Black-TGirls: Raven Babe Swings By With Her Huge Cock!

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Description: If you’re a fan of a well hung black tgirl then Raven Babe is your girl! This sexy Grooby Girl is verse and has the right tool set. Slim, pretty as a picture, beautiful natural tits and a huge 10 inch cock brings this wonder together! Enjoy Raven Babe stroking her massive cock!

Producer KiliKali writes, ” Raven is barely legal she just turned 18 a couple of months ago. She is a Femout.XXX graduate. I have known her for a bit as she is a webcam model and I moderate for her. She hails from Iowa and is completely verse. She stands 5’9″ and has a huge cock to match. A real joy to work with I look forward to seeing more of her.

Review: In her 5th update, Iowa’s gorgeous model Raven Babe returns to present an extraordinary performance. She starts out sitting on the bed in lingerie, playfully spanking her upper thigh before standing up to show off her body from all angles. I’m just as guilty as anyone who focuses on her enormous schlong, but it’s not like I don’t appreciate how pretty her face is as well as other physical attributes she possesses. But having an extra large dick in trans porn is quite a draw and irresistible to mention.

But let’s say Raven wasn’t so well-endowed. If she just had to rely on sheer talent as an adult entertainer, she’d still excel because of her vocal performances as well as visual. Yes, her stripteases are great and watching her jerk off is fascinating. But it’s the way she captivates her viewers and makes it seem like she’s trying to turn on no one but you that makes Raven so successful. I’m not asking anyone to stop paying attention toy Raven’s large and lovely cock. Just don’t miss everything else she has to offer, especially if you’re a new webcam and/or studio model just starting out. If you’d like to see her masturbating and cumming LIVE sometime, register FREE on my favorite webcam site and follow her for notifications from

Black TGirls Teen Sensation Raven Babe!

Producer KilaKali introduces Raven Babe with a congratulations for graduating from Femout to Black-TGirls when the scene opens. She’s wearing a black corset, lace panties and sheer stockings explaining that she’s a vers bottom. She likes to take dick more than she likes to give it, but she can definitely do both. I first raved about Raven here on Caramel’s TGirls with “Raven Babe’s Breakthrough Solo Action” on March 10, 2017 when she debuted on Femout.

I think I knew that she prefers being fucked in the missionary position and that she likes to top doggystyle. Raven goes on to say that a muscle booty turns her on and that her eyes and goofy personality charms admirers. The opening interview is brief and it ends with Raven untying the front of her corset.

She allows her tantalizing tits to be exposed with a slight bounce and she presents a wonderful view of her fabulous butt by turning backward. Raven gives her ass a few smacks and begins to lower her panties. A black cock ring encircles her big cock and ball sack. Raven makes her heavy genitalia swing like an erotic pendulum and begins to remove her stockings. This babe is a leg admirer’s and foot lover’s dream.

From her pierced belly button moving outward from top to bottom, her whole body is remarkable. Once completely naked, Raven hops off the bed and retrieves a bottle of baby oil from the nightstand drawer. Back on the bed sitting up, Raven pours a generous amount of the shiny liquid across her breasts and down her torso. Once bent over, she gets some help from her producer in oiling up a tough spot to reach in this compromising position – across her perfectly rounded ass.

She tweaks her big wet nipples and then lays back to massage her fun spot. Raven is up on her knees when she begins jerking off and she does it furiously! Her massive cock enlarges to its fullest proportions. She continues making her huge prick lurch in the air and goes on stroking it hard and fast in her

If you’re a Femout.XXX member or intend to be and haven’t seen her first performances, that’s something I’d suggest doing. Also, you can see Raven camming LIVE on!

Femout.XXX – Raven Babe’s Breakthrough Solo Action!

MP4 Scene Trailer

KilaKali presents the spectacular debut of Raven Babe. I mean really – she’s incredibly gorgeous. The Iowa native has a super sultry voice and while laying on the bed in lingerie and tall sandals, she describes herself as verse. When her producer asks how she uses her ‘huge Raven stick’ I’m not quite sure what that’s all about yet because I’ve yet to see it.

At any rate, she says when she tops, she prefers doggy style. But she likes to bottom in the missionary position. Raven came out as trans in middle school and she was 18 years old and two months when this video and photo set was shot. This is her official major studio porn debut! It looks like she does webcam shows also and you can watch her performing LIVE if you register at my favorite cam platform. That’s so give her a follow!

As for her preferences, masculinity, muscles and body hair; everything that men have that she doesn’t have turns her on about men. Size kind of matters. She loves a small dick and a big dick, as long as the one who possesses it knows how to work it.

As Raven proceeds to strip out of her teddy and heels, kneeling up on the bed, I’ve already made up my mind that this is one of KilaKali’s hottest models ever. This is not because of her skin tone however, although most of his models that catch my attention right away are deep shades of chocolate brown or lighter than me. I just like contrast and caramel complexions like mine don’t give me the same thrill as others shades against my own skin tone. But that’s just me.

Anyway, Raven has these lovely Hershey’s kisses nipples and a pierced tummy. She has the doe-eyed smile as she poses, baring and wiggling her pert bottom before she lowers her panties.

Raven has a sexy pair of legs and feet and looking upward, you’ll see a cock ring affixed to her cock and balls. Her photographer is right about her being hung. She moves her ass like a pro stripper while on all fours on the bed. Then she lays back and begins moaning softly while rubbing her fun spot with her fingers.

Her large ball sack and cock shaft are shaven and you can tell that her breasts are sensitive by the way she caresses them. With lubricated hands, Raven strokes her cock and it grows bigger and bigger until you realize it’s flipping enormous! It’s a two hands to handle whopper and Raven casually checks out some porn on her cell phone to make it expand to its greatest proportions.

To think that she’s only 18 years old. Raven Babe has plenty of time to take the adult industry completely by storm. I’ll remember that it all began for her on webcam and on the extraordinary Femout.XXX website.