaker Jiz Lee and CyberSocket Award-Winning sexual bad boy Wolf Hudson. Inspired by Madonna’s Justify My Love, the video captures the performer’s unconventional sexualities and gender-bending persuasions in a perverse tango that fluidly shifts from soft love to rough, kinky sex just as easily as the performers switch up turns giving and receiving.


Natural lighting, short hair, tight bare torsos, fishnet stockings and high-heels blend with unconventional sexual acts including oral sex, pegging, condomed sex, mutual masturbation, nipple-play, “reverse cowgirl,” and a rare view of masculine pleasure that couples well with genderqueer sensuality.