PureTS: Khloe Kay in Bubble Butt Bikini Babe Gets Railed

This is the encore performance of stunning ingenue Khoe Kay on Pure-TS.com so it’s necessary to unpack her debut for a moment, “The New Superstar Has Arrived”. That’s a bold statement from creator Christian XXX, but I’m in 100% agreement with it. I’ve publicly stated that I believe Khloe Kay is the next big thing in the trans adult industry worldwide. She is the Number 1 IT girl of today. I don’t know where she came from or what makes her tick, but I’m sure all of will learn more details as her star rises. She’s incredible to watch fully clothed, let alone naked and getting fucked!

Khloe played a new model/actress who had a casting couch experience on Pure-TS in her magnificent debut. In her encore performance, “Bubble Butt Bikini Babe Gets Railed,” Khloe is Christian’s girlfriend. She’s shown completely naked when we first see her this time, encouraging her boyfriend to go for a swim at the hotel’s pool.

Christian is busy with his cell phone when Khloe hops on the bed and sees how cloudy it is when peeping out the window. Khloe’s man could care less about going to the pool. The only thing he likes about going is looking at her ass anyway. He gets to do that in the privacy of their room. He also gets to oil it up, smack it, and fuck it with his huge cock!

The oiled beauty gives her man a deep throating and Christian moves beneath her, arranging them into a 69. Then we get a view from the rear of Khloe’s amazing ass settling down on his erection. After a tumultuous cowgirl ride, the next position is reverse cowgirl, followed by missionary and doggy style, if you can call it that. It’s more like Khloe is going to being pounded straight through the mattress!

It’s tough to say whether I like Khloe’s encore more than her debut. There’s more of her dazzling body, oiled to perfection on top of that, in her encore scene. But her cumshot in her debut is still etched in my mind from her Pure-TS.com debut scene. This is a tough one and I hope you’ll tell me your thoughts.

Pure-TS: Having an Affair with a Beautiful CD – Erica Cherry

MP4 Scene Trailer

I love watching Salt Lake City, Utah crossdresser Erica Cherry on YouTube and masturbating LIVE on Chaturbate.com. I’ve seen her cum twice in a row and I’ve seen her sucking her own big cock! I didn’t think I’d see her in a hardcore performance until she made her debut with Christian XXX on his Pure-TS.com website. Watching Erica getting pounded by Christian’s huge cock is deliriously arousing.

You’d think there would have been some warning like Erica first getting her hot, tight little ass drilled on Chaturbate.com/Etertaycb which you should register free for and follow by the way. But no, Erica decided to surprise us all getting fucked first by the most prolific male porn star in the adult industry.

I’ve seen her mentioning that she had a big dick on YouTube, but I really had no idea she was such a hung girl until I saw her on webcam. Erica has enough YouTube followers to monetize the platform because I have no doubt she meets the minimum viewing hours requirement.


I’m absolutely sure she’s killing it on Chaturbate as a high-ranking model and if she continues appearing on major studios, she’s got a lucrative adult industry career ahead of her.

In the Erica Cherry Pure-TS.com debut, Christian is at a casino phoning a friend about how he’s been cheating on his girlfriend Christine. No one can know what Christian confesses to his friend. After having obvious conflicting feelings about continuing with the affair, Christian lets himself into the hotel room where Erica is waiting for him.

Beautiful Erica awaits by the door in her schoolgirl uniform looking hot enough for you to sink your teeth into your knuckles. Christian wastes no time moving forward and kissing her. Erica begins rubbing her big cock and the swollen head emerges from beneath her tartan plaid skirt!

Erica’s talented cock sucking begins and Christian fucks her in a variety of positions until the cum simultaneously! Don’t miss this Pure-TS.com update and follow Erica Cherry on Chaturbate.com/etertaycb!


Pure-TS: Amateur Starlet Is Flawless & Loves Sex

Pure-TS.com owner and operator Christian XXX said, “I found the stunning TS starlet Terra Firma and convinced her to come over to my place for some good conversation and even better anal sex. She is a vision in white and there is nothing that made me happier than to defile her and her perfect ass. This brand new babe is going to be back at Pure-TS for more scenes and that’s a guarantee!”

This is my major studio introduction to beautiful Terra Firma but I know of her from her incredible LIVE performances on Chaturbate. I knew how hot this Native American Two Spirit stunner could be all by herself. I just didn’t know how amazing she could be in a bareback hardcore scene until now that I’ve seen her on Pure-TS.com!

When the video rolls out with Terra asking if he likes her outfit while sitting on his lap, he responds by saying he also likes what’s in it. He proceeds to get her out of it – exposing and tweaking a nipple and completely removing her brassiere. He rubs the bulge between Terra’s thighs next and helps the petite beauty rise to her feet. She gets the curvaceous pantiless bottom get fully exposed, briefly spanked and fingered before she sinks to her knees to expose Christian’s big cock.

Christian’s huge member is already hard once Terra gets it out of his pants. The topless babe is still wearing her stockings and tall sandals, but her pleated miniskirt with no panties makes it easy for her to jerk herself off while giving a blowjob.

I think it’s impossible to wish for this couple to fuck in any position they haven’t contorted themselves into. I’m not saying you should like the specific sequences I like, but the reverse cowgirl position fucking with Terra’s stiff and rather large boner spinning and bouncing is mine.

I also really appreciate and think everyone with love seeing Terra stripped of clothing from head to toe.

This is yet another fantastic Pure-TS.com update! You simply must see her performing on webcam LIVE on chaturbate.com/terrafirmax0. Follow this pretty babe and if she’s not on, browse Chaturbate to see who’s online now!

Pure-TS: Boyfriend Gets Assfucked By His TS Girlfriend

Pure-TS.com Synopsis: Christian is leaving to go to the gym, but before he goes he has a job to do…and that’s to satisfy his beautiful TS girlfriend Peyton Paige. Her hard and throbbing cock is waiting for him to suck her before allowing her to fuck him bareback in his big butt. This top TS babe knows how to fuck a man’s ass!

In “TS Hotel Manager Meets A Naughty Guest”, beautiful Peyton made her debut bottoming for Christian. That update rivals my all-time favorite Pure-TS bareback hardcore movies. I usually prefer when Christian is the alpha male top, but this is one of those exceptions.

That good morning kiss Christian lays on Paige isn’t supposed to get her up. Seeing her gorgeous half-covered by the sheets ought to be enough to get you up too! Paige wants to get a good look at Christian’s bubble butt before he’s off to ride his gym bike.

She pushes the covers back and says she has something else to ride instead. That’s her big upright cock! This is the flipside of what we saw last time with Christian and Paige. You decide which one you like better.

I think you’re going to love seeing Paige get her huge cock sucked, watching her suck Christian’s mammoth member in return. Not to mention seeing her bucking up bareback in two positions before switching to 69ing.

It’s almost like Paige is just showing off by the time she gets to riding her man doggy style. If that’s the case, so be it! If you got it flaunt it.

Paige lays down her jackhammer thrusts while Christian explodes, shooting his jizz across his athletic top! She doesn’t want to cum inside him but this Pure-TS.com update doesn’t end until this blonde beauty also shoots her load. You simply must see how that happens! 

Pure-TS: The End To A Romantic Date With A Beautiful CD

Pure-TS.com Synopsis: Christian XXX and Kyra Kork have just finished their third date and are relaxing back at his place with a drink and some heavy petting that turns into some passionate and intimate anal sex. She takes care of his big dick and takes him deep inside her tight hole.

This is Kira’s 3rd Pure-TS.com performance and this fit and pretty babe has also been on Christian’s sister site TSPOV.com in November of 2016! She’s obviously one of the prolific male porn star’s favorite sex kittens and she’s one of mine too. In this update, Christian and Kyra share a celebratory cocktail for their successful first date. It’s obvious to Kyra that her first date isn’t sure how to proceed so she makes it obvious that she’s up for a kiss. She slides into first base grabbing the big bulge in his jeans.

Kyra sinks to her knees on the floor and it’s clear that this first date is up for giving a blowjob. Christian stands up to undo his belt and jeans and whips out his massive cock. She makes an incredible job of sucking his dick rock hard and gets some help moving to the sofa on her hands and knees. Her ass is so perfectly rounded that it inspires a salad tossing before getting deep dicked bareback!

A doggy style railing leads to side saddle, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl fucking. Watching Kyra humping down on Christian’s huge cock is astounding but considering the way Kyra sculpts her tight body, her phenomenal ass often steals the show.

But her stiff cock is a scene stealer too – especially when she shoots her creamy white load of cum with all that dick embedded in her tight ass! Wait until you see how high her jizz sprays in this awesome Pure-TS.com update.

Pure-TS: Social Media Sensation Melina Leon Takes The Porno Plunge

I’m not up on everything but when a popular trans name comes up in conversation, I’m usually aware of the social media star being discussed. The following description update on Pure-TS.com by Christian XXX had my jaw hitting the floor: Melina Leon is a very popular social media model, who has never done a pro porno scene. So of course I had to fly her to Vegas and break her porn cherry! This gorgeous Latina shows off her gorgeous self, sloppy oral skills, and dick taking ability. I was blown away by her skills and abilities and of course her dazzling beauty.

I’ve been following Melina on social media for a couple of years and I’ve seen some of her amateur porn. It wasn’t the world’s most professionally shot work that could capitalize on Melina’s extraordinary good looks. So it’s fantastic to see her showcased by a major studio and co-starring with the world’s most prolific male porn star. Melina loves her hot men but I could never recognize any of the studs she worked with in amateur porn.

This Pure-TS.com update with Christian and Melina begins with the storyline of a horny trans girl in lingerie with her cock and balls exposed approaching sleeping Christian’s bed. Melina knows exactly what she wants and it’s Christian’s big hard cock inside her. He’s not the pajamas type of guy and Melina soon has his enormous dick within her grasp. When it comes to deep throat action, this girl’s got skills. She manages to suck that enormous prick right down to the base! Settling down on it with her tight ass bareback in the cowgirl position proves to be more difficult but in my opinion even more exciting to watch.

Melina’s voice is so sexy that just listening to her sex sounds and dirty talk is boner inducing. She looks incredible getting railed in the missionary position and doggystyle. I really love the sequence where Christian holds her arms back and she cries out, “Smash that pussy!” There are two more position changes to knock your socks off before this sizzling hot Pure-TS.com update comes to an end. If you didn’t know about Melina Leon when she was social media star with thousands of followers, you’ll be getting to know a lot more about her in the near future I’ll bet.

TSPOV: Baby Rebecca

Super Cute Amateur TS Enjoys Sucking Cock on TSPOV.com features Christian XXX with Baby Rebecca. You may have seen Nerdy TS Cutie Gets Wild In Her Porno Debut on Pure-TS.com. If not, I highly recommend it. But today’s focus is on her TSPOV debut.

The gorgeous new Canadian model is in total POV mode entering your room wearing a matching pink bra and petticoats with tall strappy black sandals and she’s really been missing your cock. You’re lying back on the bed comfortably as she comes closer and exposes her lovely breasts. They’re so sensitive since you started her on hormone treatments. She’s also been practicing with the jeweled butt plug you bought her and she shows you that it’s firmly embedded inside her sexy round ass.

Baby Rebecca shows you her cock next saying how small it is comparing it to yours. “But Daddy’s is so, so big,” she murmurs as she drops to her knees to study it closer. She notes how long and thick your cock is and she takes a swipe across the sensitive underside with her tongue. Baby Rebecca loves the taste of your cock too. She gives you a handjob with both hands clasped firmly around your shaft which is straining hard.

Her bustline is growing and she hopes that one day her tits will be big enough for you to fuck. Baby Rebecca can’t manage the entire length of your stiff organ inside her pretty mouth but she makes up for it with enthusiasm.

She’s stunningly gorgeous also and knows all the right dirty things to say to make you shoot of like a geyser! You’re gonna love the way this submissive beauty takes your cum on her tongue in this blazing hot TSPOV.com update.

Pure-TS: Lilith Lovett

Gorgeous Lilith Lovett in “Horny TS Gets What She Wants” is a blazing hot Pure-TS.com update that comes with 431 photos and runs just under 32 minutes. It all begins with Christian telling a friend over the phone about how things are going well, but he’s bored and looking for a challenge. We’ve all been there.

But we haven’t all been sitting in our room chatting on our cell when suddenly this stunning Eurasian model struts before us with her stiff and upright dick beside our faces. “Listen, I’ve got to go,” Christian immediately tells his buddy. The camera man is a genius. Wait until when he pans out to display the hot body that pretty cock is attached to. Lilith’s form is just exquisite!

She’s got a tiny waist flaring out to a wide set of hips and the loveliest set of breasts capped with big suckable nipples. But that hardon needs to be sucked on first as Lilith silently points out. And about her silence – when Lilith finally speaks, her voice is so high pitched and sweet.

Lilith has the type of boner that stands up when it’s raging hard so Christian has to give her head by sucking downward. There’s a super sexy sequence I know that’s coming up before I even see it. Christian’s current cutie pie is a well-known Chaturbate Trans webcam model and she’s tiny compared to the Pure-TS.com owner and operator.

When Christian stands up after sucking her dick and tossing her salad, she exclaims, “Oh, my,” at the sight of his massive cock. The part I’m looking for is the size disparity of this couple. It’s so erotic to witness especially when Lilith moves to the floor and performs a blowjob while on her knees. I love the way Lilith fearlessly raises her sexy ass to accept Christian’s huge organ bareback.

Lilith tells Christian that it must feel so tight and we all know how good she must feel! She can’t stop saying how big his dick is in the missionary and doggystyle position too. There are so many position changes throughout this scene that I lose count. I’ll bet Lilith did to but I doubt she’ll ever forget her first Pure-TS.com fuck! Check out Christian’s prolific co-star’s webcam page on chaturbate.com/lilithlovett!

Pure-TS: Peyton Paige

Peyton Paige is responding to some complaints about a large amount of Internet usage coming from one room in particular. The guest in the room is Christian and when she confronts him she notices a large bottle of lube on him. Well, now she needs to not only teach him a lesson, but get him off so he stops using up all of their Internet.

“TS Hotel Manager Meets a Naughty Guest” is a scorching hot Pure-TS.com well-acted in the beginning with good humor. Things stop being funny when manager Peyton withdraws Christian’s erection from his robe and exposes the one under her dress. Peyton’s big beautiful dick literally rises before your eyes and Christian eagerly sinks to his knees to suck on it. Her ball sack is fully expanded and virtually wrinkle-free and the expanse of leg she’s showing off is gorgeous!

Peyton arranges her her dress so that she’s topless, then thrusts it down along her body to the floor. She’s only wearing heels and a hardon as she gets her salad tossed. Peyton strokes her erection when it’s her turn to give the big man a blowjob. If you’re a top or a switch, I don’t think you’ll be able to watch the sequence when she’s on her knees sucking without wanting to fuck her yourself!

But in this case, that’s Christian’s job and he penetrates Peyton with his huge bare cock as she braces herself against the wall. Not only are there multiple position changes – some are acrobatic! It’s all subjective what you’ll like best about this scene. My favorite sequence is seeing pretty Peyton stroking her big erection while she gets railed in the reverse cowgirl position. Best of all for me is when she ejaculates while getting fucked! This is certainly not a Pure-TS.com update to miss!

TSPOV: Big Dick Teen TS Fucks You Until You Cum

Big dick teen TS Jenna Gargles is a bad girl. This gorgeous misfit has been around the block already and has picked up a few tricks. She knows just how to get you off…by jerking your cock while fucking your ass with her massive tool until you explode in her hand. That’s the official synopsis of Christian’s new scene on TSPOV.com with Chaturbate and former Pure-TS.com model/performer Jenna!

I loved seeing Jenna bottoming for Christian previously and watching her on my favorite webcam site Chaturbate, but this is what I think is her best performance. The model talks one-on-one with you and Christian uses his huge cock as the co-star on TSPOV.com.

There’s a big difference from this and other video formats. Jenna lies on the bed barefoot in lingerie teasing you with her perky bare ass in this production. She’s still sore from the last time you fucked her. She turns around and sits up to withdraw the thing that’s creating the bulge in her panties. I case you didn’t read my last review of Jenna Gargles, she’s got a massive cock when it’s fully erect. If you’re touching and stroking your own cock, you’ll feel almost exactly what she’s feeling.

Jenna likes it so much when you watch her jacking off her big veiny cock. But she can’t wait to go down on you so she does. After the midway point of this scene, Jenna teases you by rubbing her sex bare ass on your erection. You jerk off together and before long she’s ready to fuck your ass! She tells you how tight you are after easing her large dick inside you.

Even better yet, Jenna milks the cream out of your hardon while she’s humping you! She also tastes your big load in this incredible TSPOV.com update. If you haven’t already, you can check out my review of Jenna Gargles on Pure-TS.com. Don’t forget you can also cum with her LIVE on chaturbate.com/jennagargles!