Kimberlee and Max Born

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So I’m talking with a male friend and big fan of Kimberlee who’s always up-to-date on her new releases. He recently told me he forgot she has such a big dick? I’m like, “What? How can you forget that? You must forget she has a dick PERIOD then. He replied that I nailed it. He just sees Kimberlee as a beautiful woman and it’s forever a surprise to him when he sees her big cock. This left me feeling a bit perverted. I don’t care about size but cock is pretty hard for me not to notice! It’s especially hard for me to ignore when it’s a huge functional trans beauty’s schlong.

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What do you do when you catch your man sitting on the couch watching porn again? Help him out! That’s the theme is this straight to the action hardcore update! He doesn’t have his cock all the way out yet but the bulge in his jeans is quite obvious. Kimberlee hops on the couch scantily clad and begins unzipping the guy’s jeans and he’s already fully erect as suspected. My goodness he’s hung! Kimberlee wastes no time giving him a blowjob.

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Max helps Kimberlee get down to her panties and heels eventually and she rises to her feet to get her undies off. She gets back to her fantastic looking cock sucking skills until she decided it’s time to fuck. Then she lowers her tight, curvy ass on his massive tool in the reverse cowgirl position!

The focus is mainly on Kimberlee’s big heaving tits and large cock and balls swinging around all over the place. Then it’s mainly about Kimberlee’s gorgeous butt when she jousts up and down on Max’s joint while facing him. Max has literally fucked Kimberlee out of her designer pumps by the time he gets acrobatic, screwing her while suspending her in the air. Then comes a doggystyle railing followed by a missionary pummeling! We’re back to cowgirl again before more air lift banging. Kimberly makes an erotic show of catching her man’s cum in her mouth. 

TS Pussy Hunters: Stefani Special and Violet Monroe

“Pool Party Surprise: Besties explore a secret one has been hiding.”

Violet Monroe and Stefani Special are at a bumping pool party. They got a VIP cabana so they can sit in it and take selfies while the party happens around them, like all the hot chicks do. Violet needs to put some lotion on her porcelain skin and she asks her long time girl to apply apply it. While Stefani is rubbing the lotion all over Violet perfect milky white skin she is getting strangely arouses. Stefani has had a long time crush on Violet but she has never been able to tell Violet. Stefani has a secret she’s been keeping from Violet and she’s not sure how Violet would handle it. Violet decides it’s her turn to apply lotion onto Stefani and tells Stefani to show off her hot body a little more.

The two girls start to horse play and one thing leads to another and wouldn’t you know it, Stefani’s boner is revealed. Violet is astonished when she see’s her beautiful girl friend with a big throbbing cock. Violet is first mad that Stefani has been hiding this from her for so long. The heat from outside, The music from the party and the idea that anyone could be watching them gets the two girls extremely aroused and they start sucking and fucking each other. Violet sucks on Stefani’s big cock. Stefani eats Violets pussy. These two are sucking for so long that they miss the entire pool party. Everyone has left the estate and the two girls are left alone to go into the Jacuzzi for some more fun. Stefani pounds Violet in the water. She has heard about Violet’s sex life for so long from Violet herself that she knows exactly what Violet likes. Stefani chokes Violet and fucks her hard until she cream pies into Violet’s pussy. October 2017 will mark the retirement of Violet Monroe which makes watching this scene bittersweet for fans who’ve enjoyed her extraordinary work. Why did she have to get to so late?! I also raved about Violet’s performance with Venus Lux. Incidentally, she’s only NOT done anal once for

She and Stefani promise to explore romantic butt sex in this scene and I was very excited to find out what that’s all about. I’ve been a fan of Stefani Special for quite some time and one thing I’ve noticed over time is the way she listens to her partners when they reveal what they like. She gets what she likes but there’s a people pleasing trait in her DNA that makes both (and sometimes more) partners happy. I’ve actually duplicated some of her topping techniques with my own partners.

A few minutes into this besties scene, including the opening interview, the big discovery occurs about Stefani’s red hot poker following an oil rubdown for Violet. Then this scene is off and running like a locomotive! I got the romance 100% and I love how it’s combined with such aggressive sex. You should definitely watch the free trailer on

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Transsensual: Stefani Special and Billie Ramos

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Brunette stunner Stefanie Special consoles her dark, brooding boyfriend Billie Ramos after he gets into a fight. They kiss and fondle each other, stroking each other’s cocks until Stefanie lowers down and gives Billie a sexy, messy blowjob with lots of spit. Billie reciprocates, driven crazy by Stefanie’s cock sucking skills. Stefanie moans and begs Billie to fuck her tight asshole, which Billie does with vigor and enthusiasm. Stefanie squeals with pleasure as Billie rides her in several positions before cumming all over her.

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This is the official synopsis of “Kiss It Better!” directed by Dana Vespoli on Back at home after a night out, Stefani still can’t get over her boyfriend Billie getting into a fight. He totally went off on a guy who came on to her and she’s never seen this side of him before. Billie is not the type of guy who likes to talk about personal stuff even after a year of dating Stefani.

Flash Scene Trailer

It turns out that Billie has a pretty good explanation about things in his past that could cause violent outbursts like this with other men. Stefani is about to walk out on Billie until he opens up. She really loves him and appreciates that he’s finally trusting her with his personal issues. It’s not an actual World War III blowout between this couple, but what follows looks as satisfying as makeup sex.

Stefani Special Transsensual Profile

They kiss passionately and Stefani gives her man what looks like a phenomenal blowjob. Billie returns the favor and soon, he’s pumping his stiff cock in and out of his girlfriend on the sofa in the missionary position and others until they both cum explosively.

TransSensual – Aspen Brooks & Stefani Special

MP4 Preview
MP4 Preview

Scene #01 of the TransSensual production of TS Beauties Volume 2 / Girl on Girl TS Style stars two beauties I greatly admire as true actresses. Stefani Special a star I feel like I’ve been raving about forever, yet she’s only about 25 years old. Aside from being gorgeous and kinky, I identify as pansexual and she says the same in this groundbreaking TransSensual production from Nica Noelle. I always feel a connection with all of her amazing performances. No pun intended. The famed director Noelle captures Stefani and Aspen Brooks revealing truths about their real lives in this film. Aspen is gorgeous and also quite unique in that she reminds me of no one else I’ve ever seen. The only similarity I can draw with Aspen is that her rise to fame in the adult industry reminds me of that of retired Hazel Tucker who was instrumental in getting the word out about my interviews and reviews.

Flash Trailer
Flash Trailer

This scene opens with Aspen at 18 years old at the time the film was just recently made introducing herself followed by Stefani doing the same. Aspen tells us how she responds differently with men and other trans woman and Stefani points out the desire for transbian scenes and films and its flourishing as a strong niche in the market. They both reveal what turns the on about each other during a titillating photo shoot and when the mention of the way two trans women have a built-in understanding of how one another’s bodies will respond to stimuli, I agree wholeheartedly. This is a thinking porn fan’s film and then the intense foreplay that leads to hardcore sex begins.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

I love the way there’s a slow build-up with lots of kissing – passionate kissing! Aspen is portrayed as a bi-curious girl and although Stefani has more experience with transbian lovemaking, she also takes her time with Aspen.  

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

You can also purchase the full DVD from Gamelink as TS Beauties #2. I’m not going to add any spoilers about the extraordinary plot development. I’d rather you find out what goes down for yourself through the website or by watching the DVD. 

Stefani Special Gang Banged

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FLV Gallery
FLV Trailer
FLV Trailer
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WMV Gallery
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Sample Photo Gallery
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MPG Gallery

“TS Stefani Special Caught in a Love Triangle and Gang Banged” cisgender female stars Lorelei Lee, Mistress Kara and Cheyenne Jewel give Stefani every opportunity to come clean about fucking other girls. Stefani denies any extracurricular activities. All the girls that Stefani has been fucking gang up to teach Stefani a lesson. They tie her up in bondage, spank her, crop her taint, ass smother her, crop her feet, flog her, tit smother her, strap-on fuck her ass, give her bondage blowjobs, fuck her while she’s tied down, and then make her cum into her own mouth! The four ladies look gorgeous in the informative 7 minute opening interview with Ariel X who is off-camera. As the story unfolds, we see Stefani telling lies about her rule of monogamy. Then Lorelei, Mistress Kara and Cheyenne plot their revenge together and carry it out. Lorelei Lee is the only one I hadn’t seen Stefani having sex with before and their chemistry is magic. I had a pretty good feeling that each tormenter would not only totally dominate Stefani, but that they’d also ride her long, lovely cock and they did. The creme de la creme for me was Stefani seeing Stefani getting her hardon jacked off until she came in her own mouth. As for closing interviews. watching the four naked ladies discuss their TS Pussy Hunters scene made me not want this to end. It’s also available for streaming and download on Kink on Demand.

TsPussyHunters: Stefani Special and Mistress Kara









I can’t get over the fact that one of my all-time favorite adult entertainment performers is so young. But guess I’m going to have to for now in order to describe her latest mesmerizing work. Stefani Special aces her role as a total submissive in the new TS Pussy Hunters video with Mistress Kara. This gorgeous Domme brings a highly anticipated rare element to one of the sister sites of TS Seduction – a cisgender dominatrix eager to dominate some of the stunning transsexuals here. She and Stefani are perfectly matched because although Stefani is a switch, she’s been anxious to explore her subspace in a scene. Mistress Kara never allows Stefani to take control in this video whereas she was always the top in her three previous performances. She’s a natural actress who adds humor to plot as it unfold. Mistress Kara is 100% convincing as a Domme who’s not to be messed with. If you’ve seen her MK-Entertainment website, you already know that she’s mastered the art of domination. Unlike many Kink network scenes, there wasn’t a highlight for me in this one because I found it thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Visually, I’d have to say it was the total nudity and hung Stefani’s relentless and powerful thrusting combined with Mistress Kara demanding exactly what she wanted done to her. Follow @stefani_special on Twitter and don’t miss this TS Pussy Hunters update with it’s long-anticipated twist.

Deadgirl Productions: Trans6uals

I’ve just watched Trans6uals produced and directed by TsJamieFrench, who also stars in the film. I had a feeling I’d give it all 10’s across the board before I even saw it. Jamie’s site is one that I talk about the most and it also won the Transgender Erotica Award for best solo site this year. The film features over an hour long orgy between six of the hottest performers working in the industry today: Eva Cassini, Kelly Klaymour, Stefani Special, birdmountain, Jade Downing and French. I love the way each performer the focus of each orgy scene. I also happen to have an oil fetish so when all 6 performers doused each other just over a half hour into the movie, I’ll remember it as a great moment in time. The hardcore human centipede footage sent Trans6uals to the top level of my all-time favorite transbian productions. If hot oily chicks don’t spin your propeller, don’t worry. It dries up and the sucking and fucking continues for quite some time until the beautifully shot ending. There’s also some great bonus content including solo scenes from each of the performers, photo shoots and links to other productions. “Deadgirl Productions prides itself on offering unique adult content, underscored by a DIY ethos and a true passion for the craft of film making,” said director and producer Jamie French. If you’re in Dallas, Texas tomorrow, Saturday May 16, 2015, you can meet Jamie, Eva Cassini and Stefani Special from 6 to 10pm and get your copy of Trans6uals signed! If you can’t make it, you can order this incredible film from Adult Empire.


Stefani Special and Mandy Muse on TS Pussy Hunters

One of the things I find special about Stefani Special is that you could play one of her videos for me while blindfolded, and I’d know who it is was moaning and crying out during sex (especially when she’s pounding pussy and ass bareback!). In this TS Pussy Hunters film, Stefani sneaks Mandy Muse after hours into her uncle’s bar. It’s the first time they’ve been alone together all night. Their small talk and nervous giggling leads to slow dancing that builds sexual tension so heated that they can barely contain themselves once they start kissing. Stefani goes down on Mandy, licking and fingering her pussy until she has a wet, slippery orgasm! Now is the time for Stefani to to reveal that she that not only does she have a cock, but that it’s hard and she’s ready to fuck! Click on each image for previews in 5 different formats.






Gorgeous Mandy Muse can also be seen on Everything Butt, The Upper Floor, Hardcore Gangbang, Public Disgrace and Kink on Demand. This is her TS Pussy Hunters debut and Stefani’s second amazing TS Pussy Hunters performance.


Stefani Special on Frank’s TGirl World

My Stefani Special CrashPadSeries post on Thursday was quite popular and here’s a preview gallery from her Frank’s TGirls shoot.


Stefani Special was born in Wichita Falls (on December 11, 1991), Texas and now resides in Dallas, Texas. She was born with XXY chromosomes, meaning she went through both male and female puberties. Read about Klinefelter Syndrome for more information. Stefani has a loving, caring and supportive family and some true friends. She describes herself as “your all American freaky, kinky TS girl next door with a great work ethic and positive attitude.” All that good stuff shows in Stefani’s work.