TGirls.Porn: RedVex & Sadie Kross

Sadie Kross enters the lair of RedVex a little nervous. She’s come to explore her sexuality and since she needs someone with experience and dominant traits, she’s in the right place. If you didn’t know anything about this TGirls.Porn scene before watching, Sadie’s sexy schoolgirl outfit and RedVex dressed in dominatrix regalia indicate how things might play out.

After some deep kissing, Sadie devours Red’s large bare breasts and gets the favor returned. Next, RedVex sinks to her knees to raise the hem of Sadie’s tartan plaid skirt, finding a bulge in her panties. Sadie helps things progress by removing her panties and skirt and RedVex moves in on her lovely uncut cock with no hands at first. She uses her warm talented mouth to please it, pausing to tea bag her smooth ball sack and even reaching up to caress her big boobs and sensitive nipples.

When they trade places, Sadie sucks RedVex while stroking her own erection. Then they arrange themselves into a 69 position on the bed. The tremendous fucking begins in the doggy style position! This is an excellent production from Kalin who has filmed both Sadie on the multi-site and RedVex 10 TIMES EACH with some hardcore scenes included! There’s massive dildo play and hard spanking in this video with asses ending up looking like road maps of Chile for those of us who love BDSM.

Sadie: “Finally managed to do my first hardcore scene and it was a lot fun. <3 Definitely will continue doing them. Loved to shoot with RedVex and being her bitch, spanked and fucked. Also loved making her mine as well. As an extra you guys see how I loose my arse virginity (toys don’t count)! And I’m not shitting you.” (:“

RedVex: “Hello folks! I am your favourite Polish T-girl and this time, I have had my Finnish friend Sadie Kross to come over! Luckily, I happen to have brought a few of my toys and a kinky leather corset with me… It could only have gone one way from there! I guess we are both like to be filmed and Kalin was there to skillfully lend his camera, capturing all the important bits for you to enjoy. I hope you will enjoy watching this scene as much as we did making it!”

Nikki Montero and RedVex on Latina Tranny



I’ve seen all of the hardcore photo sets and videos with Nikki Montero and RedVex on Latina Tranny. As long as they keep making them, I’m going to keep watching them. The latest is a schoolgirl scorcher that begins with Nicole and RedVex multiplying 2 times 2. Some scenes include foreplay, others go straight to sex and there’s also often a lot of humor in the videos on this torrid megasite. Nikki and RedVex suck on their lollipops and the gorgeous Polish blonde sucks on the candy between Nikki’s legs. ot Nikki returns the favor while stroking her own big, stiff cock. My favorite part is the 69 footage. This new video makes me want to go back to seeing these two naughty ladies fucking on Latina Tranny. It also makes me anxious to see what’s coming next.

Nikki Montero and RedVex on Latina Tranny

The gorgeous Chilean Latin Tranny and SheLesbianPOV hostess Nicole Montero has released an incredible two part bareback hardcore sex scene with Polish transsexual Red Vex which was shot in London. Just as I guessed, the bulk of the fucking is in the second video, but don’t be surprised if you lose it while watching the first scene. There’s a lot of humor throughout and the chemistry between them is refreshing to witness. As Nikki say before she cums on pretty Red’s face, “You will like this.”