TwoTgirls: Fucking Solicitors

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Description: Kami is going door to door selling Christmas tree insurance! She stumbles upon River Stark’s house and knocks on the door, blatantly ignoring the “No Soliciting” sign. River Stark answers the door, uninterested at first, she eventually invites Kami inside after hearing about the super special 10% off event! The girls head inside and sit down on the couch, Kami explains the details to River, but River seems uninterested again. Eager to close the deal, Kami is willing to do whatever it takes to close the sale. River Stark moves in for the kiss and startles Kami who was not expecting any physical contact. The two girls lock lips again and things heat up! The clothes come off and the dicks get hard! River Stark plows Kami in her tight little butthole relentlessly all the way ’til she blows a huge hot load all over her face!

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Although I know that Kami Kartel could have been the top with River Stark in this incredible update, I love that it’s River who takes the lead. It just seems right for whatever reason. Perhaps it just that I’m running my own imaginary scenario in which River is telling herself, “I’m going to fuck this girl silly,” behind the scenes.

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The buildup is nice and long (like the cock that juts above the waistband out of River’s panties about 5 minutes into the scene). The kissing is super-passionate, and the breast play leads them to a place I ventured to as well – Bonerland! Kami makes a dazzling show of sucking River’s thick member and I think you’ll appreciate all the nudity displayed before River drives her bare cock inside Kami’s curvy and tight ass doggy style. Kami then gets pounded side saddle and in the reverse cowgirl position with River’s jackhammer thrusts. Then comes a missionary railing that evolves into a pile driver pounding and an extraordinary, explosive ending.

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River Stark & Viviane Rex on CrashpadSeries


“What’s better than getting what you want? Getting what you want after being denied. River Stark and Viviane Rex know this well, teasing each other with a cordless Magic Wand pulled away at precisely the right moment… or maybe they’re just being mean. Once Viviane equips an InJoyUs dildo and goes to town on River, pleasure won’t be deferred.” – Keymaster. Lesbian / Switch / Poly cisgender female Viviane Rex is sensational with one of my all-time favorite trans adult model and photographer River Stark on CrashPadSeries. Check out the Episode 209: River Stark and Viviane Rex video preview and more sample photos.