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Description: Superstar Shiri, just crowned the “Grooby Girl of the Year” for 2017, made an amazing comeback two weeks ago. Today, she’s back for more in another smashing solo scene brought to you by Radius Dark! Gorgeous as always, Shiri enjoys showing off her sexy feet and her perfect booty! Watch her as she strokes her cock just for you until she blows a nice huge sticky load! Shiri is AMAZING!

I agree 100% with those statements, but I just love to go into lurid detail about great performances. In her 8th performance since July of 2016, Shiri sits in a pose that shows off her flexibility asking if we’re happy to see her. Most replies would be both happy and horny I’m sure. Then she asks how we feel about her shiny outfit.

She rubs places on her body you’d love to explore and she draws attention to her nipples that are protruding through the thin blue fabric. She also opens her gorgeous legs and runs her fingers around the outline of her swelling cock. Shiri then exposes and plays with her lovely pink nipples and have I ever mentioned her new braces? As if she wasn’t adorable enough already.

Shiri gives us a devastating rear view next and the fact that it takes so long to move the crotch panel of her outfit aside is absolutely tortuous! Her bare legs and feet almost make this a video just centered on those amazing parts of this stunning model. But there are so many other places your eyes will be drawn to as well.

Shiri finally exposes her tiny rosebud while jerking off intently. She strokes her cock while rubbing one soft breast and she moans softly. Then she hides her boner in the fabric of her garment again. Mr. Dark captures a remarkable aerial view of Shiri releasing her erection and its bulbous head points up toward the ceiling!

Eventually Shiri renders her body completely nude and it’s an incredible vision. She simulates anticipating you sinking your cock deeply within her tight ass and then she goes into full fap mode while kneeling. “Wanna see me squirt?” she asks and look at how her cock head deepens in color.

There’s a sweet and sexy little closing interview with this update after Shiri shoots her load.

Mancini Plans To Rebrand Transgender Adult Properties

Original Article
Rhett Pardon
Nov 22, 2017 12:29 PM PST

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Mancini Productions announced today that it plans on rebranding its transgender website Shemale Strokers and DVD series “Tranny Panty Busters” to conform with contemporary acceptable terms used in adult entertainment and elsewhere.

“When we started back in 2002, the words ‘shemale’ and ‘tranny’ were the acceptable terms. Over the last 15 years, those two terms have come to be viewed as slurs,” said company owner Sammy Mancini, who noted that a new flagship site name will be rolled out in December.

“While several years ago we removed those two terms completely from our websites, the actual names of the websites are brands that are difficult to change for a variety of reasons,” Mancini said. “However, in the interest of standing by our friends and peers in both the trans adult and LGBTQ community, we are in the process of changing the names of our sites and DVD titles.”

The rebrand initiative is the first in a series of changes scheduled for Mancini’s properties scheduled throughout the rest of the year. The DVD series “Tranny Panty Busters” will be shortened to “Panty Busters.”
Mancini said that’s new name will also more accurately describes “all the beautiful trans girls and overall content theme that have made our sites so popular.”

Mancini began shooting transgender adult movies in 2002. He was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 Transgender Erotica Awards (TEAs).

This year Mancini Productions relaunched Shemale Strokers through Exquisite Multimedia exclusively distributes Mancini Productions DVDs.

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Transsensual: Shiri and Jonah Marx

MP4 Scene Trailer

Jonah Marx helps his beautiful grad student girlfriend of a year Shiri move into her new place. As they sit on the bed after the work is done, Shiri can sense from a couple of odd statements that Jonah is being extra sensitive – a bit off. He confesses that when she was out at a concert he browsed her computer history. What?! As expected she’s pissed! But as he explains why he did it she begins to realize that she hasn’t been giving up much sex. What’s really bugging Jonah however is all the images of big dicks on her computer. He’s worried that she finds him to small.

Sample Photo Gallery

Shiri insists that his cock size is too big if anything! Shiri decides to forgive Jonah for violating her privacy. She’s also anxious to see if they can work on the discomfort she feels taking his big cock in he tight ass. Upon seeing Jonah’s stiff cock (again in another hot production), I’m reminded that he really is quite hung. During the sequence in which Shiri gives him a blowjob, I’m also reminded that he has a really nice body. And so does the trans lead of this film. Shiri looks incredible getting blown while standing and shedding her clothing as well as getting finger banged on the bed.

Flash Scene Trailer

Somewhere along the line I forget that this movie is about the hopes that the girlfriend will overcome her inability to handle her boyfriend’s big dick. Some Transsensual scenes and full movies are deep with dramatic performances – perfect for couples. This scene is a great couples clip also or one to savor on your own and it’s a bit more lighthearted, yet torrid and beautiful to watch. Be sure to check out “She Wants It Big” on

TGirls.Porn: Shiri & Tori Mayes

TGirls.Porn Description: Another Radius Dark TGP production knocked out the park this week as we combine the dark skinned and seductive Tori Mayes with fair redhead cutie Shiri for a delicious swirl of TS naughtiness. Two beautiful young ladies who just couldn’t keep their hands and tongues off each other’s throbbing girl cocks and tight little asses from start to finish.

It looks like Tori would possibly be the aggressor in a seemingly real life girlfriend relationship as the kiss passionately. Tori slightly hovers above Shiri as she strokes her stiff cock during this beautiful makeout session. She’s got her lips wrapped around Shiri’s bulbous cock head within the first minute of this update.

Mutual bare breast admiration follows and then Shiri withdraws Tori’s pre-cum oozing cock from her panties. She gives her mate a blowjob and the girls trade places again. Shiri gets treated to a rimjob and then the girls do a bit of standing frottage. I find only a few things hotter than two beautiful trans girls rubbing their dicks together. This action occurs later in the scene also after the jackhammer fucking. It’s just more of a frottage session with the intent of cumming the second time around.

Shiri: “I loved working with Tori. We’re going to have to do it again sometime. Her dick was huge and I loved the way she put it down my throat. I love frottage. Something about seeing a big cock rubbing up against mine drives me wild. We were both rock hard for the entire time, so you know that the chemistry was there. I loved how she split me open from behind.”

Tori: Shooting with Shiri was incredible. That girl’s body is tasty! That dick is just so hard and fantastic. It’s the perfect length and it hits the perfect spot. My favorite part was having her bent over and seeing that ass and just being able to slap it and grab her waist. I didn’t know my dick could get that hard and throb up against someone like that.”

One of the things I love most about this scene is that it doesn’t just fade out after the climaxes. The intimacy doesn’t dissipate and it almost looks like a round two is about to happen! Here’s another 4K option TGirls.Porn masterpiece for us. Shiri and Tori Mays can also be found in several sets on

Mandy Mitchell: 3 way with Mike Panic and Shiri

MP4 Scene Trailers 

Mandy Mitchell and her two guests Shiri and Mike Panic in 3 way sex jumps straight to the action with two stunning trans women in a stud muffin sandwich. I knew I could count on this update to not only present an 3 way update that’s sexy to watch and with also with strong chemistry. Mandy never does things any other way.

Sample Photo Gallery

The only obvious element about this production is that it’s not a random event, yet is has it’s erotic surprises. I’m being tested to intrigue you about the scene but not to reveal all the nuances, twists and turns. Mike’s cock is fully erect from watching Mandy and Shiri kiss and from being touched and undressed by his aroused partners. He’s teased, tortured or pleased by a bare and stocking double foot job depending on how you look at this sort of intense foreplay.

Flash Scene Trailer

It evolves into oral foot sex that might make a foot fetishist cum within the first few minutes. But if feet don’t spin your propeller there’s more to come very soon. They move on to what looks like a fantastic blowjob, rimjobs performed by Mike and Mandy. Then more clothing is shed and Shiri’s lovely form and stiffening cock becomes the focus of all the attention.

Then it goes back to Mandy’s hardon and mouth-watering breasts. Shiri takes two boners into her mouth at the same time and guess who does the actual fucking first. I don’t mean that literally. I would love you to see what I saw what happened and how everyone cums!

As a fan of and long before she became a huge star, her amazing performance here comes as no surprise to me. I also adore! her work is one of the reasons that convinced me to review porn updates in the first place. She’s amongst the best of the best and that’s all there is to it. – Trans6uals II Directed by Jamie French

Scene Trailer Gallery One 

The DVD is now available on Jamie’s website! “One lover is never enough” is the tagline of the Jamie French directed Trans6uals II sequel. The groundbreaking hostess of stars in it with a stupendous cast including Korra Del Rio, Natalie Mars, Kira Crash, Sarah Webb, and Shiri. Jamie does it again as one of the finest trans porn directors of all time! It’s evident in the opening before the credits run. Without revealing the storyline, Natalie and Kira are the primary focus of the first sex scene although they’re engaged in an orgy with all the stars. Korra and Shiri are the next principal characters and the action on the floor while the four other girls on the sofa doesn’t stop. I’ll leave it for you to see who’s fucking who! Jamie and Sarah are up next followed by the entire cast sucking and fucking! The action continues in the bedroom, totally naked and oily! I cannot rave about this movie enough, let alone about Jamie’s top shelf website.

Scene Trailer Gallery Two

TGirls.Porn: River Enza & Shiri

In her interview about this TGirls.Porn shoot, River Enza apologizes to producer Radius Dark for getting totally into sex with Shiri right away. I can’t blame either model for getting turned on so fast. River joins Shiri in the bedroom just before she sits on the bed. River sinks to her knees, rubbing the bulge in her panties and then leaning upward for a kiss. She licks Shiri’s rapidly swelling cock head and shaft, then takes the first few inches inside her mouth. Shiri gasps and moans out her pleasure as River tea bags her smoothly shaven ball sack and proceed to give her a deep blowjob.

River pauses to lower her dress, exposing her lovely breasts. Shiri runs circles around her puffy nipples with her tongue and her cock is raging hard at this point. River resumes sucking Shiri’s rod and when River hops on the bed, she gets some help getting her tall platforms off. Her oral is then filmed in POV footage that almost looks like Shiri is holding the camera as she gets sucked off.

There’s a rimjob followed by more passionate kissing and frottage until Shiri gives River a blowjob while glancing at us occasionally. River’s legs are spread widely and raised high in the air as if she’s ready to receive a missionary position railing. After squeezing and sliding both hardons together, River doesn’t have to change positions to get fucked. Shiri eases her bare organ inside River’s tight ass for a powerful fucking.

Shiri manages to stroke River’s turgid erection rampantly while pumping her hard schlong in and out of her. After kissing again, Shiri braces her arms around River to give her a tremendous pounding! Man this babe can fuck! River takes this ramming in the doggy style position next and I’m going to end this recap here to let you read what they had to say about what went down.

River: “Kissing Shiri was a dream. It got me really turned and, sorry to the producer and his vision, but I totally skipped the long drawn out foreplay and pulled her panties down as it was just natural for me. I’m totally submissive, so I waited for her to give me permission to kiss it, and I quickly filled my mouth with her cock. Her cock and balls tasted amazing, but she really made me squirm when she gave me her beautiful head. In between my legs, her head bobbing up and down. I could barely contain myself. I hit the camera a few times if I recall correctly. She teased me with that perfect, pink cock as we played with each other for a bit and then she slid it in. That moment was so golden. I winced a little bit as her head went in, because I’m so tight. She fucked me in all kinds of positions, but I loved it when she told me “that ass looks amazing” before putting it in my tight asshole for the last time. Sticking my tongue out and licking all that cum up in my mouth was pure pleasure.”

Shiri: “When I found out River was in town and looking for a partner to fuck her on camera, I signed up right away. She is a super tall girl and we had a little fun with that in the intro pictures. I made her get right to giving me head and I got hard right away. It felt good to have a tall, submissive girl ravishing my body. It didn’t take long before she was both sucking my titties and running her long, sexy fingers up and down my cock, before diving back in “head” first on my cock. The girl knows what she’s doing. Once we were both rock hard, I really started feeling it. We rubbed our cocks together and then I put it in her. She was nice and tight. Her ass felt amazing, tightening around my cock. She’s tall, but light, so it was easy to have her bouncing up and down on my dick. Watching her cock banging on my stomach was so erotic. After fucking that amazing ass, I made her lick up all my delicious cum. When she came, I did the same for her. Yummy.”

You can Watch the Free Trailer on TGirls.Porn 

Michelle Austin & Shiri

Sample Photo Gallery

“StepMom In Charge” is a fun hardcore scene with hot trans girls 2017 AVN Award Nominee Michelle Austin of and 2017 TEA Nominee Shiri of Fans have been asking for Michelle to be with a tgirl and here it is! This scene runs just under 27 minutes and comes with 165 photos! Michelle also has more exciting news for us! “As the new year starts things will be happening here at my site. I will be updating on a more frequent basis as requested. I am also shooting all new content in 4K which means you will get every option of quality when viewing my new videos. Most all old videos are shot in HD, but anything coming out in 2017 will be 4K. Over 100 Videos from the past. Updates 2 times a month at the least. Working on updating every week with at least photo. You will two or more video updates a month. If you have ideas of scenes you want to see me do solo or with a partner message me, I will see what I can do. I do shoot a lot of new stuff with trans men, that is my preference and thing. But will try to do other things this year for the fans!” Take the tour for more previews!

TwoTGirls – Beth Bell & Shiri in A Biology Lesson

Click here for the MP4 Trailer
Click here for the MP4 Trailer

I’ve been a serious Shiri fan since long before she became an official adult industry star. It was through social media and amateur porn I always thought was way too good to last long for free. Before this killer Two Tgirls performance, she thrilled thousands with her live performances. This redhead is one of the stunning performers I’ve ever seen with an intense brand of intelligence that always shines through in her work. This is why I find it so appropriate that she portrays a teacher in her Two Tgirls tryst with gorgeous Vegas-based Beth Bell! I especially love it when Shiri swats Beth’s sexy bare ass with her ruler after the two foxes exchange blowjobs. I also love the position changes and I think my favorite it the second doggy style railing in which Shiri’s tight ass is captured through Mayumi Sparkle’s lens. But then there’s also aerial and side footage of Shiri’s bare cock thrusting in of Beth’s derriere to oogle over, too. An wait until Beth looks at you with her pretty brown eyes right before a blast of creamy white cum spurts from her swollen pink cockhead and splashes across Beth’s face and hair! Shiri rubs every last drop of spunk from her lovely cock while Beth takes the head in and out of her sweet mouth. There are four options for download including 4k and look at the magnificent job Mayumi has done with the landing page of Two Tgirls.

Take The Two Tgirls Tour
Take The Two Tgirls Tour