Canada-TGirl: Sarina’s Tempting Cock Play!

Description: Sarina’s shoot today is all about playing with her cock and she does just that and really gets into it. You’ll be charmed by this red haired temptress going naked on the bed. Her fierce look, silky smooth skin and all natural body turn her into an irresistibly tempting dream tgirl.

Sarina is one of Canada-TGirl-com‘s top models in her own right and if that’s not enough of an edge, she sometimes brings her cis life partner Robin Coffins along for the ride. They’d done it here and in a blazing hot hardcore scene on TGirls.Porn.

But Sarina is back on Canada-TGirl to remind us that she can heat things up to a fever pitch all on her own. Her posing in lingerie goes pretty much like what you see in the first picture I’ve enclosed. One moment she’s standing before a bed and she’s straddling it the next.

Sarina smiles wickedly and exposes her lovely she-cock relatively early in this shoot. Then she verbalizes stroking her cock. Her voice is so freaking sexy. She also develops a raging hardon super fast!

She stands above you masturbating at times and turns around to show off her incredible ass. She spanks it hard before sitting on the bed again. Sarina then removes her corset with her hard dick jutting out at you. Her breast and nipples look absolutely delicious I know from her past performances. She’ll remove her brassiere but it’s going to take awhile.

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I love the intimacy, editing and unbridled lust of Vee Soho’s latest capture of Sarina Havok. Don’t miss it on

Sarina Havok Fucks Ghost Robin Coffins

If Canada-TGirl producer Vito ever moves on to mainstream filmmaking, “Sarina Havok Fucks Ghost Robin Coffins” will be one of those remember when he did porn moments. This isn’t a scene, it’s a 21:05 minute short film that happens to be XXX-rated. “Epic” is such an overused word that should be reserved for great productions like this one. I actually got creeped out for a moment and I do not scare easily at all. There’s nothing gross at all – it’s eerie that’s all, like effective old school horror. 

Any time someone enters an abandoned building, there’s a good chance something spooky is going to happen. When Sarina starts hearing a voice leading along, it would be terrifying if you weren’t so anxious to see her get some pussy. Then comes a scary flash moment of beautiful ghost Robin scantily clad in an off-white lace robe. Is it Goth? Hell yes! But so were Sarina’s debut and encore performances on the multi-site before this hardcore feature with her real life significant other was released.

When Sarina and Robin appeared on TGirls.Porn in a scene I raved about on my TS Dreamland blog, Robin said about their first hardcore produced and directed by Vito, “It was like a dream. Perfect, enchanting, blissful… Sarina just fills the bedroom with her presence. Leaving you begging for more. In a sense that, she just captivates you and you have centered all of your attention on her and can’t focus on anything else but her aura. My climax wouldn’t necessarily be my favourite part though… Clearly I get more gratification when she does. So what turns me on the most is to excite her and make her desire me….” (Sarina Havok & Robin Coffins). 

I feel connected with the first sentence the most. It blows my mind how such an ethereal movie can evolve into full raunchiness in under a half hour and sealed with a voracious cummy kiss. This is one of the most brilliant scenes ever and one of the best of 2017, Period.