TS Seduction: Sofia Sanders and Pierce Paris

Someone apparently gets as turned on by writing about TS Seduction scenes as I do. I don’t know who it is but they should get credit for such a horny synopsis. So I’ll leave some of it intact and just add a few of my own personal thoughts. It reads: Even the most seasoned of performers can get nervous. When the jitters come, some people reach for a drink or maybe take some deep breaths but for the tall TS goddess Sofia Sanders there is only one thing that can help her relax: FUCKING!

Lucky for her Pierce Paris is all too willing to do whatever it takes to help a lady get ready for her performance. Sofia drags Pierce to her with a raw magnetic sexual pulse that instantly makes his cock rock hard. She lets him slowly worship her body, and Pierce showers her with kisses and the softest of touches. Once Sofia knows that he is hers to command she takes out her huge cock and stuffs it down his throat. Pierce devours her stiff rod and begs Sofia to plunge deeper into his willing throat. Tired of his pathetic attempts to please her, Sofia then flips her hung little bitch over and begins to… Okay I’ll end the official write-up here.

This is Sofia’s SEVENTH TsSeduction.com scene since 2017 brilliantly directed by Madeline Marlowe. She’s an institution to me on TS Seduction and I cannot believe this is the first time here. I’ve been crushing on him hard forever. I knew exactly what I’d like most about Sofia and Pierce’s chemistry if the scene played out the same way in real life as it was in my mind before seeing it. I could care less about the fisting if I’m being honest. I’m more aroused by the oral sex and actual fucking which is amazing. What I love most is that Sofia’s highly skilled domination brings out something special about Pierce. He possesses incredible physical strength and that’s obvious when you see him. But there’s a charming and sweet vulnerability a less talented Domme or director could not have exposed. That’s my two cents and you can read the rest of the official synopsis on TsSeduction.com but warning; it does contain spoilers. Look for “Stunning TS Goddess Sofia Sanders Fucks and Fists a Hung Muscled Stud!!” on Kink.com.

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Pure-TS: Sofia Sanders


Forget the soccer… Let’s fuck instead! on Pure-TS.com 


Sofia Sanders and Christian are soccer fans and their nations are playing each other in a huge match today! Christian comes to pick her up, but she isn’t ready to go just yet. First she wants to play a different type of game. These two mature performers are hot and horny for each other and it really shows!


“Mature Latina Sofia Sanders Fucks His Ass Raw” was the Pure-TS.com debut of gorgeous Sofia Sanders before this new release. I’ve been a fan of Sofia Sanders aka Deborah Falcon from El Paso, Mexico for quite some time. I know that her approximate stats are 5’9″(175 cm), 160 lbs(73 kg), 8″(20 cm). After the comical argument over U.S.A vs Mexico soccer teams, things get serious when Christian sees her big bare tits. He devours them, sucking on her large nipples, then reveals the dusky cock that stands out from her crotchless panties. He kneels down to give it a good sucking and then Sofia returns the favor. She tweaks a sensitive nipple while giving head and then removes her jersey.


Sofia’s big cock expands to a full erection while she sucks Christian’s cock. Next, she lays back on the bed to receive a salad tossing. You’ve got to hear the way she moans while getting her rim job. She gets louder and starts speaking Spanish once her curvy round ass gets drilled bareback. After another oral invasion on her firm backside, Sofia gets a tremendous doggy style railing. She looks stunning wearing nothing but a pair of tall sandals and some jewelry.


Her ass, her legs and her jiggling tits are a joy to watch and the side saddle fucking leads to a torrid cowgirl ride. Wait until you see the way beautiful Latinx veteran star Sofia Sanders drains the porn king’s cum in this fantastic Pure-TS.com update!