Two Tgirls: Sydney Farron & Chloe Wilcox in Fine Art, Fine Ass

Find out what happens when Chloe Wilcox tries to buy a smashing work of art for her summer home, Sydney Farron has other plans in 480P (SD) 347.25MB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.48GB, 4K (Ultra HD) 7.63GB or 720P (HD) 702.66MB! I can give you a few thoughts on this masterpiece however. This “Fine Art, Fine Ass” update has more of a serious tone with a discussion between Sydney the art dealer and Chloe as the potential client as opposed to the usual opening scene humor. Sydney makes the incorrect assumption that Chloe can’t afford the painting she’s showing and is proven wrong with a suitcase full of cash. Just after Sydney treats the client with the respect she deserves, Chloe decides not to make the purchase. This where Sydney seems desperate to make this sale. The client has the dealer right where she wants her and she moves in for a kiss. Chloe’s wheeling and dealing experience outmatches Sydney’s and she ends up getting exactly what she wants beginning with a deep cock sucking and reciprocation. She also gets fucked in a variety of positions and gets her pretty face splashed with a huge load of cum in the finale. “A Game of Strip Poker” was the previous scene with Chloe and Sydney. Which one is better? That’s up to you to decide when you compare them and check out all the other smoking hot scenes on!

TGirls.Porn: Natalie Mars & Sydney Farron

MP4 Scene Trailer

Radius Dark presents the 4K production of Natalie Mars and Sydney Farron – one of the finest hardcore scenes and photo sets of the year. I had a pretty good idea of what might go down before watching this update but I had to see the trailer to confirm my suspicions. Here’s what each stunning model had to say about it:

Natalie: “Sydney did a great job fucking the shit out of me. She stayed rock hard for most of the time we were making love, but when she didn’t, I didn’t mind taking her cock straight from my ass to my mouth and having her fuck me some more. I loved cumming with her cock in my ass and she had one of the biggest cumshots I’ve ever been covered with!”

Sydney: “I couldn’t wait for Natalie to arrive so I could eat her sexy ass out. When I pulled her little panties off and made my way down her body and stuck that thick cock of hers in my mouth, I got rock hard in my panties. I pounded her nice and hard and you have to see my titties bouncing. I exploded at the end and accidentally hit her right in the eye…oops!”

It can take an average of four hours for the eye to stop burning when hit with a cum shot so I’m told. *wink* That said, telling you about the ending sums up the devotion that was put into this scene. It begins with Natalie laying face down on the bed with Sydney paying special attention to her well-rounded butt. Orally. Mr. Dark captures the action in different angles and the first kiss in the second sequence is electrifying. I always gauge trans lesbian porn with chemistry first and foremost and it’s riveting to take in the smooching and nipple licking.

Natalie is obviously pleased as her cock is almost as hard as ever by the time Sydney takes it inside her mouth. This initial blowjob footage is also shot in multiple angles and the POV sucking is breathtaking. The girls change positions early on and Natalie gives Sydney head also. This action is followed by perhaps my favorite parts aside from the kissing and cock sucking – the glistening dick frottage sequence.

This is followed by Sydney driving her stiff cock inside Natalie in the missionary position. Natalie is so hard that it’s obvious that either girl could have done the fucking. But from what I understand, Natalie who can top actually prefers being the one getting railed. I’ve seen Sydney topping many times before, thus my prediction about how this scene would primarily play out. But how little disappointed am I to see what I expected to guess what would happen? Not at all! Besides that, both cum shots are incredible and the second one is particularly insane.

On top of that, this TGirls.Porn session ends with more passionate kissing after the playfulness dies down. Did I mention that this is my #1 favorite website on the Net? I probably said that last time so sorry if I keep repeating myself.