The Flirtatious Storm Waverly!

It’s kind of hard for a veteran producer like Buddy Wood to bring back a former model he’s presented somewhere else and not be recognized by longtime fans. I remember Storm Waverly from before Femout.XXX when she was a model. She was about 22 years old and from the Long Beach, California area when she made her debut. She was more blonde in those days but check out the Black TGirls Storm Waverly profile for a blast from the past.

One reason I remember Storm well is because she was beginning to establish a social media presence and suddenly vanished from the Net and the adult industry. I always encourage black models to work hard on establishing a Web presence. I don’t know what was going on with her absence but it’s great to see that she’s back! With Storm’s Femout.XXX return, she’s presented sitting poolside with her big cock casually resting between her crossed legs. What makes that so striking other than its impressive size is that she’s not even out of her swimsuit yet!

She’s got a high and sweet speaking voice and her flirtatious nature unfolds further as she kneels on her chair with her firm ass facing you. She shakes it like a club dancer and turns around to slap her big cock against her thighs by moving her hips. Storm crouches down to encircle her shaft with her fist and spins it around in circles until the photographer gives her direction to interact with his camera. It’s hard not to imagine Storm’s thick, juicy lips sliding up and down the hard shaft of your cock when she gazes into the lens. It’s probably just as hard not to wonder how much of her huge organ you could take down as it swells harder and harder.

Storm eventually loses her swimsuit and makes her delectable looking hormone boobs jiggle. She then lays back on the chair with her legs spread wide in invitation while constantly making sexy yelps and moans. About nine minutes into the shoot she’s stroking her tremendously hard sex organ shouting, “Fuck me!” Oh my goodness. I’m done! See the full-length update on Femout.XXX.