Sunshyne Monroe in Feet Fuck

In countless articles and academic writings there are statistics, or conclusive statements, written on the prevalence of foot fetishism. But as far as I know, there are no legitimate statistics on the prevalence of this fetish that more and more people are owning up to. I do know that Sunshyne Monroe gets tons of requests for foot oriented content and whether you have a sexual thing for feet or not, it’s obvious that Sunshyne’s peds are indeed pretty. I was curious to see how this fetish was recently explored on

There’s a continuing theme with a sexy young pool boy who’s been getting lucky with a string of TGirl Network models in Spain and one of them is Sunshyne. I think it’s the first time his foot fetish is revealed and satisfied. The gorgeous hostess of makes a cameo appearance in this scene and she’s barefoot like Sunshyne is before she leaves.

That’s just enough of a tease to silently urge you to check out her free standing website or to join the for the whole line-up of big name stars. I don’t think you have to have a foot fetish to be aroused by what occurs between Sunshyne and the pool boy when they’re alone in the cabana. It’s another chance to see beautiful gloriously nude and stroking her cock.

This scene directly follows the killer Sunshyne and Angelina lesbian set in which these beauties engage in delicious foreplay before Angelina fucks the hell out of Sunshyne! Back to the “Feet Fuck” scene, she also gives the cutie a deep tittie-fuck before jerking his big erection between her silky smooth soles. The guy ends up shooting a huge load of cum that splatters across Sunshyne’s sexy feet.

Sunshyneland: Sunshyne Monroe Poolside

MP4 Scene Trailer

The new interface really gives first time visitors a better idea of what’s in store inside for subscribers than the last rollout. I’m glad that the producers offer such great samples of the content to browse through. It’s nice to have something solid to back up my raves. Let’s jump right in with the new solo pool shoot. It starts out as simple as a Playboy video with Sunshyne in a pool area with an exotic beach backdrop located in Spain posing flirtatiously in a green bikini. The back of her swimsuit bottom is minuscule and her figure is truly something to marvel at. The breast cups of the top are quite large and Sunshyne Monroe’s boobs are wonderfully held by them. She moves gracefully while standing for the first few minutes, then sits at the pool edge to dip her cute toes into the water. Slashing water on her body leads to playing with her cock through the fabric of her bottom, then whipping it out. Next comes Sunshyne’s dirty talk and the removal of her top. She has a fantastic full body tan and it’s evident even when she jerks off with her bottom still on. Toward the end of the scene, Sunshyne beats off furiously while kneeling. Then she lays back to continue of a pair of color coordinated decorative pillows. These folks pay attention to every little detail. Sunshyne’s loud moaning will inform you to pay special attention to her intense climax. Even the background music is sexy.

This top shelf update is also available on the remarkable website.

Sunshyne Monroe in Feet Lick

MP4 Gallery
MP4 Gallery

I think that even if someone doesn’t necessarily have a foot fetish, it’s pretty easy to decide if a chick has pretty feet or not. The fact that Sunshyne Monroe has a lot more going for her than just the body parts she gets around on makes her Sunshyneland Feet Lick video sexy and fun for everyone. It’s just that if you happen to have a foot fetish, you’ll probably end up cumming faster than most other fans with this scene.

Sample Photo Gallery "Nightie"
Sample Photo Gallery “Nightie”

It’s presented on the heels of the Sunshyneland hardcore scene with Chelsea Marie entitled Walk on the Wild Side. That was the Las Vegas shoot in which the normally straight Sunshine decided to experiment with transbian sex. Sunshyne’s last transbian tryst was a hardcore scene getting railed by Kelli Lox. TS Chelsea Marie fucked Sunshyne silly in their scene together as well.

In her Feet Lick video, Sunshyne stands before a mirror in a man’s shirt and pink bra and panty in a stark white room that enhances her skin tone. She removes and discards the shirt while seated and her bra comes off next. Then she turns her back to the camera and presents us with her full round ass. At this point I’m thinking if someone has a breast or butt fetish, they might lose it before they even get to the foot play. Within four minutes she’s playing with her lovely derriere and since she’s barefoot, things really begin to kick in at this point for foot lovers. Moments later, Sunshyne’s cock and balls are exposed when she faces the camera and raises one of her legs to lick her pedicured toes. She points her red painted toes toward the camera and then gets down to the business of making her cock hard. Then it’s a full blown fap session with Sunshyne intensely stroking her erection while using her other hand to caress one high-arched foot. Sunshyne beats off until she cums and gives you one last toe wiggling before this Sunshyland video fades out.

Sunshyne Monroe and Kelli Lox

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery
The TGirl Network
The TGirl Network

Sunshyne Monroe of Sunshyneland says it’s a beautiful day in L.A. right before another beautiful trans girl joins her in the living area of a tastefully decorated home. Sunshyne is wearing a pretty pink dress as Kelli sits beside her in a bra, panties, stay-up stockings and tall heels. With a little petting, Kelli discovers that Sunshyne isn’t wearing panties beneath her dress. Sunshyne finds out what one of Kelli’s nipples tastes like. The other one, too. In this hardcore transbian scene, these two foxes don’t pretend like no one is watching. Their gazes into the camera are mesmerizing, especially when Sunshyne begins sucking on Kelli’s raging hard cock. The view is full frontal until the camera pans across Sunshyne’s ass, which is gloriously nude even though she has her dress on. Kelli finger bangs her while getting what looks like an amazing blowjob. A now topless Kelli arranges herself on the sofa to suck on Sunshyne. Her deft manipulation and deep throat skills make Sunshyne’s prick as hard as her own is. Eventually, Sunshyne loses her dress which makes it easy for Kelli to sink her erection inside her from behind on the couch. The sight of these gorgeous bodies gyrating and undulating with two succulent sets of breasts jiggling as they fuck is monumentally erotic. The intimacy is electrifying right down to the final cummy kiss. Don’t miss this top notch scorcher on Sunshyneland or on the TGirl Network.

Sunshyne Monroe on Shemale Club

Sunshyne Monroe has said that she will sometimes wait for days without masturbating when she’s planning to be in a new scene. Sometime she cheats, but after seeing her new Shemale Club video, I think she kept her promise to herself. The last video I saw on SunshyneLand was Countryside. It was a candid walk through the woods. On her own site, she bottomed and topped with Antonio Aguilera, Addy Rose and a cute submissive male performer I hadn’t seen before. Then there was more topping and foot fetish videos. She’s also one of the featured solo performers on the T-Girl Network where you can subscribe to in for mobile or desktop. She’s been cranking out some magnificent solo and hardcore performances since 2009 professionally. Her new SMC video comes with just under 100 hi-res photos. There’s no toying or watching porn. After an amazing ass show, all Sunshyne needs to do is concentrate while jerking off. Then she produces another one of her big, creamy white cumshots!


Sunshyne Monroe Countryside

Sunshyne Monroe took a vacation cottage in the woods where it’s freezing cold and after showing us the landscape, she takes you inside. It’s nice and warm in there and you can guess why that’s a good thing. Check out this sexy photo set that accompanies a great new video:


If you didn’t guess why it’s such a good thing that it’s warm inside, it’s because the ravishing SunshyneLand hostess is able to get butt naked for her fapping session. Also because, who wants a nice warm cumshot to land on a cold tummy?


Sunshyne Monroe Update

Dirty Girl” is the title of the video I saw first from the latest Sunshyne Land productions. It’s a super sexy bathtub scene with a climactic ending.


I liked her “The Big, The Bold and The Blonde” film even better. Far be it from me to tell anyone which photo set and movie ought to prefer. All I’d like to add is that I think that this babe might be having a lot more fun as a blonde. After seeing all of her movies over the past two years, Sunshyne really seems to have settled into a top adult star who has settled into her own creative niche makes the hard work she does look easy. 


See for yourself on Sunshyne Land Mobile or Desktop


How to Please A She-Male #04


The pioneer of enticing HD transsexual erotica, porn legend Joey Silvera, has assembled a bevy of transgender temptresses to show the ropes with women, men and each other. The 3 hour and 17 minute “How To Please A She-Male #04,” sub-titled “X-Tended Stay,” contains eight scenes of the director’s hard-core yet playful eroticism. The movie stars some of the most alluring tgirls in the world showing just what it takes to satisfy a transsexual’s special desires.


Exotic Asian Annalise Rose enjoys her first experience with another TS and eagerly sucks latex-clad Honey Foxxx’s fat she-cock. Honey sodomizes her new friend and both babes sensuously masturbate, spilling hot seed all over their manicured fingers.


Busty blonde brat Katie Summers is a super-cute biological girl with a crush on tall, tattooed tgirl Web hostess of Katie gets fucked, then straps on a big black dildo and anally reams Kelly in a lewd display.


As bikini-clad Sunshyne Monroe of dips her cute feet in the pool, contractor Gabriel ogles her firm tits and enticing bulge. Soon he’s gagging on his employer’s she-cock and fucking Sunshyne’s curvaceous ass.


There’s a nasty threesome with cock-hungry Latina Clara T, Paulo Mackay and Alex Victor.


Also, a sizzling one-on-one scene with blonde Cassie Sparkles and Christian XXX of Pure-TS.



Christian XXX also bangs Angela Bratzz!



Then there’s Nicoly Dieckman with Alex Victor.


Rafaella Ferrari gets down and dirty with Pedro Boy. “How To Please A She-Male #04” is your intimate guide to transsexual lust.


Sunshyne Monroe – Pink Fun Day

“Let’s get right down to business,” says the hostess of and that pretty much explains how she delivered so much in 10 minutes and 18 seconds. Of course there’s a bit of editing to get to the explosive climax. That only makes the new Sunshyne Monroe movie hotter. I’m sure that the best is yet to come, but this is one of the best solo movies I’ve seen from Sunshyne yet.


Superb movie and photo set!


Sunshyne Monroe – High Life



You should see the video that goes with this gallery that was filmed while Sunshyne Monroe was on vacation at Virginia Beach. There’s a some shock value to the solo movie I don’t want to spoil for you. But I think I can tell you say that everything happens on the balcony without giving to much away.