Valentina Mia and Soldier Boi Fuck Hard!

Gorgeous Valentina heads to the vanity in a bra and panties to add some finishing touches to her makeup. Producer Omar Wax captures magnificent views of her body as she alternates between one small mirror and the large one on the wall. Meanwhile, Soldier Boi waits in another room then joins her while she’s running a bath. She asks if he wants to join her and when he agrees to, she helps him get his clothes off.

After taking off his shirt, Valentina uses a time saving method of lowering his pants and briefs at the same time. His cock is dangling right before her as the stand next to the tub and Valentina quickly kneels down to suck it. She sucks it like a demon! After about five minutes of Soldier Boi getting his BBC worshipped, he stands Valentina back up and removes her bra and panties.

Then he moves in for some ass play that includes a rimjob before they decide to relocate to the bedroom. His oral assault on her fine ass is even longer on the bed and deliciously naked Valentina needs his stiff cock inside her mouth once again.

There’s a beautifully filmed standing makeout sequence face to face until Soldier Boi turns Valentina around to smack his beautiful black dick against Valentina’s plump, protuberant bottom. Then he eases his cock inside Valentina’s tight ass while they’re standing. His deep grunts mingle with her high pitched whimpers as the fuck like bunnies. Valentina uses the support of the bed as she continues taking a powerful railing from behind. She then takes a side saddle and reverse cowgirl ramming!

In fact there are multiple position changes still to come in this torrid couples porn masterpiece on I don’t want to spoil how they both had explosive orgasms but this you just have to see! PornOCD did an interview with my studly friend Soldier Boi on TS Dreamland and I did one with Valentina here on Caramel’s TGirls. I recommend that you check them out sometime and to also see all the updates on Shemale Yum.

Trans500 – Chanel Santini in: Interracial Ass Banging

Wow! Today it’s on ladies and gentlemen. This gal is simply just fucking stunning. Just look at her, we can’t wait……….. Chanel Santini is making her debut with this hot, interracial scene. Her parents cut her off so she’s taken a babysitting job which she hates. The only thing keeping her there is huge black dick. Today it’s going down. She makes her move and the rest is history. She loves taking in huge, black cock. We give these gals exactly what they want. They all yearn for a huge ass stretching and we definitely give it to them. It’s the weekend so sit back, relax and welcome this gorgeous piece of TS ass. Chanel Santini in “Interracial Ass Banging”.

This is the synopsis I read this morning and it was all I needed to persuade me to check out the video and full photo set. The casting is a tremendous coup with 2017 TEA Best New Face Chanel and 3 time nominee for Best Male Performer Soldier Boi.

If you’re a or fan, you know that this production must have been shot recently. I love her new look, but then this model can basically do no wrong in my humble opinion. Soldier Boi has proven himself as a magnificent male performer in trans porn again and again. Both extremely familiar faces are gorgeous and their bodies are phenomenal, so let’s get to the main event – the performance. It begs the question, “What more can you ask for?” combined with top level production values and minimal, yet good acting enhanced by a dope soundtrack. If someone asked me to guess what studio these actors had a video and photo set released on today, I’d have been dead wrong. That’s what I consider another coup for

Haters are everywhere within the adult industry and the same goes for porn fans. If there are any Chanel Santini haters reading this, I hope you’ll accept that this performer is proving herself to be a legendary star. Get over it! Soldier Boi will someday receive the accolades he truly deserves. They’re long overdue and this scene proves it. The trailer alone explains why I give this network scene in the branch a rare A+.

Tiny Tara Fucked By Soldier Boi And Tayden!

The July 2017 Model of the Month Tiny Tara on made a big splash with two solo videos with her adult industry debut. Three months later in October, she was soundly fucked in an an interracial scene with Tayden. On Valentine’s Day, her torrid threesome was released with Tayden and three time TEA nominated Soldier Boi.

Producer Omar Wax delivers a trademark outdoor scene, yet this time it’s with two men, not a pair of trans girls. Tayden and Soldier Boi are trying to one up each other on who has a better chance with adorable Tara. One guy has her phone number, but the other knows where she lives.

It seems like the best way to find out which of them Tara is more attracted to is to pay her a visit and just ask her. The diminutive sex kitten is messing around on her phone when her unexpected guests arrive at her door. She saunters to her door wearing a midriff baring top, short shorts and tall sandals. Upon greeting them, it takes her a moment to recognize them from a party the other night, but she feels comfortable enough to let them enter her apartment.

Tara tells both guys how cute they are while they sit in the dining area getting acquainted. Tayden confesses that their purpose is to find out if once of them had a chance to score with her. Tara signals verbally and with her body language that she’s interested into getting to know both guys better and when they take the bait, she coyly allows them to make their moves.

This model’s sensuality and ease before the camera was obvious in her solo scenes. Her hardcore performance with Tayden was a one-on-one erotic blast. Tara’s threesome solidifies my belief that she can go as far in the adult industry as she wants to. All she needs to do really is keep at it. Tara never appears nervous with her two studs and looks phenomenal naked. Both guys switch places with jackhammer spit roast action and Tara keeps up with them like it’s the sex of a lifetime. With these hot, horny guys, it might have been just that! Don’t miss this impressive cum-laden threesome on A great way to find out what it’s like to become and live the life of a successful male porn star is to check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi.

Gorgeous Candy Licious & Soldier Boi Fuck!

In her fourth video and photo shoot, Tennessee stunner Candy Licious goes hardcore. This makes an even two solo scenes and two TS/Male trysts. Omar Wax presents Candy’s latest killer scene with super stud Soldier Boi with a date night theme.

Candy looks absolutely ravishing putting on her makeup while contemplating sucking some cock and getting fucked. Her prolonged soliloquy is sexy as hell as she checks out her sexy lingerie that should only be worn on an exquisite form. Soldier Boi awaits in the living room area and when Candy emerges, he plays it cool and makes small talk about the weather. Candy is more interested in getting some cock right now than chatting and she makes her intentions crystal clear. She tells him she wants his big dick in her mouth and to stand up? Did I say this is a date night situation? Correction; it’s more like suck and fuck night. “Fuck talking,” she says while unbuckling his belt when he stands before her.

Soldier Boi can’t help cursing as Candy gives him a deep, amazing-looking blowjob. And she swallows “that mothufucka” the way he asks so well until it’s raging hard. At first, Candy is seated while giving head with Soldier Boi standing, but then he takes a seat as she slides to the floor. In this position with her fine ass thrust outward, Candy is able to finger bang herself while sucking. Her pink and white outfit has a crotch panel, but it’s dental floss thin for easy access.

Candy gets some help with her digital backdoor manipulation and she straddles the sofa for a good salad tossing. By the time Soldier Boi asks, “Are you ready for this dick, baby?” Candy is butt naked except for her sexy sandals and her hung partner has totally discarded his clothing. Candy gasps loudly and Soldier Boi eases his hardon inside her from behind.

The doggy style fucking sequence begins slowly and suddenly, but evolves into a relentless pounding! Soldier Boi pile drive’s Candy’s world-class butt and then fuck in the cowgirl position. This is perhaps the best sequence for ass lovers, but if you’re more excited by a beautiful trans girl’s tits jiggling and cock and balls swinging around all over the place, you’ll most likely prefer the reverse cowgirl ride. This is also where you get to see Candy jerking off while she’s getting banged. I lose count of the many position changes this hot pair manage before Candy receives a massive facial.

If you haven’t read my Interview with Candy Liscious, now is the perfect time to check it out! Her fan base is growing like wildfire because she’s not only gorgeous, but a total sweetie pie! She’s also going to be performing live on webcam soon and if you know me, you know which platform she’ll be on. Chaturbate!

If you’re a guy reading this and would like to get some some insight as to what it takes to become a Transgender Erotica Awards nominated performer, head on over to my TS Dreamland for my friend Scott’s Interview with Soldier Boi. 

Chelsea Flowers and Soldier Boi on Black TGirls







The Black TGirls video with beautiful Chelsea Flowers and handsome Soldier Boi is a little different from most of the hardcore scenes on this great site. It begins with Chelsea posing for you and there’s no plot development. Her brief strip tease is a great warm-up however. Skipping forward to the actual fucking, Chelsea performs for the camera like a porn veteran. So does her cum-spurting cock. You should see the velocity of her eruption while Soldier Boi pounds away fast and hard. I know absolutely nothing about her yet, but after seeing a performance like this, she’s made a memorable name for herself. Ladies, if you find modesty and a little bit of mystery charming and sexy, @SoldierBoiXXX of Houston, Texas is incredible. If you haven’t seen all of this week’s spectacular Black TGirls updates, be sure to check the preview video. This lineup is spellbinding.

Black TGirls Eryn Skyy Does Soldier Boi

Although Eryn Skyy of Houston, Texas works for a demanding employer, but she’s busy diddling herself to some social media stud named Meat Packer on her phone. Her boss, played by hot Mr. SB, catches her and makes good use of her state of arousal. Gorgeous Erin drops to her knees to give him a blowjob. The first position he fucks his secretary in is doggie style on the sofa. But it’s the missionary position railing that makes her cum on Black-TGirls. I’m sending my resume. I’ll probably get around to the solo performances of De’Ja, Anna After Dark, Fendi Long, Hailey Kensington and Lexa Love, too. They’re all too smoking hot not to mention.


Vivian Spice Does Soldier Boi

Vivian Spice and Soldier Boi are totally convincing as a couple who are too turned on by one another to begin a night out on the town without having sex first. That said, I liked their hardcore Black-TGirls video from the start.


The video runs just under 23 minutes and not one of them was wasted. The acting was brief, yet good enough to make the video memorable. It was a refreshing set-up for a scene that ends with two big climaxes from both consummate professionals. Vivian Spice and Soldier Boi make it seem like this erotic event could have gone down even if the cameras weren’t rolling. The entire line up for the January 27th Black-TGirls update is tremendous, so be sure to take the video and photo tour.